Braemar evaporative air conditioner

Braemar Evaporative

24 Month Interest Free or $400 off

Braemar evaporative air conditioner
Coolair Evaporative air conditioner

Coolair Evaporative

1000 days Interest Free or $500 off

Coolair Evaporative air conditioner
Breezair Evaporative air conditioner

Breezair Evaporative

1000 days Interest Free or $500 off

Breezair Evaporative air conditioner

Breezair Extraordinaire

1000 days Interest Free or $500 off


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Evaporative cooling

Why choose evaporative cooling ?

Enjoy up to an amazing 20% more cooling this summer with the new Breezair SuperCool Evaporative cooling!

Lowest Running Costs : Evaporative cooling is the cheapest to run when compared with other air conditioner types. This is because it uses the natural process of Evaporation to cool air. Conventional air conditioners use a refrigerant and refrigerative process which consumes much more power.

Braemar evaporative air conditioner

Braemar Evaporative Cooling

Ducted evaporative cooling is a fantastic way to cool your home as it is efficient, cost-effective and easy to operate.


Breezair Evaporative Cooling

Seeley international dealer is giving exclusive amazing 20% more cooling this summer with the all new breezair which is the Breezair supercool evaporative cooling.

Coolair Evaporative air conditioner

Coolair Evaporative Cooling

coolair evaporative cooling systems have been cooling Australians for over 30 years with a low cost, high performance
evaporative air conditioning built to last

evaporative cooling

Evaporative cooling Advantage

Imagine being able to keep your family comfortably cool all summer long for as little as $37 per year in electric costs*. That’s a saving of $346 per year in electricity costs when compared to a standard efficiency ducted refrigerated system!

Wherever you live in Australia, Breezair evaporative cooling technology will cost less to cool your home than any other comparable system. Breezair air conditioning system is so efficient it costs less than one tenth of a standard ducted air conditioner to run. it’s little wonder that with Breezair, you can cool your entire home from as little as the cost of running a light globe.

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Why Choose Evaporative cooling

Save even more with the only evaporative air conditioner with InvertaCool inverter technology: Trust Breezair to be the only evaporative cooling system with mega-energy-saving InvertaCool inverter technology. Brazair’s InvertaCool is an amazing innovation that saves you money on operating costs year after year, after year. InvertaCool cleverly manages power consumption which adds up to greatly reduced energy use, improved performance and genuine cost savings and, only Breezair has it!

Australian made quality: Breezair’s engineering sets a new standard for cooling performance and reliability. Whether you live in Birdsville or Bondi, Breezair leading-edge cooling technology won’t let you down. That’s because Breezair is designed and built in Australia to withstand even the harshest Australian summer. with rugged and clever design features such as these, Breezair will keep you and your family comfortably cool for years to come…

Looks that are built to last: Designed to blend discretely with the roofline of your home, Breezair’s world renowned Permatuf cabinets look great and won’t crack, peel or warp. Manufactured in Australia from UV stabilized polymer, the injection moulded cabinets are virtually impervious to our harsh climate and will retain their good-as-new looks year after year.

Nothing cools as quietly: The thing you immediately notice about the world class Breezair series is how wonderfully cool it makes your home feel, and how quietly it operates – it’s incredibly quiet. infant nothing comes close to the unobtrusive cooling power of the Breezair series. it’s all thanks to the superior design of Breezair ground-Breaking centrifugal fan and Hushpower motor, a global revolution in air conditioning engineering. Old-fashioned axial fan systems are noisy because they spin like helicopter blades which creates air turbulence.

100% Fresher Air That’s Easier To Breathe : Step inside a Breezair-cooled home and you’ll quickly notice how refreshingly cool it feels. One of the major benefits of Breezair is the way it fills your home with fresh, filtered, cool air – it’s like a natural, soothing sea breeze. Unlike refrigerated systems, Breezair does not continually recycle stale air – it actually completely replaces the air within your home every few minutes.