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Ducted Gas Heating

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Why is Ducted Gas Heating better?

In most areas electricity costs are rising faster than gas, so natural gas heating system offers a cost effective alternative. Plus it’s kinder to the environment as it produces fewer greenhouse emissions than most other forms of heating. In fact the Australian Gas Association research found that gas ducted central heating produced just one third of the emissions of heating produced by black coal generated electricity.   This system has the edge over reverse cycle when it comes to performance too. When it gets really cold outside, reverse cycle systems lose efficiency while Braemar ducted gas heating systems keep your home as warm as you want it- no matter how cold it gets outdoors! Ducted gas heating provides constant heat output regardless of the outside temperature, provides instant warmth that won’t dry out eyes and heats your whole home – delivering lovely warm air through un obtrusive vents in your ceiling or floor. You get fingertip control by increasing or decreasing the temperature to suit you and your family. The higher the star rating, the more efficient the heater. Star ratings measure what percentage of gas used in the heating process is converted into heat. The higher the star rating, the closer to 100% of the gas is being converted into heat.

The Braemar Supernova Series – Ducted Gas Heating

Braemar Supernova Series 7 – The World’s First 7 Star Efficiency Braemar Ducted Gas Heaters

ducted gas heating

Now, more than ever before, South Australian households are feeling the pressure of high electricity costs.Over the past decade, quarterly power bills have reached unprecedented levels, so when you hear about a ducted gas heating that has an unbelievable 7 star energy efficiency rating, well, you start listening!Rite Price Heating and Cooling is pleased to offer you the Braemar Supernova Series 7 giving you access to the world’s most energy efficient conventional ducted gas heater. Consumers can compare the energy efficiency of different models and with the Supernova range and the world-beating 7 star rating, there is finally a product that can deliver efficiencies that were once thought impossible just a few years ago. It’s new age thinking combined with breathtaking technology, and best of all, you will be the winner when you choose to go with the unbeatable partnership of Rite Price Heating and Cooling and Braemar Supernova Series 7.

Braemar Supernova Series 6 – 6 Star Efficiency Braemar Ducted Gas Heating

ducted gas heating

These days, we all want air conditioning that is simple, efficient and affordable. The problem is, when we think about heating, we tend to think it will be expensive. With the Braemar ducted gas heating Supernova Series 6, that problem no longer exists. The Braemar Supernova Series 6 is a ducted gas heating solution that will amaze you with its efficiency and effectiveness, its functions and its price. Finally, there’s a heating solution on the market that can be tailored to your needs and your budget. And when you choose the Braemar Supernova Series 6 from Rite Price Heating and Cooling, you are not only choosing a world class heating system but it will also be installed by a proudly South Australian, family owned business with more than 25 years experience in the industry.

Braemar Supernova Series 5 – 5 Star Efficiency Ducted Gas Heater

ducted gas heating

Our new five star range is non-condensing, which means the heater cabinet is one third smaller than other five star heaters – and that means it’s much easier – and therefore cheaper – to install. Other five star heaters need to have drains, so that the condensate created by the heating process can be drained away. Our new technology means we can now also deliver a five star rating without producing condensate, so there is no need for that drain – and the size of the cabinet can shrink, by one-third. Now you have an easier, cheaper way to get five star efficiency! 1 About Ducted Gas Heating | 2 How does Ducted Gas heating Work? | 3 Why Choose Braemar Ducted Gas Heating

Braemar Supernova Series 4 – 4 Star Efficiency Ducted Gas Heating

ducted gas heating

Braemar Supernova Series 3 – 3 Star Efficiency Ducted Gas Heating

ducted gas heating

Heating your home

Why choose Rite Price?

Rite Price Heating & Cooling is a South Australian family business icon. With stores across Adelaide, and a solid history of great service and customer satisfaction, Rite Price guarantee service, quality and installation by qualified experts. Providing the very best air conditioning prices available, but without cutting corners, Rite Price Heating & Cooling will provide you with a FREE quotation that will surpass your expectations. Call Rite Price Heating & Cooling Today. 

Why choose Rite Price?

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When it is time to consider ducted gas heating systems, you can expect to be confronted with a range of various choices and opportunities and it is difficult to know where to start.The fact that you have come to Rite Price Heating and Cooling has already put you at the front of the pack. Rite Price Heating and Cooling is a proudly South Australian owned family business and knows the local market better than most. Plus we rely on a team of experienced and expert tradesmen who we know will take care of you from start to finish, service that you will be lucky to receive anywhere else.We are also proud stockists of the Braemar Supernova Series and recommend the 3 Star for all your heating needs – the leading gas heater in the 3 Star category.

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Nicole Willis discusses Ducted Gas Heating System

Heating accounts for approximately 50% of total energy used in Victorian homes. By replacing your electric heater with a high efficiency gas space heater, your household can reduce your power bills by up to $280 per year. Your household can also save up to 2 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year. The Victorian Government is making it more affordable for eligible Victorian households to make the switch to high efficiency gas space heaters, reduce household electricity bills and live more comfortably in winter. *Note: Savings based on the replacement of a portable heater with a 5 star natural gas heater in a room (25m²) in Melbourne (mild climate) at current energy tariffs and with an existing gas connection.

