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Regular servicing is the way to stay cool.

Everyone wants to be able to turn on their air conditioner on a hot day and enjoy refreshing, cool air throughout the house that will keeps you and your family relaxed and comfortable. Yet if something is going to go wrong with your system, it often happens on the hottest days of the year when you need it most. The reason is not coincidental. Very often it is the result of poor maintenance or aging equipment that gives up when the going gets tough. You can prevent all this anxiety and inconvenience with regular servicing. It will improve the efficiency and life of your air conditioning system.

Rite Price Heating & Cooling has a full air conditioning service and repairs team available. We service all makes and models from ducted reverse cycle and wall split systems to ducted evaporative units.

Our service is guaranteed.
Whether it’s a repair, service call, no-obligation quote to update your existing system or to have a new system installed, Rite Price Heating & Cooling will have someone there to make sure you’re always at the correct temperature.

Rite Price Heating & Cooling is a South Australian family business icon. With stores across Adelaide, and a solid history of great service and customer satisfaction, we guarantee service, quality and installation by qualified experts.


  • Wall mounted split systems
  • Reverse cycle systems
  • Ducted systems
  • Evaporative coolers
  • Commercial package units
  • All makes and models

An air conditioning system that is regularly serviced will run better and last longer. A poorly maintained air conditioner will be inefficient, use more power and will be prone to breakdowns. It could also be dirty and unhealthy.

At Rite Price we recommend that domestic air conditioning servicing should be carried out once a year, typically before summer. If you aren’t having this done, you may find that it’s not working properly and that you are having problems a lot more often.

Top 5 things that go wrong. 

  1. Leaking Refrigerant 

You need to have so much refrigerant in your air conditioner so that it is able to work without any problems. If your air conditioner is low on refrigerant, this usually means that there is a leak. If you think this is the case, it’s a good idea to call Rite Price to check your air conditioner.

  1. Not Properly Maintained

Although your air conditioner is made to last you for years and work without giving you any problems, an annual check-up before summer should help avoid any problems when the hot weather hits.

  1. Dirty Filter

If your air conditioner stops working all of the sudden and you haven’t had problems in the past, it might be that you need a new filter. Inspect the filter to see if it is clogged. If your filter’s clogged or dirty, the air conditioner won’t work.

  1. Broken Thermostat

There are times when the problem isn’t with the air conditioner but rather with your thermostat. If your thermostat isn’t properly working or if it’s not working at all, your unit won’t function either. Fixing or replacing your thermostat will more than likely solve your problem.

  1. Sensor Issues

The air conditioner’s cycles are based on your home’s sensor. This is the thing that keeps it at the right temperature. If it’s not working, your AC doesn’t know when it should turn off and on. The location of the sensor also can cause problems. If your sensor’s located in one of the smaller rooms in your home and you keep the door closed, the room’s temperature might hit the right temperature and this means your AC turns off. It’s a good idea for your sensor to go into your home’s largest room.

If you aren’t sure what is wrong, call Rite Price for advice. We will be able to diagnose the problem and get your air conditioning working or tell you what needs to be done.

Top 10 things you can do right.

Air conditioners do more than just warm and cool the air in your home, they also help clean the air and control the level of moisture. You will save money if your air conditioner is well maintained and running efficiently. Caring for an air conditioner properly is going to keep it running and also help to keep your energy bills down. Rite Price Heating and Cooling recommends the following tips to help you.

  1. Clean or replace filters. 

Check your owner’s manual to see how often your system’s filter should be replaced (often two to four times a year), or if it can be vacuumed and reused.

Replacing air filters for a ducted air conditioning system may seem like a rather unimportant step to take, but it actually is among the most important to keep your system well-maintained. When the air conditioning system blows warm air through the home, the air must pass through the filters. When filters are dirty, the system must work harder to force the air throughout the home. This creates strain on an air conditioning system, and this strain ultimately results in greater wear and tear on components.

Repairs are more common when air filters are not replaced regularly. This step can keep the system functioning with peak efficiency. You can replace your filters on your own, or you can call us at 1300 HEATING and one of our technicians can complete this for you.

  1. Replace older units

If you can’t remember when you purchased your current cooling system, or if it was already in place when you purchased your home and you have no idea how old it is, it may be false economy to keep it. There is a good chance you can save a significant amount of money by replacing it with a more energy efficient model.

At Rite Price Heating & Cooling, you can learn more about the energy efficient models available as well as the cost savings they can provide to you. This information can help you to determine if it is cost-effective to replace your outdated unit with an improved model.

  1. Check the coolant.

Have Rite Price check the coolant every 2 years. This saves money in the short term by lowering energy bills because the system will run more efficiently, and over the long term by lowering repair bills.

