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Actron ducted air conditioning Built for Australian

Here in Australia, we experience one of the harshest weather the world as ever known. This high intense weather we are blessed with has made the decision making for an air conditioner system a very important one indeed. Choosing a new air conditioner has become a decision not to be taken lightly, considering the repercussion of your decision may cost your more than you bargain or in the long run.

Choosing an ActronAir air conditioner system goes beyond purchasing an air conditioner system. As an Australian, you are choosing the best air conditioner built for your climate, and also, you are flying with your country’s flag. ActronAir has been making Australians proud for many decades and will continue to do so for many more decades to come. Actron air is Australia’s largest locally owned air conditioner manufacturer. We have been producing the best, most energy efficient air conditioner systems possible in Australia. An air conditioner that is specifically designed to operate in Australia’s unique weather conditions.

Smart Connectivity

ActronConnect can wirelessly control your air conditioner when you are home or away

You can use a Smart Phone, PC or an iOS device such as a Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod with a supported web browser to control your ActronAir ducted air conditioner.

The ActronConnect module is sold separately.

Available Now.

Smart Technology

Minimise cool drafts in Winter

Smart defrost function reduces cold drafts during start up in Winter.

Quiet and pleasant

Quieter Operation with Sound Reduction System.

The latest generation inverter technology delivers superior comfort levels with the lowest running costs.

  • Sound Reduction System (SRS).
  • Improved outdoor sound quality versus fixed speed technology.
  • Energy Smart Zoning reduces indoor sound levels as airflow is reduced.


Inverter Ducted systems allows you to air condition your home without having to install the indoor units on your wall, making your home look neat and tidy.






The indoor unit is installed in a confined space and ducts run through the ceiling leading to air outlets in your room. Air is allowed into the room through vents on the ceiling or on the wall.




With the controller sleep mode, you can enable the air conditioner to automatically increase(cooling) or decrease (heating) 1ºC per hour for the first two hours, then hold steady for the next 5 hours, after that it will switch off. This maintains both energy saving and comfort in night operation.

Slimline Master Controller with integrated touch pad


Master Controller

The slimline Master Controller features a backlit display and easy to use 8-zone integrated touch pad. This sets the Master temperature for the areas with Zone Sensors and can control system operation including fan speeds and timers.



Individual Zone Controller

The Zone Controller can adjust the comfort settings for each zone. This allows you to adjust the temperature of the zone, or turn the zone on or off.


Individual-Zone-Controller-Actron-Air8-zone Controller

  • Easy to use 8-zone integrated touch pad
  • Slimline design to suit most interiors
  • Auto/Heat/Cool changeover
  • On board temperature sensor
  • 0.5ºC temperature increments
  • Precise temperature control
  • 3 speed fan and ESP mode
  • Fan only operation
  • 7 day programmable timer
  • 24 hour programmable timer
  • Filter clean reminder
  • Cool white backlight
  • Compatible with home automation for
    remote on/off control
  • Optional secondary temperature sensor
  • Optimal secondary controller with
    mimic logic

Zone-controller-Actron-AirKids-controler-for-Actron-AirZone Sensor

The Zone Sensor can be used in areas where you want the Master Controller to control the temperature of that zone. This is a simple alternative to the zone controller. Ideal for kids’ rooms where you don’t want little fingers making any adjustments.

So, call Rite Price Heating and Cooling today and we will arrange a member of our friendly team to come out and give you a FREE quotation.

Modern design. Classic good looks

Air conditioning controllers are very visible products, usually installed in full view of the household. We believe that a control should be something you are proud to display, not something you would prefer to hide. That’s why QUE features a beautiful, timeless design that has been specifically developed to match well with a variety of wall colors and textures. Using noble materials like anodized aluminum and brushed stainless steel, it also feels as good as it looks. And with your choice of black or white, you can mix and match to suit every décor.

