Ducted heating is an efficient way to heat various areas of your home at the same time. Most home owners are opting to ducted heating as it is one of the cheaper alternatives to heating. As winter is fast approaching, there’s no better time than now to ensure your ducted heater is running smoothly. Although you might think some issues are a quick and easy fix, some heating issues are in fact more technical than they appear. Making a failed attempt at fixing your ducted heater could cost you more money in the long run, which is why it’s best to leave some jobs to the professionals. Here’s our list of concerns you should see a professional about:


In order to have a smoothly running heater, you should have maintenance checks at least once a year. This will reduce the number of technical issues you may encounter and ensure your home stays heated throughout the cooler season.


This is crucial and should always be done thoroughly by a professional. A common issue which prevents ducted heaters from operating efficiently is clogged filters. By having clogged filters, this limits the amount of air circulation and flow. By not cleaning your filters regularly, your heater will require more energy to run in order to push through the buildup of dirt and mould. You also run the risk of having bacteria build up which can cause pollution inside your home.


Quite frequently, ducted heaters experience issues when the thermostat isn’t functioning correctly. If the temperature in your home keeps fluctuating, it’s likely your thermostat may need fixing or even replacing. If you do suspect a broken thermostat, contact a professional technician who can assist.


If you’re experiencing heating problems, this could be a result of issues with your ignition or a faulty pilot. This is usually caused as a result of clogging or insufficient use of lubricant. If you are experiencing these issues with your ducted heater, they are quite technical and best left to an expert to fix.


With regular maintenance, you shouldn’t experience too much wear and tear on your ducted heater. However, if you have neglected your regular servicing appointments, your heater may require some adjustments. Contact your heating technician to see if some mechanical parts need fixing or replacing. They will be able to detect what parts you need and have all the equipment on hand to do the work efficiently.


It’s important to ensure that the size of your ducted vents is suited to the size of your home. If your heater is not heating all areas of your home properly, it’s likely that you may need to have your ducted heating system resized to suit your home. Again, this should always be done by professionals and you should always seek their advice before going ahead with any changes.
No matter what type of heater your home has installed, you will require maintenance by a heating technician at some stage. Never assume any tasks are an easy fix and it’s always best to consult an expert for advice. You will feel at ease knowing the job is done correctly and you can live comfortably throughout the colder seasons.

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