Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning

benefits of ducted air conditioning

Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning

Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning – If you’ve ever built or renovated a residential or commercial property, you’re probably fully aware of the importance of installing air conditioning to ensure the comfort of the individuals within the home or commercial space.

While ducted air conditioning may be a slightly more expensive outlay to start with, having a fully ducted system throughout your property cools the entire area and is centrally controlled via a thermostat enabling a completely controlled temperature throughout the home or commercial property. Indeed there are many benefits of ducted air conditioning.

Ducted air conditioning is a complete solution, whereas split systems are isolated to one particular area and intrude on the aesthetics of the room by hanging on the wall and impinging on your décor and living or working space.

While split systems may appear to be cheaper in price, the limitations make them an inferior option for air conditioning and the maintenance of individual units across an entire property can be problematic.

Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning & Why Install It?

If you’re still sitting on the fence about whether or not to install a ducted air conditioning unit, you may want to explore why a ducted air conditioning unit is suitable for your home.

Larger residential homes with multi-levels – This is one of the key benefits of ducted air conditioning.

First and foremost, ducted air conditioning units are ideally suited for larger residential properties or homes with two levels as the ducts can be easily run throughout the home via the roof cavity either during a new build or a renovation.

The ducts are practically seamless and offer a comfortable system of cooling that can be isolated based on the room as needed. For example, if you or your guests are enjoying a meal in the living areas the air conditioning can be focused on this zone and the bedroom air conditioning can be turned off until required.

On the flip side, a double story home with individual split system units would need wall units for each room that all require maintenance, space for installation and the compressors can be noisy and disruptive over time.

Powerful and comprehensive cooling for larger spaces

Another reason to consider ducted air conditioning is due to the fast and comprehensive cooling of a large home or space. Within minutes, the system can cool an area and make it comfortable at the touch of a button. The power of the system allows for users to extensively cool a space with ease and without having to visit each room to turn on wall units. The centrally controlled thermostat allows for completely controlled cooling that is temperature controlled in an instant.

Ceiling mounted ducts that blend into the property

The final reason why you may consider a ducted air conditioning unit is the subtle and seamless ceiling mounted air conditioning ducts that blend into the roof easily without standing out and interrupting the overall look and feel of the décor. This is one of the top reasons to consider ducted air conditioning, and individuals who love design often opt for the system because they are looking for a minimalist and simple décor inside their home without bulky wall units and controls on each wall within the property. Ducts are subtlety mounted in the ceiling and are barely noticed, making them a popular choice for people who are into design and love an ‘invisible’ and less intrusive style.

Benefits of ducted air conditioning system – Features

benefits of ducted air conditioning

Whole home solution

As outlined above, ducted air conditioning is a whole home or property solution, allowing you to cool your property completely at the touch of a button. No more running around to each room each time you want to turn on of off the air conditioning unit. Modern homes opt for ducted air conditioning due to its convenience and simplicity of operation.

Easy to control

Ducted air conditioning systems are controlled via a simple to operate push button keypad that is conveniently located in a high traffic area of your property. Simply press a button, and all of your zones are flushed with cool air or press again, and your entire system is turned off as needed. You can even set timers for your air conditioning unit to blast the property with cool air at certain times or to turn off after a set period.

Zones for flexibility

Zoning allows for isolation of the ducted air conditioning unit so you can enjoy the cool air in the rooms you are living in and don’t waste the air in rooms that are not being used. For example, if bedrooms are not being used during the daytime and you want to run the air conditioning, simply turn off these zones on the central control and only send air conditioning to the rooms you are using.

Seamless look

There is no doubt ducted air conditioning looks good and is a classy and seamless installation in a property. The ducts and air conditioning vents are all built into the internal workings of the property with only the ceiling ducts and control panel on display internally, making the entire system easy on the eye and without unsightly wall units and compressors.

Less noise

Ducted air conditioning is whisper quiet and allows for a comfortable night sleep without the sounds of a compressor close by. The master compressor system is situated in a position outside the property that is usually away from bedrooms making the system quiet and without the standard humming and noise that emits from traditional split system air conditioning units.

Value for money

For larger homes or properties with three bedrooms or more the costs for installing individual split system units just don’t compare to a ducted air conditioning unit. Installing ducted air conditioning not only adds value for re-selling a property but the installation and maintenance costs over multiple rooms makes it a cheaper system to install.

Why you should consider buying a ducted air conditioning system

As outlined above, there are plenty reasons why you should consider installing a ducted air conditioning system. If you’re looking for an affordable, complete system for cooling your entire home that is easy to use and allows you to create the perfect temperature within your property each and every time ducted air conditioning could be for you.

Speak with the team from Rite Price Heating and Cooling today to discuss which ducted air conditioning system suits your property needs and to arrange a competitive quote for your ducted air conditioning installation. If you would like more information about ducted air conditioning systems, please visit our ducted air conditioning page.

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