Actron Ducted Air Conditioner

actron-ductrd-reverse-cycle-air-conditioningRite Price Heating and Cooling has the right brand for you: We understand that choosing a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system for your home or office is a big decision, however that’s why we do what we do. Rite Price Heating and Cooling has been servicing South Australian family for many decades with excellent track records. Our passion for what we do in anchored in family. We love the traditional family values of South Australians and we are proud to be doing our bit in keeping all South Australian family warm during the chilling winter cold and likewise keeping everyone cooling during the amazingly hot summer season we experience here in Adelaide. Servicing South Australian family for many years have endowed us with expensive experience in the industry. We now know fore sure that the face that we all live in South Australia doesn’t make our air conditioning need the same. We understand that each family requires unique approach to their air conditioning need and we are very well trained to meet your needs. Being in the business for so long has equipped us with selective instinct when it comes to selecting our air conditioning professional. That’s why we employ air conditioning experts with over decades of experience just so we can serve your with integrity and peace of mind. Here at Rite Price Heating and Cooling, we want to make sure you get it right. That’s why we are proud to offer you a selection of the world’s premier brands so that no matter what you choose, we know you’ll be happy with your decision not just now, but for years to come. We are also proudly South Australian and with stores right across Adelaide, we have built a reputation for great service, quality and installation by qualified experts.We look forward to providing you with the best air conditioning prices available, but we won’t cut costs along the way. Instead, you’ll receive a FREE quotation and then a result that will far exceed all your expectations.

Actron Ducted Air Conditioner

Actron ducted air conditioners are designed by some of the best minds in air conditioning industry and with the most advanced technology known to man till date. When you opt in for any Actron air products, you’ve signed up for the most energy efficient ducted air conditioner system ever made. With the all new unique functionality that integrate ESP Plus, you get 8 zone controller which allow you to heat or cool your entire home or operate as little as one zone independently. The zoning system in Actron air conditioner is another way of further saving you energy bills. The effectiveness of this system can not be over emphasized, as it is ideal on winter or summer nights when you only need to keep one room warm or cool or those days when everyone has gone to work but you’re home alone and only need an air conditioner for your room. You get to zone your Actron air conditioner to keep your room cool without wasting energy on other parts of the house. An Actron air system also has quick and precise temperature controls and a sound reduction system (SRS) to minimize noise levels.

With an easy to operate slimline design master wall controller, you have the option of setting up a 7 day programme complete with a 24 hour timer and in-built temperature sensors.An Actron air ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system is also easily adapted for 2 storey or larger homes with optional secondary master controllers and temperature sensors available and easy to install.

Actron ducted air conditioner comes with so many great features

Actron Air Conditioners - Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners by ActronActron ducted air conditioner can save you up to 61% in your energy bills when compare with conventional air conditioners. With the all new Actron air ESP Plus ducted reverse cycle air conditioner range, your air conditioner system uses the most advanced air flow control to delivery even more savings into your pockets.And with a digital variable capacity compressor that is capable of delivering 10 to 100% capacity for maximum performance, choosing Actronair means you are choosing lower power bills. Actron air also has “Quiet start Variable Fan Technology (VFT)” so that it can automatically sense when zones are on or off and intuitively adjust airflow.

The Actron air system was intelligently designed to help home owners see the control pad even during the dark, with the see in the dark display for temperature setting, you wouldn’t need to turn on the light, the glowing key pad help you control even when the lights are off.

Actron ducted air conditioner service and support

For the benefit of our customers, Actron Air has built a strong technical support team standing by to assist you with any enquiries you may have. Also, your air conditioner comes with unbeatable 5 year warranty that is backed up by the Air® National Service Network to provide you with quick and reliable service when you need one.

Actron ducted air conditioner is changing the game with the ESP Platinum advanced technology.

The determination to bringing the best air conditioner to all homes as led the leading Australia owned air conditioner brand “Actron Air” to passionately design and engineer an innovative, comfortable, and efficient air conditioners system the world has ever known. The truth of the matter is, if you live in a country with an extreme weather conditions, all you truly need is an air conditioner that is built to handle just that.Faster-Heating-Cool

Actron ducted air conditioner with ESP. Energy Smart Performance.

