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Valley View:8261 2277
Clovelly Park:8277 4292
Munno Para:8254 4011

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Rite Price Heating and Cooling Google Reviews

Bec Garland
Bec Garland
13:42 06 Nov 19
Darrin was great with the communication - keeping me informed and answering my questions in a timely fashion. On the day of installation everyone arrived promptly and the job was performed smoothly, due to great teamwork amongst the guys. Happy to recommend the Valley View team.
Peter Minogue
Peter Minogue
03:38 28 Oct 19
We had ducted heat and cooling installed recently, 14Kw. unit and very happy with our overall experience. Darrin was great from start to finish very professional and great communication which made the experience run very smooth. The company price matched another quotes we received elsewhere and the installation went well - the installers done a very neat and tidy job. Still waiting for the Compliance Certificate for the electrical work, don't make me chase you for this guy's !!!!!Cheer's Peter
Lauren Emery
Lauren Emery
03:13 24 Oct 19
CONTINUE TO IMPRESS Repeat customer across several homes- hot water services, split system air con, ducted gas heating and services. Amazing service and a great price every time. Trades were on time and friendly and did a great job, leaving the place tidy each time. Honestly, could not recommend highly enough!
Michael D
Michael D
01:46 19 Oct 19
Rite price installed an evap cooler and extended a gas heater for me and the experience was terrible. If I could take it all back I would.Had an inexperienced team roll up on the first day with little to no communication, didn't do the job properly and basically nobody took responsibility for the job. The job was not finished on the day, and a team had to return to finish the job for a second day, which is when more issues were found.Staff installed the unit on the roof unlevel - I noticed this and another staff member returned for a 3rd time to level the unit, left without even testing. The unit would not turn on because the water level was set wrong, so somebody had to return for a fourth time to resolve. If I hadn't got up on the roof and checked I would have been left with a dodgy install.All up I had 5 visits from them, for a job that should have taken a day if they were organised. They also left all my insulation in the roof a mess, and holes in ducting that was never fixed. I spent half a day myself fixing all this.They also cut a wrong size hole and didn't align the vents in my new extension which has basically ruined the look of my brand new room.Avoid this company at all cost if you want a professional installation, please don't fall for their marketing like I did.Happy to share photos of the work if you are having second thoughts of using this company.**Response to owner...**Although some issues are resolved, unless you guys want to come patch paint and re cut all the vents in my brand new extension as per loaded photos, then feel free to contact me.**Response to owner** Job booked under Drogemuller**Just an update as per owners response below, I was never contacted on Monday as indicated by "owner", this is unsurprising and just another example of their terrible communication.**
Sarah Coppin
Sarah Coppin
01:52 18 Oct 19
Great quality installation. Friendly and helpful when choosing split systems and within a budget that I requested. Servicing is a hassle with ongoing costs but am very happy with product and service.
debbie ball
debbie ball
07:00 01 Oct 19
Thanks Rite Price - you were a prompt, professional and well organised team when installing our evaporative air conditioner today. Great to be assisted by a South Australian company that uses Australian products.
Kate Mckinna
Kate Mckinna
01:44 29 Sep 19
The company were great to deal with initially and the contractors they used were fantastic. However, we were extremely disappointed when the installers put a hole in our ceiling, and did not log the job to fix it like they said they would. After months of chasing the manager to have this fixed, and contractors not showing up, we have given up and had it fixed ourselves. Very frustrating process.My partner Ryan followed up with Robert Knowles several times. (Sorry I cannot reply to your reply.)
Dave John
Dave John
04:47 22 Aug 19
very happy with the service received from rite price heating and cooling , from the initial phone call to quote and recommendations of range available for size of room, to install within a week of quote on my return phone call to go ahead. prompt service of install, polite installers arrived and got straight on with job of install. very tidy , neat and communicated what was needed to operate and maintain split system. and now have a very good unit running , could not be happier. payment of system easier to do and was followed up with a phone call from their office and an email back with invoice. absolutely made the right call to use Rite Price heating & Cooling.
Stephen Yarrow
Stephen Yarrow
07:09 18 Jul 19
Over the past 19 years we have lived in four different homes, and each time on moving in have contacted Rite Price Heating & Cooling to sort out heating and cooling requirements and have always been so happy that we have been repeat customers. With our latest purchase Darrin from Rite Price was extremely helpful, and provided excellent advice, and service and arranged prompt installation. We have also recommended Rite Price (Valley View) to family and friends who have also found them to be excellent. We highly recommend them. They have always been our first choice in heating and cooling.
Kylie Knott
Kylie Knott
06:16 05 Jun 19
We had a ducted gas heater installed recently and were very happy with our overall experience. Darrin was a great help from start to finish with a friendly demeanor and great communication. They were happy to price match another quote we received elsewhere and the install went well - the installers were very friendly! The couple of minor hiccups we had were dealt with quickly and professionally. I was a little disappointed that the installers put a small hole in our ceiling and did not let us know. This may have just been a small oversight, but it would have been nice to have been told. But when we noticed the hole and spoke to Darrin, he arranged someone to come out and repair it without a second thought and the guy who came out to repair it was lovely and very thorough. Our heating system works well, we don't know why we waited 11 years to get one, we love it!! It is still early days, so we are yet to have needed any service done on the unit, but so far, we are very happy (just as we were and have been with the Ducted Evaporative Cooling system that Rite Price installed for us many years ago). We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Rite Price Heating and Cooling. Keep up the great work guys!! Kylie & Adam
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Gas Heating Adelaide

Gas heating is a popular choice for many new home owners and upgraders in Adelaide – and the state of South Australia. There are many reasons why one would prefer gas heating over other solutions such as the reverse cycle air conditioning systems.

