Mitsubishi Electric Split System

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toshiba split system air conditioning

Toshiba Split System

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toshiba split system air conditioning
carrier split system air conditioner

Carrier Split System

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carrier split system air conditioner
Braemar split system air conditioner

Braemar Split System

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Braemar split system air conditioner
Haier split system residential air conditioner

Haier Split System

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Haier split system residential air conditioner
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Split System Air Conditioning

Split system air conditioners were designed to make cooling and heating your home easy. Split systems offer a number of benefits and are often favoured by homeowners due to their convenience and economical benefits.

Split system air conditioners provide a multitude of benefits for the home or office. With a variety of reputable brands on offer at Rite Price including Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Carrier and Braemar, there is a split system to suit everyone. Over the years split system air conditioners have evolved to become much more affordable and simpler to operate. With sleek and appealing designs available, consumers are opting for this unit as it suits all homes and office spaces, not interfering with its aesthetic appearance. There are many other benefits which make split system units a popular choice for consumers.


Some air conditioning systems are quite noisy when in use. Both the fan and the condenser on a split system are located outside, which reduces any loud noises within your home or workspace. Split systems are ideal for those who work in office, library or school environments and require a quiet space.


A split system air conditioner is easy to install as it requires no ductwork and is requires minimal effort to maintain. Some air conditioning systems require frequent modifications in order to keep them up and running, split systems are easy to fix and can last years with minimal modifications. The ease of maintenance makes split system air conditioners a winner for most homeowners.


Not only are split systems much more cost efficient to purchase and install, but they are also cheaper to run. With features such as a timer and room control, this assists homeowners in cooling or heating their homes at the right place and the right time, saving more energy and slashing the price of energy bills.


Split system air conditioners can be installed almost anywhere in your home or office. They only require a small hole in the wall to be installed unlike larger air conditioning systems which require much more work. If you are seeking an AC unit which will be super convenient to install and operate, a split system is for you.

Split System Brands We Stock


Mitsubishi are air conditioning innovators and continue to produce outstanding quality units for homeowners. Mitsubishi are a reputable, household brand we all know and trust.


Toshiba are a leading split system manufacturer and have established a worldwide reputation for producing top quality AC systems. Toshiba split system units provide a range of benefits including energy efficiency and durability.


Braemar offers a great range of split system air conditioners with a range of cooling capacities. Braemar units are sleek and appealing, with a style to suit all environments. Braemar are a trusted brand and offer appealing warranty terms.


Carrier has built a reputation of being one of the world’s leading split system air conditioner manufacturers. Carrier split systems are built with innovative technology which operates quietly and efficiently and are ideal for homeowners.


The Hitachi range of DC Inverter Wall Split System air conditioners have been developed to provide exceptional comfort, easy operation, substantial power savings and full automatic control for homes, apartments, shops and offices.

Eco-Friendly Split System Air Conditioner

Split System Air Conditioner

When is the best time to think about your air conditioner?

As an air conditioning expert,your answer is: RIGHT NOW! Many people don’t think about cooling their homes until temperatures have already risen, but this could put them at risk in the event that their cooling systems malfunction or need to be replaced. Air conditioning Adelaide engineers are likely to be busier during the summer months, which could mean delays as well as increased call-out bills, so it can pay to get your cooling system installed and checked before

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