How to Choose the Best Air Conditioners in Adelaide

Adelaide has a moderate to extreme hot weather during the summer, which could make it unbearable for you if you don’t have an air conditioning (AC) system inside your home. Thus, choosing the best air conditioners in Adelaide for your home is important. You have to consider installation cost, energy efficiency, and the size of your home. Whether you are buying for the first time or replacing your old AC system, this comprehensive guide will help you choose the best air conditioners in Adelaide that befit your home and match your needs.

The Different Types of Air Conditioning System : Get the best air conditioners in Adelaide

MitsubishiThe first factor to consider in choosing is the different types of air conditioning systems. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. Some AC units consume more power than the others do. Choosing the correct AC for your home will help you reduce the amount on your utility bill.

  • Room/Portable Air Conditioner

It has all the necessary cooling components in one package. You can move it or have it installed permanently in a window. This type may not be one of the best air conditioners, but it is a good option if you want to cool a single room such as a bedroom or a small office space.

There are two kinds of room AC. One is the window type while the other is the floor type. A window type AC is installed in a window, either permanently or temporarily, while the floor type is movable and can be placed anywhere as long as the electric cord reaches a socket. You can use a portable one as a temporary replacement while waiting for your AC replacement or repair. However, room air conditioners are not as efficient as other AC systems are. They are also a lot noisier.

  • Split System

A split air conditioning system has two sections installed separately. The thermostat and the cooling system are installed inside the house in between the walls while the compressor and heating exchange components are located outside, insulated in a protected, weather-resistant container. A split system is one of the best air conditioners around since it is more powerful, less noisy, and boasts of more accurate temperature control.

A split type system can also have a reverse system, thus allowing you to also use it to heat your house during winter. The downside is cost; it is more expensive than a portable air conditioning unit. Aside from the purchasing cost, you have to spend on the installation.

A split system can either be ducted or non-ducted. In a ducted split system, the cooling air passes through ducts on the floors or walls; these ducts are positioned in different areas in a room. There is also a centralized control in a ducted split AC system. On the other hand, air conditioning units are more visible in a non-ducted system with remote controls for individual units.

  • Multi-Split System

The main difference of this AC unit is the installation of different cooling units inside your house using a centralized or a single heating exchange system. It is economical if you are planning to cool more than one room without having to incur a much bigger electric bill.

Just like a single split system, a multi-split AC can ‘reverse’ the system to heat your home during winter. A multi-split AC allows you to control the temperature in different cooling units but it is more expensive. In addition, you also have to consider the cost of long-term maintenance.

The Energy Efficiency Rating for the best air conditioners in Adelaide

The second factor to consider is the energy rating. Should the energy rating affect your decision in buying among the best air conditioners? In Adelaide, Australia, the government does not require AC manufacturers to include an energy efficiency rating (EER) label on their air conditioners that are for distribution and sale. However, for marketing purposes, some manufacturers voluntarily include EER labels to entice and convince potential buyers. The EER measures how much electricity an AC unit consumes to cool down or heat up a room or any other small space.

The more stars you see on the label, the better the AC unit is in terms of performance. This means greater operating efficiency and reduced power consumption. To make an effective comparison using the EER label, you should compare AC units that are of the same type and are using the same cooling and heating exchange system. In addition, you also have to consider the size of your home. For example,you cannot compare a ducted split system and a portable one. Even if they have the same rating, a ducted split system consumes less power to cool a 25-square-meter area compared to a portable one. This makes a ducted split system more efficient than a window/portable AC.

Get the best air conditioners in Adelaide based on the Size of Your Home

The third factor to consider in choosing the best air conditioners for your home is the number, the size, and the location of the rooms where the AC units are to be installed. If you are planning to cool or heat an entire house by placing one cooling unit for each room, a multiple or a ducted split system is more practical and economical. It is more costly at first but in the long run, you will be saving a lot more on your utility bill. In addition, you can switch off a certain cooling unit if it is not in use in a room.

You also have to consider the size of the room. A larger room requires a larger AC unit. Generally, this should be your guide. However, there are other factors such as the location of the room. Even if the room is larger than the others but many trees surround and shade the room from the outside, it may best to use a smaller AC unit.

A room with trees surrounding it from the outside or that is rarely exposed to direct sunlight is a lot cooler. Thus, an air conditioning unit placed in such a room does not require too much electricity to cool the area. However, heating the area during winter may be another matter that you should also consider. Since the room is shaded from the outside, an AC unit will require more power to heat the area.


In choosing the best air conditioners for your home, consider capacity, efficiency, and the size of your home. For a split system, it costs more to install and purchase the unit. Consider maintenance costs as well to make your air conditioning unit last longer. For the best advice, service and pricing on your next air conditioners systems, give rite price heating and cooling a call today on 1300heating or 1300cooling. Our highly trained and experienced customer service teams are always ready to help you through the process. Or you might want to walk into one of our stores in Adelaide for a face to face chat about your air conditioners need.

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