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Evaporative cooling systems are an affordable and environmentally friendly way to cool your home, office or commercial area without the need for expensive ducted air conditioning systems circulating stale air.

ducted air conditioning specialsWith energy prices skyrocketing and temperatures rising, evaporative cooling offers the edge on ducted and reverse cycle air conditioning due to a wide range of environmental and cost saving features. Operating costs are a massive factor in the move towards evaporative cooling systems due to the fact the systems use a natural and simple system that recreates the natural cooling process using a flow of cool air using water.

Traditionally called swamp coolers due to their high content of moisture, evaporative units have a high content of water and push a constant flow of cool air into hot environments. Nowadays the systems are known as evaporative coolers due to their clever ability to draw moisture from the air, cool it and push fresh cooled air into the environment throughout a home or commercial space.

The cooling pads within evaporative cooling units act to lower the temperature and have a cooling effect throughout the space. Evaporative cooling systems use fresh air and are a natural option for cooling that is widely used in commercial environments, residential homes, schools and restaurants and can operate for longer periods of time compared to traditional air conditioning systems.

The top five benefits of evaporative cooling systems include:

Cost savings

Evaporative cooling systems are undoubtedly cheaper to run than traditional systems and are a great choice for beating the heat in the harsh Australian climate. Often the systems are touted to have a 75% or more reduction in cooling costs, which is a huge cost saving over the life of the system. Working best in hot, dry conditions the evaporative cooler uses both electricity and water to power the units and costs vary based on the evaporative cooling unit being used.

Ducted evaporative air conditioning units of a medium size cost around 12 to 28 cents per hour to run, window or wall mounted units cost around 6 to 7 cents to run, and portable units cost 2 to 3 centre per hour to run. Above all the cost per day will vary based on the size of the unit and the fan speed, however the cost is a fraction of running a traditional ducted air conditioning unit.

Safe for people with allergies

Evaporative coolers are a great way to cool air in warm climates and provide a natural and energy efficient way to cool a home or commercial property. The coolers allow warm indoor air to escape and act to provide a steady stream of fresh, cool air into indoor environments.

The units are an attractive option for homeowners concerned about allergies and work to provide clean, filtered air in environments where pollens and allergens thrive. For individuals who have asthma and allergic reactions, evaporative cooling systems are an effective and efficient option for cooling without the need for dry and stale air to be recirculated via traditional ducted air conditioning systems.

Dry air usually aggravates allergies and asthma sufferers and evaporative coolers add moisture to the air making them particularly beneficial for improving moisture levels into the air.

Better for the environment

Traditional air conditioning units emit higher levels of carbon dioxide and use a tremendous amount of energy compared to evaporative cooling systems. On top of this, the noise of outdoor compressors can be an issue due to the fans in external cooling units for ducted air conditioning units. Evaporative coolers use barely any energy and are cheap to run, offering tremendous environmental benefits and cost savings to the user.

As well as this, the air quality of evaporative cooling systems is far superior and fresh air is brought through the cooler offering high-quality air that hasn’t been conditioned and recycled repeatedly.

Lower maintenance costs

If you’re looking for a cooling system that is cheap to run and maintain, evaporative cooling systems are just the thing. Far cheaper to purchase than their counterparts, evaporative cooling systems are cheaper to maintain and service.

The pads within the evaporative cooler are self-cleaning making the ongoing maintenance no more than a seasonal maintenance as required. On top of the low maintenance costs, the low hourly rate to run an evaporative cooler makes it an affordable alternative to traditional air conditioning units.

Cheaper to install and set up

When sizing an evaporative cooler for your home or property, it’s important to ensure the airflow and the volume of the area being considered just as you would with any other ducted air conditioning unit. The evaporative cooler should be installed by a professional installer who understands local humidity levels and can ensure the system suits your needs.

On top of the features outlined above, evaporative cooling systems allow for residents to open windows and doors while the cooling system is operating, making it a great option for people who want the comfort of a cool and comfortable living or working environment without the feeling of stale or icy cold air conditioning. If you’re looking for an affordable and efficient air conditioning that can seriously reduce your cooling costs, evaporative air cooling systems are a fantastic option for cooling your property with fresh, filtered air.