How to Have Savings When Searching About Home Air Conditioning Unit Prices

If you feel like burning up, especially during the summer, you only need one thing: air conditioning. Some people take it for granted, but in general, it is quite an expensive venture. When you are shopping, you may notice that home air conditioning unit prices vary according to models and sizes. However, only one thing is for sure: it is always cool to have some savings. Here is the basic coverage of cooling and prevent your pocket from scorching when choosing an air conditioning unit.

What is BTU?

Air Conditioning Unit PricesBTU means British thermal unit and the more BTUs an air conditioning system gives out, the more powerful its cooling capacity. You need to determine the amount of space you are going to cool so you can choose the right air conditioner.To find out how much to cool, you need to measure first the square footage of the room. This is normally done by multiplying the length and width in feet if you have a rectangular room. Then, you have to establish the right BTUs per square foot of the room.

You could use 20 BTUs/hour per square foot and then multiply that by the total square footage. However, this does not consider the way you live, climate, and other factors. The cooling capacity is one of the things that determine the home air conditioning unit prices.

Calculate Your Annual Expenses Before Buying

Most people think that bigger is better, but this is not always the case. Air conditioners function by removing humidity and heat from the air. If it is too big, it would quickly cool the area, but it would only remove a little humidity, which makes the room damp and clammy. A unit with the right size will effectively cool as it removes humidity.

Nowadays, when you purchase a unit, apart from the information about home air conditioning unit prices, it comes with a sticker on the box with information about how much exactly the unit would cost to run. You need to consider that because that is part of the entire cost of purchasing and operating the equipment.

A New Window Unit is Worth It

If your air conditioning unit is over 10 years old, consider getting a replacement for it. A lot of new air conditioning systems are so efficient that you would save roughly 10% on energy use with a unit that has a high energy efficiency rating than one that does not have such label. The important thing to look for is the EER or the Energy Efficiency Ratio rating.

The higher the EER rating, the more efficient the air conditioner is. Therefore, if you switch to a new EER 10 from your old EER 5 system, you will reduce your cooling expenses in half. An energy-efficient air conditioner has a feature that cycles the compressor on and off. This way, it will not continuously run. Also, on average, energy-efficient central air conditioning units are 14% more efficient compared to standard models.

Central Air Conditioning

If you are considering an upgrade to central air, it is easy to get intimidated by the home air conditioning unit prices of this technology. Of course, it is true that central air conditioning units use more power compared to a window unit on every floor of a two-storey house.

However, if you need to cool more than two rooms, then a central air conditioning unit would be your best option. This system can also offer a long-term resale value for your house. Moreover, a well-designed central unit has an advantage when it comes to controlling humidity as well as filtering the air for pollutants and allergens.

Remember that window air conditioners do not necessarily have higher energy efficiency compared to central air conditioners. If a window unit is too small for a room, it may continuously run, which wastes energy. When you shop for central air unit, do not only check the home air conditioning unit prices, but also make sure that the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) is 13 or higher. The recommended SEER rating for warmer climates is 14. The operating cost of less efficient system will be higher.

Helping Your Unit to be More Efficient

You may think that getting a new air conditioning system is the solution to all your cooling problems. However, you could give your unit some help. For instance, some air conditioning systems have a thermostat or programmable timer, which can give you huge savings in energy costs every year. This feature regulates the temperature when you are out of your home and only turns on when you return.

With window air conditioning system, filters may quickly get dirty. Clean the filter at least once a month because a dirty filter uses more electricity and makes the unit work harder. Regardless of the age or the type of system, you must change your filters every three months.

Moreover, you will use less energy when cooling a room by keeping direct sunlight out from the room, especially from the air conditioner. Sunlight could increase the temperature in the room by 10 to 20 degrees. The less heat in the room, the less energy the unit uses to remove it. Keep in mind that drapes are better than blinds when it comes to blocking heat and sunlight.

Get Some Deals with Home Air Conditioning Unit Prices

Particularly during the summer season, sales are as many as BBQs. The worst you can do is run to the first appliance centre you could find and purchase the first air conditioner that you will see. Relax first and do a comparison shopping by looking at the prices, features, efficiency, and reliability of several units.

If you take some time and use your shopping wits to compare notes about home air conditioning unit prices and other information, this would do more than just bragging how cool you are. This would be helpful in making a practical choice for your money that would keep your home comfortable all throughout the summer and for many summers in the future.

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