Choosing Among the Best Air Conditioning Units to Satisfy Your Cooling Needs

If you are tired of going home into a hot and stuffy place, perhaps it is time that you find the air conditioning unit that will suit your needs. Choosing among the best air conditioning units may seem like a simple process, but there are some things that you need to understand about them first. Take a look at the information, advantages, and disadvantages of the most common air conditioning units and check which one is the best for your home.

Window Air Conditioning Unit is one of the best air conditioning

Best Air ConditioningThis is one of the most popular air conditioning systems. It is specifically designed to be mounted in a window. It draws in the air from the room, dehumidifies and cools it, and then pushes cold air back into the room. The residual hot air will be driven out the window through the exhaust system.


  • Takes up less space – Since the unit is installed in a window, it is out of your way and will not take up any space on the floor.
  • Less expensive – Some consider this one of the best air conditioning units because they cost less than other types of air conditioning units.


  • May be hard to install – These units are quite back-heavy and they could be dangerous because the back needs to stick out the window. Moreover, some units may not fit your window perfectly, so even if you have folding panels, you may still need to screw the unit into your window.
  • May be considered as a danger – Because these units are heavy, they can really injure someone if it somehow falls out the window. A lot of apartment buildings are avoiding the use of these units to keep people away from any danger. If you are renting your place, check with the management first to find out if they allow the installation of such models.

One of the best air conditioning is The-Wall Air Conditioners

These air conditioning units are like the window models, but they are designed to be mounted in the wall in a chassis sleeve. Both of these best air conditioning units work the same, except the through-the-wall units need the chassis to hold up the weight of the unit. So that setting up would be easier, most chassis sleeves just glide in and out.


  • Does not use up space – You can install a through-the-wall unit aligned with your wall. This way, they do not stick out by any means, making them quite discreet.
  • May have a higher cooling capacity – People normally use this type of unit to cool a single room, but it can cool a bigger room just as effectively.


  • Higher price point – A through-the-wall unit is more expensive than a window unit.
  • Does not have a vent – Unlike a window unit, a through-the-wall unit does not have a vent, and this reduces its cooling efficiency.
  • Heavier – These models also tend to be heavier.
  • Not that easy to install – A through-the-wall unit may not be easy to set up, unless there is already a hole in the wall.

Ductless Mini-Split System Air Conditioning Unit

Among the best air conditioning units, a ductless mini-split air conditioning system is distinct because it is not an independent unit. In general, its system consists of two parts—the condenser and the blower system. The condenser is the bigger unit that is placed outside and the blower system is mounted on the wall in the house. Rather than using ducting in this system, it uses cooling or refrigeration lines from outside. These lines pass through an insulated tube going to the blower system. Then, the blower system pushes cool air into the room.


  • Quiet – Most air conditioning systems are noisy, but because the condenser is located outside, there is not much noise indoors.
  • Unobtrusive – The wall mount makes the unit discreet.
  • Multiple wall units – This system can accommodate more than one unit placed in different rooms and control each of them separately. This makes it a popular option for offices and not just in the home.


  • Harder to install – Considering that there are two parts, it is more difficult to install everything, particularly when you plan to mount multiple units.
  • Highest price point – Compared to window and through-the-wall units, the mini-split system is the most expensive among these best air conditioning units.

Portable Air Conditioning Unit

This is much like a window unit that has a ducting system that pulls the air in the room, dehumidifies it, and blows out cold air. A portable unit is uniquely a free-standing piece. It stands alone but it still requires being set up so it would blow out the hot air through a window. Because of this, it comes with a hose and a window kit that pushes the hot air out of the house.


  • Easy installation – You simply put up the window piece and connect the hose. It will then be ready to cool down the room.
  • No liability – A window unit may be considered dangerous because it can hurt someone if it breaks free of its mount and falls. A freestanding portable unit gets rid of that risk while still being able to cool down a room just as effectively.
  • Affordable – What makes this unit among the best air conditioning units is that it is not as inexpensive as a window unit, but it is still more affordable than other types.


  • Louder – The noise is louder than that of other units because the entire unit is inside the room.
  • Not discreet – It is located on the floor, so it could sometimes get in your way.
  • Needs more maintenance – Other units require cleaning of the air filter, but a portable one also requires maintenance of the water tray beneath it. Because the unit also dehumidifies the air, it requires a means of storing the collected water. This water is collected in a tray and you would need to empty the tray on a regular basis.

There are other units or systems available, but these are the ones considered the best air conditioning units because of their efficiency and affordability. You need to determine your cooling needs first so you can choose the one that is perfect for you.

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