Common Air Conditioning Problems in Adelaide

In South Australia, where the temperature is unbearable during the summer, the reverse cycle is the most common type of cooling unit. This type of air conditioner can cool a house in the summer and keep a home comfortably warm during winter. Unfortunately, the heavy use during summer and winter puts a strain on the unit. In turn, air conditioning problems arise, and these mean bigger utility bills as well as maintenance and repair costs.

What are these air conditioning problems?

Air Conditioning ProblemsAir conditioning units are complicated mechanisms that require a variety of conditions to make them work correctly and efficiently. Problems can arise from frequent use that affects the performance of the air conditioning unit and from factors that are somehow not directly related to the AC unit but can still affect its overall performance.Common Problems Not Related to Your AC but Can Still Affect Its Performance

Hot and Cold Pockets

Hot and cold pockets are parts in your home that have higher or lower temperature than the other parts. You may have noticed that a certain room cools faster than the other rooms do. Unfortunately, you cannot do anything about these pockets. Your remedy is to consider buying the appropriate size of AC to compensate or negate the effects of these pockets inside your home.

For example, one room seems to be located in a hot pocket within your home. You should consider installing appliances such as fans that complement or help in circulating the cooling air. Alternatively, before buying an AC unit, get a professional technician to inspect your house and address these kinds of problems.

Disappointing Installation Service

One of the common air conditioning problems is disappointing installation service. This problem happens if you opt to cut back on costs in hiring a technician to install your AC. To avoid experiencing such problems, shop around for a professional installer. Your chosen technician must have a certificate, which is an assurance that the technician really knows how to install an air conditioning system, whether it’s a simple ducted split system or a complex one.

Too Many Heat-Producing Sources

Too many appliances and crowded rooms are common air conditioning problems that the majority of Adelaide residents seem to experience when using reverse cycle units. These outside factors make your unit work harder than usual in cooling your house. The AC needs to remove the added heat in order to keep the room cooler. You should augment the AC with a fan to let the cooling circulate. In addition, you should refrain from using too many appliances that produce heat.

Incorrect size of AC system

If your utility bill suddenly increases after you have installed a new air conditioner, it may seem that your AC is not the correct size. This is one of the most common air conditioning problems that Southerners face. Installing an AC the correct size is an important factor that you should always consider.

Installing a small unit in a large room is impractical because the unit has to work harder to keep the room cooler. Alternatively, the unit may not be able to cool the room to your desired temperature. However, it does not necessarily mean that the unit you have to install is at least twice as big.

A larger unit may be able to cool the room at your desired temperature, but the AC has to short cycle. This means the unit has to switch on and off to maintain the temperature, which may strain it. Constant switching may shorten the life of your AC.

Common Air Conditioning Problems Related That Affect Its Performance

Problems in the Electrical Wirings

If you smell that something is burning when you switch on the air conditioning unit, there must be something wrong with it. Switch off the unit and call a technician to see what went wrong. Incorrect installation and short circuits in the wiring are only two of the causes of these air conditioning problems. Incorrect installation and improper wiring pose the risk of a house fire. Thus, when opting for an AC installation, always choose a reliable professional installer to do the job for you.

Refrigerant Leaks or Reduction

The refrigerant is a chemical inside your AC coils. It aids the AC coils in absorbing and releasing heat to the other parts of the AC. Any leaks in the refrigerant mean your AC has to work harder to lower the temperature in the room, which may lead to higher utility costs. It also means that your AC is releasing harmful gas into the air. Thus, if you suspect that your AC is leaking refrigerant, call a technician to inspect your unit.

Accumulation of dust in the coils

These are among the air conditioning problems that can reduce AC efficiency by almost 50%. Reduced efficiency means an increase in the utility bill. The high quantity of dirt and dust in the coils, in either the condenser or the evaporator coils, may necessitate major repairs if not cleaned. The condenser is responsible for bringing cooled air back into your house while the evaporator takes the heated air out of your house. If any of them malfunctions due to dust accumulation, airflow decreases. If that happens, the evaporator coil freezes while the condenser coil continues to function and maybe increases its load to bring the cooling air into the room.

Weird Smells when the AC is switched on

Every time the air conditioning unit is switched on, you might smell something funny. Even after you have vacuumed the house, the smells do not dissipate. These smells may come from your air conditioning unit. Dirt, bacteria, and mold can accumulate inside the air filter of your air conditioner. These air conditioning problems arise when you do not regularly clean your AC.

A simple air filter cleaning may solve these problems. If the smells do not go away after cleaning, calling for a technician may be appropriate. The odours may be a case of a refrigerant leak or something serious within the entire system.

To avoid experiencing air conditioning problems, make sure to keep your unit in top condition. The one thing you want to avoid is to experience an air conditioner breakdown during the hottest days in Adelaide. Though professional technicians are just one call away, you may not be able to book a quick fix because your unit may already require major repairs. Thus, you should schedule a regular cleanup and checkup before the summer, especially if you have not done any cleaning for the past two years.

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