Mitsubishi Ducted Air Conditioning versus Carrier Ducted Air Conditioning

Winter is coming! was a phrase uttered not too long ago. For a few months now we have enjoyed the cold reality of the South Australian winter and life was good – albeit cold. Still, we had our heating and hot beverages and blankets and family gatherings to keep the mind, body and soul warm and active. It was glorious but now that we’re in the last month of winter, we find ourselves yearning for the great outdoors and the warm summer months. The South Australian summer is magnificent but can be exhaustingly hot and unforgiving. Jumping in the pool or swimming in the ocean or chilling outdoors just won’t cut it as a consistent cooling mechanism, we need air conditioning and we need it fast; this is where ducted air conditioning comes in. It is efficient, effective and completely cools you and your home – if you haven’t got one, I suggest you call Rite Price Heating and Cooling now and speak with our experienced staff about purchasing one. Now back to the blog! You absolutely need a ducted air conditioning system for the coming warm months and this blog will edify you on two options to consider. But first, what is ducted air conditioning?

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What is Ducted Air Conditioning?

Ducted Air Conditioning is a delivery system where cool air is circulated through strategically placed ducts in the roof and vents all over your property. Technologically advanced reverse cycle ducted air conditioning units act as the source of cooling (and heating during winter – hence the name reverse cycle). Ducted systems are designed for optimal controlled delivery of cool air, with zoning utilised to shut off cooling to unoccupied areas of the house and also to direct the flow of air.

Ducted air conditioning systems are designed and installed by professionals and must adhere to the requirements set by the Building Code of Australia. Ducted Air Conditioning is advantageous as they are cost efficient and effective in providing centralised cooling for medium to large sized homes and have become increasingly popular among homeowners in the last few years. There are different brands of ducted air conditioning systems out there for your cooling needs; this blog examines the two more popular systems – Mitsubishi Ducted Air Conditioning and Carrier Ducted Air Conditioning. The purpose of this post is to compare both systems and provide you the information you need when deciding on your next ducted air conditioning system. If you would like more information on ducted air conditioning systems please visit our ducted air conditioning page.

Mitsubishi Ducted Air Conditioning

The Mitsubishi Ducted Air Conditioning system is a technological marvel that exudes a cosy comfort year round convenience and swagger. It gives you the convenience of a touch-button climate control for exceptional cooling and heating options in the summer and winter months respectively. The Mitsubishi ducted air conditioning system is ideal for multiple room application and can include different zoning if desired. The system also has the following features:

Easy Installation
The systems are versatile and easy to install and affords you the possibility of adjusting the distance between the air-intake and air-outlet vents to create the optimal airflow configuration.

The ducted systems are designed for easy installation in ceiling spaces. They are ideal for bigger residences or offices. The ducted units are neatly installed and tucked away in ceiling spaces with only grilles and air vents visible.

Ideal Airflow
The high pressure and flexible design of the ducted system increases variation in airflow options which ensures that an ideal airflow is achieved regardless of room layout.

Ultra-Quiet Operation
Mitsubishi ducted air conditioning systems operates quietly regardless of the time of day.


Mitsubishi ducted air conditioning offers you the best comfort you can imagine. The system, built with state-of-the-art technology, comes with an added array of benefits which ticks every box in your book. The Mitsubishi ducted air conditioning is effect, quiet, user-friendly and reliable. Other benefits include:

Low Running Costs
Mitsubishi ducted air conditioning systems are very energy efficient, meaning you save money on energy bills in the long run. Additionally, Mitsubishi are a leading force in research and development which has ultimately given them the edge in the marketplace which also means that all products are designed specially to produces quality cooling in the most energy efficient manner.

Quiet Operation
Mitsubishi ducted air conditioning systems operates quietly regardless of the time of day. It comes equipped with low noise mode which gives you an even quieter ambience come bedtime.

Precise Control
The precise climate control options and functionality allows you to create the comfort levels that match your requirements and demands. The advancements in technology also means improved precise functionality tailored to any setting you desire.

Peace of Mind
Purchasing a Mitsubishi ducted air conditioning system will most certainly give you peace of mind. The systems come with a 5 year parts and labour warranty which should quell any worry you might have on the rare occasion that your unit shows any sign of fault. Terms and conditions apply.

Wi-Fi Control
This functionality allows you to freely control your home temperature from anywhere in the world. You can turn your ducted air conditioning unit on or off from your mobile phones, tablets or computer. All you have to do is connect your Mitsubishi ducted air conditioning unit to any of your devices or an online account and voila! You’ve got control. The application of this is endless, it gives you the option to turn on your AC hours prior to reaching home or in the event you forget, you can switch it off just as easily.

Superior Customisation
The customisation options of the system are varied to fit your functionality requirements. Industry leading technology allows you to easily adjust settings.

Develop Operation Rules
The Mitsubishi ducted air conditioning unit allows you to tailor your system to your needs. You can program your system to automatically turn on or off at selected times, you can change settings and set temperature rules for your everyday comfort.

Carrier Ducted Air Conditioning

Carrier is a key player in ducted air conditioning, they were the first company to invest in the Air Conditioning system back in 1902. Carrier have managed to obtain a stronghold in the industry through years of research and technological developments to consistently produce top quality products that are widely regarded as high reliable with an excellent price to performance ratio in tow.
Carrier ducted air conditioning also offer advanced climate controls as well as a highly efficient inverter system. Carrier systems are generally cheaper than Mitsubishi Electric units and are thus seen as an excellent value for money. They are an excellent alternative to Mitsubishi ducted air conditioning systems and offers the following advantages as well:

• Quiet Operation
• Low maintenance
• 5 year warranty for Customer Confidence
• Flexibility of long piping
• Compact unit concealed in Ceiling and Roof
• User-friendly controller
• Powerful Operation
• Easy and flexible installation
• High static pressure design
• Independent dehumidification and
• Remote On/Off Alarm Port.


Carrier inverter ducted air conditioning systems come equipped with benefits including energy efficiency, powerful operations, rapid cooling functionality and temperature control. The units deliver reliable high performance and is one of the world’s leaders in air conditioning and refrigeration solutions. The Carrier ducting system is more economical, powerful, comfortable and reliable than other contemporary systems out there. Carrier Air conditioners are precise, efficient and come equipped with a wide start-up voltage and operation temperature. If you would like to know more about our Carrier Inverter systems please visit our page.

What System should I choose?

This is the million dollar question. What system should I choose? Well, that depends on your preference and spending power. Generally I leave the consultation to the professionals. The purpose of this blog was to illuminate on ducted air conditioning units produced by Mitsubishi Electric and Carrier. With the information provided on this blog, I sincerely hope it helps you make a decision about what system to buy. If you have any more questions, please call Rite Price Heating & Cooling and speak with our experienced staff about your needs and we will help you get the unit you deserve.

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