A Cost Saving Heating System

When it comes to heating your home in winter, you wanted a system that doesn’t cost a fortune to run, especially now when power bills are so high. You need a heating system that will offer you savings not costs and that can be hard to find. There are many products on the market today all promising to offer you big savings so how do you know which one to choose? Well, we have done the research for you and no matter how you look at it, you will always come back to Braemar and a member of its ducted gas heating series.

The star system

We are all familiar with the “star” system of energy ratings. It is a common guide for most household whitegood products as well as heating and cooling. Basically, the more stars, the more energy you save which means cheaper bills for you plus you are also doing the right thing for the environment. It’s a win win situation. Braemar heating has a range of ducted heating options that make it really easy for you to choose. Once you start looking around, you will quickly notice the Braemar Supernova Series which give you direct access to the world’s most energy efficient conventional ducted gas heating system. From the Series 3 which offers you three star energy savings right through to the top of the range Series 7, there is bound to be a product that is just right for your. Remember, the more stars, the more energy savings and the most cost savings.


 Now more than ever before, we all want to choose heating that won’t cost a fortune. And that is not easy to do when you consider that heating is one of the biggest costs in running a household. The minute you turn it on you can almost see your power bill rising. But, at the same time you need to keep your family warm, especially if you have babies or young children or perhaps someone elderly. We all need heating but it has to come at the right price. It has to be heating that we can afford. Rite Price Heating and Cooling has done all the hard work for you. We have been in the heating business for a long time and we have seen many products come and go. We know what works and we know how to make sense of all the claims and promotions when a new product enters the market. That is why we always come back to Braemar. For heating and genuine savings it really is the superior choice. When you weigh it up, Braemar heating is the obvious solution. It is without doubt, the cheapest whole of home heating on the market in Australia today. And, it can mean savings on your annual power bill of more than $400 if you choose the Braemar 7 star ducted gas heating system.

gas heaters

And the savings can be seen across the entire Braemar heating range as you can see in the graphs provided by Braemar below.

Braemar graph

braemar gas heater


 There are so many heaters on the market today that it is very easy to get completely confused! Even if you have narrowed your decision down to ducted heating, there are still several things to consider when looking at the many offerings in the market today. Well, the team from Rite Price Heating and Cooling is here to take all the stress out of it. Independent and rigorous testing has seen Braemar heating products fend off rivals each time and in every category. Braemar has the cheapest running costs when compared with an electric ducted reverse cycle heating system that can really struggle to keep your home warm on those super cold days, particularly if you have high ceilings and a lot of windows. Braemar is quite simply the best performing product in whatever category you are considering. From the Series 3 through to the Series 7, Braemar is the winner hands down. Plus, it comes with so many features, other than a great price.

For a start, it is kind to the environment, especially when compared to rival products and more and more we are hearing from clients that it is important to have strong environmental credentials. We all want to do the right thing now and into the future. Plus, when compared to other heating products, the Braemar design and features really are in a class of their own. For a start, most of the Braemar heating range use a cutting edge MagIQtouch touch screen controller which is sleek and stylish and designed to work in harmony with any home décor. Best of all it is simple to operate. The single touch of a button can adjust and control temperatures throughout your home.. one room, the whole house, you choose. The Braemar Series 7 also offers you Australia’s first and only inverter motor for ducted gas heating and on/off programmable settings. That means you can “set and forget” with an amazing home and away function so that you don’t waste power. Just set the heating to the optimum temperature you would like it to be, select the time and come home to a warm house. There’s also an energy setting that rival products just don’t have. You can save energy ( and reduce your power bills ) by choosing the 25 percent setting allowing your system to operate at a quarter of its capacity while still keeping your living environment warm and cosy. It’s smart thinking and it’s available to you at the touch of a button. Another interesting thing about gas heating is that compared with pretty well any other household appliance like washing machines, dishwashers, driers, fridges .. it performs better when it is out of sight.

Gas heating is usually tucked away in the ceiling or under the floor. You actually will not even know it is there. Its whisper quiet operation is another winner.You can’t really hear a thing, no sounds of the system shutting on or off, no generators thumping away, just quiet and constant comfort. Other great features include colourbond cabinets, internal and external models, in shot burners, advanced heat exchangers, single point electronic ignition and self diagnostics on the very rare chance that something will go wrong.

So Keep Your Family Warm & Save At The Same Time!

 Keeping you and your family warm is what it’s all about. You need a product that works each time, every time, that is no fuss and hassle free. Plus it needs to match your budget so that you can actually afford to turn it on and enjoy it without worrying about a huge power bill. The Braemar heating Series gives you all this and more. It is the obvious choice on savings, it is the obvious choice for the environment and it is the obvious choice when it is lined up and compared with its myriad of competitors. If you are serious about heating you home and making an investment that will last for years to come, then call Rite Price Heating and Cooling today for a free no obligation quote. We have the experience and expertise to suggest a Braemar heating solution that is just right for you, tailored to meet your individual needs and installed on time and within budget.

You’ll be amazed at the savings… no more power bills that you are too frightened to open, no more worries that you have installed a system that you can’t afford to run. Those days are over thanks to Braemar heating and Rite Price Heating and Cooling. Make the right decision today. We are ready to take your call and get your heating installed now.

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