In this article, we will be sharing what our in-house gas heating experts think about gas heating – when compared with other heating options for your home.


Gas Heating – Key Benefits

Below are some reasons for considering Gas Heaters for your home.

Energy Cost Savings from Gas Heating

In many locations, electrical energy expenses are rising faster than gas, so all-natural gas home heating such as ducted gas home heating provides a price reliable alternative.

The Australian Gas Organization research discovered that gas ducted central home heating created merely one third of the emissions of home heating created by black coal produced electrical energy. Celebrity scores measure what percentage of gas made use of in the heating procedure is converted right into warmth.

Gas Heating Adelaide

Braemar Supernova Series 7– The Globe’s First 7 Star Efficiency Ducted Gas Heating system ducted gas heating

Now, more than ever before, South Australian homes are feeling the stress of high electricity costs. Over the previous decade, quarterly power costs have reached unprecedented degrees, so when you hear regarding a gas heating system that has an amazing 7 star energy performance ranking, well, you’d think it’s a great idea.

Rite Price Heating and Cooling offers the Braemar Supernova Series 7 gas heating system which is possibly the most power effective gas heating system.

Uninterrupted Gas Heating Performance

The popular alternative to a gas heaters would be the reverse cycle air conditioning system. Reverse Cycle technology simply allows an air conditioning system to also product heated air – usually distributed throughout the home via the same ducts used for the refrigerated air conditioning.

While reverse cycle air conditioning seems like a viable 2-in-1 to control your home climate, there is a slight setback in that during extreme cold conditions, the outdoor unit tends to freeze up. When that happens, the system automatically stops the home heating, and reverses to warm up the outdoor unit. That takes care of the outdoor unit from crossing the lower temperature limits – BUT – it also momentarily stops your home heating.  And in winter, that may not be an acceptable occurrence!

For that reason, some home owners are fine with a reverse cycle air conditioner, while others prefer a dedicated gas heating system.


When is Gas Heating better?

Customers could compare the power effectiveness and functionality of different solutions to determine if indeed gas heating will suit their situation more.

The fact is, gas heating works for some families while reverse cycle is better for others. To determine if gas heating is for you, you need to consider those 2 key factors above.

  1. Energy costs in your area.
  2. Occasional, momentary pauses in your heating.

The energy savings from gas heaters is generally one of the key reasons why one would prefer gas heating. Plus, with the current advances in energy efficient technologies, the gas heating systems have become even more energy efficient, resulting in much lower cost of gas vs what the electrical cost you would see from a reverse cycle system.

According to recent rate reviews, the price of electricity is rising much quicker than gas. This might provide a very strong reason for families to go with the gas heaters option. Generally speaking, gas prices have always trailed electricity, and in the long run, gas heaters should offer a more cost effective option.

Another consideration would be the size of your system. A moderate sized reverse cycle air conditioning would present a reasonable electricity cost. However, if you have a larger home, then the heating cost (if using reverse cycle) may become quite astronomical. In such situations, a dedicated gas heater would be better.

With regards to the momentary pauses in heating, different people have different tolerance levels for that. Generally, a few minutes of pausing to your home heating should not cause a great variation in your home climate and environment. So some families don’t mind going with the reverse cycle system.

However, we do have customers who can’t stand for even the shortest interruptions to their home heating. It just rubs them the wrong way and they becoming acutely aware of when the heating stops and comes on again. So we would say that it’s entirely up to personal preference. And how one would react to such things.

Having said that, as Adelaide is not an extreme climate (compared to the much colder climates in countries such as Russia etc.), we would expect this issue to occur minimally. In many instances, one may be oblivious to it.

If you are considering gas heating, the Braemar 7-star series is an excellent choice for your home. Not only is it one of the most power efficient brands, it also offers the best performance to price ratio when compared with other brands. This means that it provides one of the best value for money when it comes to gas heaters.

With the Supernova array as well as the world-acclaimed 7 celebrity rating, a Braemar gas heating system would certainly be a solution that could supply performances that were once thought impossible just a few years ago.

Nowadays, most of us want cooling that is basic, reliable and also budget friendly. The trouble is, when we think regarding home heating, we have the tendency to assume it will certainly be pricey.

With the Braemar Supernova Collection 6, that problem no more exists. The Braemar Supernova Series 6 is a gas heating solution that will certainly impress you with its performance and efficiency, its features and also its cost.

Finally, there’s a home heating option on the marketplace that can be tailored to your requirements as well as your spending plan. When you choose the Braemar Supernova Series 6 from Ceremony Price Cooling and heating, you are not just selecting a top quality heater yet it will also be installed by a proudly South Australian, family possessed business with even more compared to 25 years encounter in the sector.
When it is time to think about gas heaters , you could expect to be faced with an array of numerous options and also possibilities as well as it is very difficult to know where to start.


Rite Price Heating and Cooling can actually put you at the front of the pack. Take a look at the specials we are currently running on our Braemar gas heating series.

Rite Price Heating and Cooling is an iconic South Australian possessed company that understands the local market far better than most. Plus we feature a team of skilled and experienced tradesmen that we recognize will certainly care for you from start to finish, solution that you will be fortunate to get anywhere else.

Rite Price also a main provider of the Braemar Supernova Series and suggest the 3 Star for all your home heating requires– the leading gas heating system in the 3 Star group.


For reliable Gas Heating, call us now.