With Actron air conditioners the sky is the starting point. The invention of energy smart performance was led by Actron air, and they didn’t stop there. Actron air has also invented the award winning ESP Plus that further help you save more money on your energy bills. As if that was not enough, Actron air has pushed the boundary even further from the reach of any competitors by developing the all new ESP Platinum series. The Actron air conditioner with ESP Platinum is the most advanced residential air conditioners ever built in Australia. ESP Platinum utilises Tru-Inverter technology to deliver the most comfortable ducted air conditioning on the market with the lowest running costs.

Actron Ducted Air Conditioner ESP PLUS PLATINUM

ESP Platinum Plus uses Smart Zoning to deliver better energy efficiency and enhanced comfort levels.

Actron Ducted Air Conditioner ESP ULTIMA PLATINUM

ESP Platinum Ultima combines Energy Smart Zoning with the ability to control different temperatures in different zones all at the same time, providing the ultimate in comfort levels and improving energy efficiency even further.

Tru-Inverter. The Next Generation in Energy Smart Performance.

This high intense weather we are blessed with has made the decision making for an air conditioner system a very important one indeed. Choosing a new air conditioner has become a decision not to be taken lightly, considering the repercussion of your decision may cost your more than you bargain or in the long run.But thanks to the advanced technology of the ESP Platinum Series, you get the best of both worlds. To begin with, ESP Platinum offers incomparable temperature control, thanks to Tru-Inverter technology. Tru-Inverter will deliver the ideal amount of heating and cooling in your home – a feature that not only maintains better comfort levels, it can also reduce energy costs at the same time.

Actron Air conditioner

The ESP Platinum Series was built with the intention of delivery the optimum balance in temperature stability. With the all new Platinum series, an ideal comfort level can be attained in your home with very little energy consumption. This comfort level wasn’t only built to be achieved easily but for the air conditioner to maintains it intuitively. In fact, precise temperature of within + – 0.3 degrees of the set point can be achieved at the sensor location.



Actron Ducted Air Conditioner is the Superior Air Conditioner Till Date

Actron ducted air conditioners The Actron ducted air conditioner Tru-Inverter technology is the most effective, efficient, with full variable system that is capable of ramping down to as low as 20% capacity to keep your home comfortable at all time. This new innovative technology does more than getting you the comfort your family needs, the system is designed to keep the comfort going for as long as its needed. No other air conditioner can operate at this level; comfort under 20% ram down and operate continuously between 20-100% capacity. All other air conditioners with Inverters will lonely operate down to about 40-50% capacity, which then result to your home energy fluctuations which then lead to more energy usage, which then sky rocket your energy bill to all new high. Most Inverter technology out there is built to use step rest and stop cycles during the heating process. The bummer with this is that it leads to larger temperature imbalance which result in the air conditioner using needing and using more energy.. ESP Platinum is the only system with Tru-Max technology. Which means that once maximum capacity is reached, it can be sustained for as long as is required.
Fastest heating and cooling air conditioner ever built.

Actron ducted air conditioner is undeniable the best air conditioners system in the Australian market today. With the all new ESP Platinum that uses the all new Tru-Inverter technology to effortlessly ramp down in order to maximize capacity and out put from the moment your air conditioner is on. The all new ESP Platinum is built to deliver to every Australian home the fastest cooling conditioning during the soaring hot summer and also deliver the fastest heating capability during the chilling winter season respectively. With the all year round reliable capabilities, you and your family is in for a big treat. This is far beyond the performance of less advanced Inverter systems that have to “step and rest”. and take considerably longer to reach maximum capacity.
Actron Ducted Air Conditioner Operates Quietly

It’s very hard to find any air conditioner system that is built with so much consideration for the user. With the all new Sound Reduction System(SRS), you are in for the treat. The SRS is built to reduce the air conditioner sound levels from the outdoor unit.In addition, the Tru-Inverter has improved sound quality compared to conventional technology. The focus on noise disturbance wasn’t only for the outdoor unit only, ActronAir ducted air conditioner system has gone further by introducing the EC indoor fan technology that operate at a quieter level for your comfort.In addition, as zones are switched off, airflow is automatically adjusted to minimise sound levels.
Air Conditioner That Minimize Cool Drafts In winter.Powerful-Cooling-outdoor-temperature

Actron Air systems have an inbuilt Preheat Delay function. This preheats the indoor coil before the fan starts – ensuring drafts are minimised on start-up during heating cycle.

