Understanding the Differences Between Ducted Heating vs Split System

Owning a heater is an essential aspect of being a homeowner, as they can quite obviously be particularly useful during these long winter months in Australia. A heater helps to provide comfort and warmth and can give the user complete control over the temperature within their house. However, there are a myriad of different types of heaters on the market, the most popular of these being that of split system heating and ducted heating. Below we’ll take a quick look at the differences between ducted heating vs split systems – should you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact Rite Price Heating & Cooling at 1 300 HEATING. We’ll be happy to help.

Differences Between Ducted Heating vs Split System

Customers buying a heating system for their household may be a bit boggled by the different types of heaters available for purchase. Chief among these are split system heating and ducted heating. While they both perform a similar function, there are a few distinct differences between the two that could prove beneficial for certain types of homes.

In essence, split system heating is designed to be more energy efficient than its counterpart, due primarily to its focus on one room within a house. These units are typically less expensive than ducted heating units, as they require much less space to install. As the system only heats the specific area in which it is installed, this tends to make for smaller bills at the end of the month provided that only the small amount of heat generated is required. They also tend to be less noisy than ducted heaters, especially the latest models.

Split heating is a very versatile type of system, as it can be installed in virtually any location within the house, even directly onto the walls. There are a couple of downsides with this system though. Many homeowners may find that split system heating isn’t adequate for their heating needs, which can be a particularly bothersome realization after the system has already been installed. However, due to its relatively small size, any sort of system malfunction that brings about the need for repairs will be easy to identify and quickly mend.

In regards to ducted heating, there are several key ways in which it differs from that of split system heating. Ducted heating is typically known as central heating. This is due to its common usage as a heater for an entire household. These heaters are generally comprised of 2 units: one that rests outside, and one that is installed indoors. The indoor unit is a bit less manoeuvrable than its split system counterpart and can only be installed under the floors or within the attic.

One of the key advantages of using a ducted system is that it’s not noticeable to anyone inside the house, as the inner portion is tucked away out of sight, while split system heaters are in plain view. Ducted heaters are also much more durable and can last for many years without even a hint of a problem. When deciding between ducted heating and split system heating, it’s important to be aware of the fact that, due to it covering the entire household, those with ducted heating will have the ability to modify how the system is utilized. With many ducted heating systems, a simple touch of a button will allow control over every room of the house and how the heat is dispersed to each.

However, there are noticeable drawbacks to ducted heating. For one, the costs are higher in a number of ways. The installation will cost more than that of split system heating, while monthly energy bills will also be higher, due to it heating the entire household. However, many of these types of systems do help mitigate this by simply heating the house when necessary.

Which Heating Variation Works The Best

Overall, ducted heating and split system heating have their advantages and their disadvantages. Whichever one is chosen depends entirely on the needs of the homeowner. For those with more rooms that need heating, a ducted heating system is a fantastic long term investment. For anyone that is on a tighter budget or may not even need a heater for each room of the house, then a split system heater can save a ton of money over time.

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