Air Conditioning Options: 3 Options to Help Keep Your Home Nice and Cool

air conditioning optionsWhether you are constructing a new home or you are making plans to replace your current AC system, you may be wondering what the available air conditioning options are. Keeping your home cool and comfortable is important, and you simply need to have a quality air conditioning system installed in order to achieve this goal. The good news is that there are three main air conditioning options available for you to choose from, and there are different models available for each of these options. So, if you are looking for affordable air conditioning options seek out the professional advice of the team at Rite Price Heating & Cooling on 1300 COOLING.

air conditioning options: Central Cooling System

A central cooling system is among the most common types of systems found in homes today. This is a larger type of system that is designed to cool an average-sized home, and larger homes may require two or even three units installed. Ducts are installed inside the walls to carry cooled air from the unit to each room in the home, and a master thermostat controls the temperature throughout the home at a level temperature. These units may be the most expensive options available, but they can provide you with cool air for up to 20 years or longer.

Mini Split AC System

A mini split AC system is a popular option because it is smaller in size and does not require ducts to be installed. These have an interior and exterior unit that are installed back to back on an exterior wall in a room. Because these are designed to cool smaller areas of a home, you may need to invest in several of them for use throughout your home. Each unit will have its own thermostat control, so there is greater ability to reduce energy consumption and to establish a comfortable temperature in a specific room rather than throughout the entire home. These are generally quieter to run as well.

Window Units

A final option available is a window unit. This is perhaps the most affordable option available in most cases, and they are installed in a window using a frame for support. This makes the window inoperable, so some of these units may be installed into a cut-out area of a wall instead of a window. Some have both heating and cooling elements, and they may be used for climate control in larger or smaller areas depending on the size of the unit that is purchased.

When you are selecting the right unit for your home, consider your budget as well as the amount of space that you need to cool. In addition, think about your desire for an energy efficient unit and how long you plan to stay in the home. You may also consider if you already have ducts installed in the walls or if these would need to be installed if you choose to use a central cooling system. By focusing on these points, you can choose a cooling system that is best suited for your needs.

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