Cutting Edge Gas Fire Designs That Will Warm Your Home and Make It Look Good

When it comes to keeping your home warm during the coldest months of the year, there are a few unique heating solutions you might consider aside from a traditional space heater or central furnace system. One such system is a gas fireplace that can easily bring a comfortable heat to your home with the flick of a single switch. Plus, with some of the modern designs now available, you’ll be able to stay warm in style. Gas fireplaces are constantly being redesigned to heat more efficiently and provide a more contemporary aesthetic. Here are a few cutting edge gas fire systems you might consider incorporating into your Adelaide home.

Sharp Edged Design From the Horizon Low Line Inbuilt

One of the most unique gas fire designs you’ll probably ever see in a fireplace, the Horizon Low Line Inbuilt gas fireplace features a levitating burner that extends within an elongated glass case embedded into your wall. Its minimalist control functionality and sleek shape provides you with the maximum amount of glow from the single line of flame that extends end to end across the system. Within the clean-faced design are iron log pebbles that will carry the blue wall of flame and act as a radiating centrepiece for any room. The Horizon system comes in 700mm, 850mm, 1100mm, 1500mm, and 2000mm models to provide you with the widest range of installation options possible. Choose from a colour selection of stainless steel, black, or painted fascia, all of which can complement the design of any interior space. Depending on your chosen size, the price will range anywhere from $2999 to $4999.

Heat Large Spaces With the Regency Panorama PG121 Double Sided

For more spacious rooms needing a stylish yet effective heat source, Regency’s Panorama PG121 double sided gas fireplace provides a two way see-through design that can be set into any partial or full wall. This means you can either have the system installed to heat two entirely separate rooms, or both halves of one large room separated by a partial dividing wall. The design itself is guaranteed to impress, with the cube of heat being surrounded by black louvres and brick panels. Two covers made of ceramic safety glass provide a crystal clear view of the flames and the other side of the room. The fire, controlled by a single switch, glows atop a traditional-looking stack of logs that will keep burning all throughout the coldest winter months. Measuring 1105mm in length and 914mm in height, the entire Regency Panorama PG121 Double Sided system goes for a retail price of around $6399.

Attention Grabbing Form Factor of the Lopi Cypress Freestanding Gas Heater

Another traditional design now available with a modern, revitalised look is the Lopi Cypress Freestanding Gas Heater fireplace. This is a system that can either stand on its own against a wall using rear venting, or in the middle of a room using top venting. It comes with an option of pebbles, old-fashioned logs, or beautiful sculptured driftwood, which will glow brilliantly once the flames are turned on. The exterior is presented in a finished combination of black and grey steel shaped around the central flame to create the system’s signature freestanding legs on either side. It boasts a main heating capacity that can provide warmth for up to 180 square meters, packed into a system that’s exactly 765mm wide and 784mm tall. It retails for around $4499.

Picking up a new gas fireplace this year to heat your home during the colder months is a great way to add another layer of style to your main living space. Make sure you contact Adelaide rubbish for your hard rubbish removal after using your free stand. The Horizon Low Line Inbuilt system, the Regency Panorama PG121 Double Sided and the Lopi Cypress Freestanding are some of the best gas fires Adelaide has to offer. Any of these gas fire designs will be able to serve as reliable sources of warmth whenever you need sanctuary from the cold.

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