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Summer is a great season for all Australians. It’s the season we enjoy our outdoors, go fishing, swimming and pretty much every outdoor activities are best carried out during this awesome season. Although some people may disagree with me on my perspective of Australia summer. And i totally understand, not everyone can cope with over 40 degrees of pure heat with very little ozone layer to help reduce the rate of UV light penetration. So i do sympathize with those affected by the extreme heat. However, i stand with my opinion that Australia is a very blessed country with beautiful people and awesome season.

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One of the many reasons why most people will consider the summer season as the most unwanted or extreme seasons in Australia would be the fact that during the seasons many things go south!! What i mean by this is; if you run some certain air conditioning systems during this summer season, you have a high chance of being frustrated and left for adequate suffering. I was having a conversation with a lady the other day, and all of a sudden she brought up her great ordeal she’s enduring during the heat of the day. She went on telling me how sometimes she has to go seat right under her duct just to survive the night. Then i asked, just because by now my curiosity has gone over the roof. As an experienced person in the topic of air conditioning and how they behave having written quite a handful of articles on various systems. I enquire of her on the type of air conditioning she has installed. And immediately she quickly said and i quote “evaporative air conditioning” and then she added, old evaporative air conditioning. She said she’s been using it for the past thirty years and most of the air flow is probably going into the roof rather than coming into the house. Then i further enquire of her, have you gotten any evaporative air conditioning specialist to look into this for you? Seeing that this might be something they can quickly fix for you. She quickly interject and said; look, i really don’t think there is anything they could do to improve the situation of my air conditioning. The point is that its old and i need a replacement. She then said, a friend has recommended an air conditioning specialist for me by the name Rite Price Heating and Cooling.

At this point i said, i work with Rite Price Heating and Cooling. And maybe, i may be able to help you. Immediately she was delighted and said oh really!!! What a coincident. I gave her my recommendation as to what system would suit her best. The reason why i chose to tell this story is to show how we can change the situation or turn things around for ourselves when the extreme comes knocking. Getting prepared for Australia summer could save you lots of money and keep you in good help. If you would like to hear more about our evaporative cooling options, please click here.

Prepare for Australia Summer

The best way to enjoy our summer is by getting ready for it, you shouldn’t wait till the heat hit before booking your ducted air conditioning, reverse cycle or evaporative cooling for a check up or service. One of the any reasons why you should make it an habit to stay on top your air conditioner’s well being is; When the summer heat arrives, almost 50% of Adelaide home owners would queue up for an air conditioning service or a re-installment. At this point almost all air conditioning company get hammered by many quote requests and phone calls. So much that sometimes you need to be on the waiting list for half of the summer season. Planning ahead will save you a great deal stress and waiting on long queue to get your air conditioning serviced or even purchasing and installing a new one.

Choose the right air conditioning

Choosing the right air conditioning system has never been so important in the life of all Australians. Most especially during the summer season where you couldn’t run to the shopping mall just because it’s filled up with people. And you couldn’t leave your home in the middle of the night, well because it’s the middle of the night. It is therefore of the highest importance that you choose the best system that work during this extreme it, and that work effectively. There may be may reasons why you want an air conditioning in your home. Most people would go for air conditioners that is affordable to run, while some would go for efficiency and effectiveness. Whatever is the reason for your choice, make sure you think about the summer season before you make your decision.

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Two major types of air conditioners

There are basically two categories of air conditioning systems. The first group would be the reverse cycle air conditioning systems, while the second would be ducted and evaporative cooling. To learn more about reverse cycle air conditioning system, please click on this link. And simply click here for more on evaporative cooling.

Reverse cycle air conditioners includes split systems and ducted reverse cycle. Basically any air conditioner that is capable of producing heating when you need it and also produce cooling when you need it can be called reverse cycle air conditioner. On the other hand, any system that only operate or function in one of these two call be categorized as evaporative systems. Ducted heating comes under this type of systems too. They only produce heat all year round and i double you need heat all your round. Also, evaporative cooling systems can only produce cooling all year round. Basically that’s the reason why most home owners that opt for this type of air conditioner usually purchase two systems just so they can keep warm during winter and cool during the heat.

The beauty of a reverse system is that you don’t need to install two systems. Only install one and it can handle all the seasons. Reverse cycle may be a little expensive to run, however, it is worth the money in the long run. Most home owners that opt for evaporative cooling usually base their motive on the running cost.The bummer is the heat. When the extreme comes and it is humid then you get to live by your decision. Installing a ducted reverse cycle or simply a reverse cycle air conditioner will take care of you all year long.

For more information on any of the above systems, kindly call Rite Price Heating and Cooling for one on one consultation as to what will work best for your family and your budget. Our staffs are ever friendly and always ready to help.

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