  1. Check your owner’s manual 

Don’t know where your owner’s manual is? Not to worry… most manufacturers now post manuals on their websites. Do a Google search under the item, model number and words “owner’s manual.” You can often find a PDF version that you can store in a file folder on your computer. They are full of information about how to keep the appliance running well, part numbers, diagrams and best operating procedures.

  1. Learn how to program your thermostat 

This feature is a little pot of gold if you use it correctly. If you set your air conditioning to 21 degrees all day, but are gone 10 hours a day, you’re wasting money and energy. Set it to shut off when you leave and kick back on just before you come home.

  1. Avoid times of peak demand for call out service 

Generally, repairs should be made quickly for the benefit of your system. However, servicing your air conditioner in the off-season can be cost-effective. Avoiding a call-out during peak season demand means a faster response time for you.

  1. Schedule annual maintenance

Another important step to take is to set up annual maintenance. Your Rite Price air conditioning technician will inspect and clean the system to identify potential problems and to keep the system running efficiently. Generally, this type of service is scheduled at the beginning of the season, so worn out or broken components can be replaced before they become a problem over summer. Call us at 1300 HEATING.

  1. Don’t let small problems escalate into bigger ones

In some cases, a broken air conditioning system will simply stop working, and it is not possible to keep using the system even though it is damaged. However, it is also common for a broken system to struggle along despite having broken or worn out components. Using a system that is damaged or in poor condition creates additional strain on other components. Essentially, one small repair item could be addressed quickly and with minimal cost, or that problem could grow to create additional problems that must be repaired with greater cost to the homeowner. By making repairs early, you can keep costs lower.

  1. Call Rite Price

Rite Price guarantee service, quality and installation by qualified experts. We provide the very best air conditioning prices available, but without cutting corners. What is more, we provide you with a written guarantee on our workmanship. Call us at 1300 HEATING.

  1. Don’t risk a fire through lack of maintenance

Electrical faults and overheating of systems cause air conditioners to catch fire, these fires are extremely dangerous and create damage that is non-repairable. Faulty air conditioning units can and do cause fires in many homes each year. Often these fires would have been entirely preventable if the unit had been maintained correctly, with regular service inspections.

It is imperative that all units are serviced and properly maintained, as this not only allows manufacturer’s upgrades and adjustments to be made, but ensures air conditioners or evaporative coolers work safely and efficiently when they are needed most. It can also help to identify problems that could cause an electrical fault or fire.

Householders can also help to keep their units working properly by ensuring that filters are cleaned regularly.

Fire brigades in every state respond to a number of fires caused by cooling appliances every season and no one wants to see any more this summer.


The SA Metropolitan Fire Service implores households to service air conditioners before summer.

In October 2012 the SA Metropolitan Fire Service were so concerned by the number of air conditioner fires they saw that they issued a media release at the onset of warmer weather to address the problem.

They reminded households that it was time to have their electrical cooling equipment serviced ahead of summer. MFS Commander of Community Safety, Allan Foster said poorly maintained equipment had the potential to cause a house fire that could claim property or lives.

“Each summer our Fire Cause Investigators sift through the remains of homes lost to fires caused by faulty air cooling equipment. Having your air conditioners and evaporative coolers serviced by a qualified tradesperson ahead of hot weather can help your family enjoy a safe, cool summer,” Commander Foster said.

The MFS advises that if electrical cooling equipment is used continuously for long periods during heatwave events, there is a danger of the equipment overheating and causing a fire.

Commander Foster said, “If you suspect your electrical cooling equipment is showing signs of overheating, the MFS recommends giving the equipment a rest. It’s advisable to have a spare, well maintained fan at home that can keep you comfortable while equipment that has overheated has a chance to cool down,” he said.

Importantly, the MFS did not discourage the use of electrical air cooling equipment as it acknowledged it as a necessary health requirement for the elderly or families with young children.

They advised that you can reduce the potential for fire in the following ways:

  • Electrical cooling equipment such as air conditioners and evaporative coolers should be installed by a qualified tradesperson in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
    • All electrical cooling equipment, both permanently installed systems and portable equipment, should be regularly serviced by a licensed tradesperson according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Arrange to have your equipment serviced before the start of summer so that it is fully functional when the hot weather begins.
  • Ask the tradesperson to check for faults, remove any build-up of dust or combustible material and ensure the equipment is in good working order.
    • Do not leave your air cooling equipment running unattended while not at home.
  • Watch for signs of your electrical cooling equipment overheating. Keep a spare, well maintained fan that can keep you cool while resting overheated cooling equipment.
  • If you have an older air conditioner without a regulating thermostat, consider replacing it with one that has a regulating thermostat.
  • Keep portable electrical cooling equipment away from wet areas to avoid the possibility of electric shock.
  • Children must be supervised when cooling equipment is in use. Keep an eye on children and pets, particularly when portable equipment is within reach.

The MFS urges householders to combine the above safety tips with photo-electric smoke alarms

that are less than 10 years old and a Home Fire Escape Plan.