How many windows should I open for my evaporative cooling system?

How do evaporative cooling systems work?

Evaporative cooling systems are the cheapest air conditioning systems to run in comparison to other air conditioning types This is solely due to the fact that evaporative cooling systems use evaporation to cool air, whereas are air conditioner systems use a ‘refrigerant’ and ‘refrigerative’ process which consumes much more energy. 

Ducted air conditioning systems consist of a cooling unit which is found outside the house. This unit has cooling pads inside which have water filtered through from an internal water tank. A fan that is inside of the system will then draw back air through the cooling pads. These cooling pads then have the ability to cool the air that is drawn in, this is then dispersed all throughout your home. please visit our main evaporative page for more information on evaporative cooling.

Benefits of an Evaporative cooling system

There are several benefits to choosing an evaporative cooling system in your home, these include:

  • Getting fresh and clean air as you get to keep your doors and windows open 
  • Evaporative cooling does not dry out your eyes, nose or skin
  • Evaporative cooling systems are incredibly energy efficient in comparison with other air conditioning systems 
  • Evaporative air conditioners are incredibly quiet systems

For evaporative cooling to be the most efficient, and to use the cleanest air, it is important to keep your windows open so that the evaporative system can filter through fresh air. Evaporative cooling systems rely on the air being passed through to direct cooler air throughout your home. 

To get the most of the evaporative cooling system, it is important to leave your windows partially open as it allows warm air to escape as it is being replaced by cooler air. As evaporative air conditioners use air from outside to recirculate into the house, your house is filled with fresher, cleaner air. In comparison to central air conditioning that recirculates the same air throughout the house. 

Another benefit of evaporative cooling is that it is significantly cheaper to install and run in comparison to other air conditioner models. At Rite Price Heating and Cooling, we offer three different brands who manufacture evaporative cooling systems for our customers Australia wide. We supply Braemar, Breezair, and Coolair systems which allows all of our customers to choose which system works best for their homes 

Braemar evaporative cooling 

Braemar evaporative cooling systems provide Australian families with some of the worlds best, natural cooling, energy efficient, and highly trusted Australian brand. Braemar evaporative cooling systems are proven to be a high performer for evaporative cooling in Australia. The Braemar Evolution Series is the coldest, low profile evaporative air conditioner. This allows the air conditioner to be low profile, and looks as if it sits below the roof ridgeline. The Braemar evaporative cooling system is also cost friendly as it can save you up to $346 per year in running costs!

Coolair evaporative cooling 

Coolair evaporative cooling systems have been in the industry for over 30 years with a low cost, high performance system that is built to last. The Coolair evaporative cooling system has a high efficiency pad wetting system which ensures that there is complete pad saturation for decades, which means there will be no clogging or dry spots on the filter pads. Coolair evaporative systems can also be fitted with the optimal ‘clean and dry’ function to avoid the need for regular maintenance. Every Coolair system comes with a 10 year structural warranty and a 25 year corrosion free guarantee on the injection moulded cabinet. At Rite Price Heating and Cooling, we also offer a 7 year parts and labour warranty on the entire cooling system to give our customers total peace of mind. Our Coolair evaporative coolers are a high performance, trouble free system all year round. 

Breezair evaporative cooling

Seeley international dealer is giving customers 20% more cooling this summer with the Breezair evaporative cooling systems. These systems are incredibly energy efficient, that it will cost as low as one tenth of a standard ducted air conditioner. Breezair evaporative cooling systems fill your home with fresh, clean air throughout your home. Breezair is the only evaporative cooling system with energy saving InvertaCool technology. The InvertaCool technology is an amazing innovation that will save you money on running costs every year. The InvertaCool technology is environmentally friendly, reducing your overall energy usage, higher performance, and low running costs!

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