Split system air conditioners vary based on many things

Split system air conditioning units are one of the most popular ways to keep your home climate controlled and away from the elements all year round in Australia. There is a range from the budget conscious through to units that have a degree of artificial intelligence within them and run themselves! There are many factors that vary the performance, price, suitability and efficiency of split system air conditioner; we will run through these for you to assist in your decision-making process.Split System Air Conditioner Review


There is a huge price range when looking into split system air conditioning units. The more budget friendly model starts from around $650 to purchase, then around $60 – $120 per hour to install. The cost of installation will vary based on your home, your access to internal & external walls as well as a range of other elements.
In addition to this, the range of features you select – or don’t select – will change the overall cost of your unit. We will run through these now.


Based on purchasing a brand name, your price may vary. With a range of tier-2 models from an unknown brand, offering all the major features just not the premium label, you may save yourself a few dollars.

If you choose one of the premium brand names, such as Mitsubishi, Carrier, Samsung or Daikin – you will experience the warranty and customer support of a top-tier brand that is well used by consumers across the Australian market. Tier two brands although offering almost like for like service, may not provide that sense of stability – but should be considered all the same.


The main elements that vary the split system air conditioning units are the features that they offer. These can include:

Wi-Fi Control

Allowing you access from anywhere via a smartphone application to turn on, off or change the settings of your system. So on your return, your can enjoy temperature controlled comfort

Noise Reduction Technology

Although split system air conditioning units are very quiet, many of the larger manufacturers have extremely low noise systems, which are perfect for a bedroom or entertaining areas. Having systems as low as 19db, you can barely hear the air being circulated your home.


Higher end systems may be fitted with a range of sensor options that detect where people are, redirecting air, so it doesn’t hit the people in the room directly with a draft. Also, these units also detect when people are not in the room, then adjust the temperature to the most energy efficient running costs. This allows the units to be kept on longer, more efficiently for the occupants.

Self-Cleaning Systems

There is a range of split system air conditioning units on the market that has a self-cleaning mechanism, ensuring that the air that it pushes out into your home is clear, conditioned and fresh. These systems remove the potential pathogens and bacteria from the air, protecting you and your family from potential health issues.


Some split system air conditioning units look as though you have simply put a refrigerator on the wall of your home. They are big, bulky and white.

There are ranges of sleek designed, coloured systems to meet the needs of your homes colour scheme almost becoming a feature in itself rather than an eyesore.

Energy Efficiency

This is considered as one of the main factors that can vary between the split system air conditioning units. The running costs of the systems themselves, especially in areas where they will be running for a large amount of time.
The more energy efficient – or the more stars – the lower your power bill will be at the end of the day!

Multi-Room Systems

A multi-room or multi-head system is the one major varying factor that changes the split system air conditioning units. A Multi-head system allows for up to eight head units to be placed in separate rooms around the home. This will allow you to have one condenser unit, cooling eight zones around your house at different temperatures!

These systems are perfect for people with no access to roof cavities – for a ducted system – or don’t have room outside for more than one split system condenser unit to be installed.


This is one of the big ones. You split system air conditioner may look the same, sound the same and cost the same as the one next to it – but is the warranty the same. If a company offers a long warranty, they back the quality of the parts and labour that went into building your machine. Consider this when purchasing your system! The split system air conditioner although it may vary in price, features, warranty, a number of head units or energy efficiency, there is no question that it will add a great deal of comfort to your home. Speak today with Rite Price for quality advice, products and services to get the right air conditioning solution for your home.

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