ActronAir Ducted Air Conditioner Superior operating range.

ducted reverse cycle air conditionerActron Air understands the requirements of the harsh Australian climate, and that’s why all its systems are engineered to survive extreme conditions.We have been producing the best, most energy efficient air conditioner systems possible in Australia. An air conditioner that is specifically designed to operate in Australia’s unique weather conditions.Heatwave conditions are unpredictable and may last several days during summer. But even while air temperature may be 43°C, your air conditioner could be in a position where the temperature reaches as high as 50°C. Most systems are only designed to a maximum operating range of 43-46°C, and have inbuilt safety mechanisms that reduce output in extreme conditions. Discovering that your system has effectively stopped working during a heatwave would be an unpleasant surprise to say the least!

Superior-Operating-rangeSpeaking of Australia’s weather conditions, at some point during our summer days here, we do get up to 43 degrees Celsius nd those days are the days you really need your air conditioner to work effectively. The catch is, if you are running an air conditioner system that’s not built for this type of weather, you run the risk of getting into trouble during the high temperature summer days. And even while air temperature may be 43 degree Celsius, your air conditioner could be in a position where the temperature reaches as high as 50 degree Celsius.

And because most air conditioners are designed to a maximum operating range of 43-46 degree Celsius with safety mechanisms the reduce output in extreme conditions like ours, when those days hit their highest and your air conditioner hit it highest, the result may be devastating.





ActronAir Ducted Air Conditioner: Up to 75% energy savings with Energy Smart Zoning.

The innovative and efficiency gap between ActronAir air conditioners and other conventional air conditioner is vast. With the all new ESP Platinum Plus that is up to 75% more efficient than other conventional fixed speed technology and 59% more efficient than a conventional Inverter, you can be rest assured that you are purchasing the best air conditioner system in the market.

Energy Efficiency puts ESP Platinum Plus in front

For the best results, ActronAir has conducted Energy modeling of a typical 4-bedroom home in Sydney’s west for 3 technologies:

  • Conventional fixed speed
  • Conventional Inverter
  • ESP Platinum Plus with Tru-Inverter technology and Energy Smart Zoning

Cooling energy consumption was calculated for each of the technologies.


Based on electricity price of 24c per kw/H and the cooling energy consumption, this translates to a saving of up to $900* per annum compared to conventional fixed speed systems.



ActronAir Ducted Air Conditioner Provide Your Home With Different Temperatures in Different Zones All at The Same Time.

You can never get it better anywhere else, with the all new ESP Platinum Ultima, you get the ultimate in comfort. With an highly improved ability to set different temperatures in different zones. You get to choose what room is warm and what room is close. Imagine having your baby in one room and you are seated in the lounge room full of guests and you know your baby’s room need to keep warm while the lounge room full of guest need to keep cool and nice for your guests. Well, with the all new ESP Platinum Ultima, you have an absolute control of your air conditioner, so much control that you can keep a room cool while another is warm at the same time with the same air conditioner. As a matter of fact, up to 8 individual zone controllers or sensors can run off the system conveniently, so you are absolutely free to create the ideal environment in virtually any area of your home.

ActronAir ducted air conditioner

As a matter of fact, ESP Platinum Ultima is the most efficient, comfortable and reliable air conditioner system ever made. With different areas of your house or office come with different temperature loads throughout your day and of course with different seasons.





Actronair ducted reverse cycle air conditioner
actronair ducted reverse cycle air conditioner

Vertical Discharge vs. Horizontal Discharge

ActronAir Vertical Discharge units release hot air upwards for improved air circulation around the outdoor unit, resulting in improved performance, especially on hot days.