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The southern part of Australia has a Mediterranean climate and Adelaide is no exception. As a matter of fact Adelaide get the best out of it. Adelaide residents experience a very dry heated wave during summer and mostly a mild climate throughout the year. The cooling air brought by an air conditioning (AC) unit is a welcome relief. However, the high costs of buying, installation, and maintenance prevent most residents from spending money on a new air conditioner.

We have written some comprehensive tips for our readers to follow when facing the ultimate decision of buy a new air conditioner system. By Using the following tips to aid you in buying your air conditioner, you will be cutting back on purchasing, installation, and maintenance costs. Aside from providing buying tips, this article includes tips on making your air conditioner last long, thus reducing the likelihood of high repair and maintenance costs.

Tips on buying and cutting back on purchasing a new air conditioner

New Air Conditioner

Making an informed decision in all aspects of life will save you a whole lots of drama. What factors should you use in selecting a new air conditioner? First, consider how much money you want to spend on an AC unit. You can choose from the different types of air conditioners that are available in the market.

A portable air conditioner is the cheapest. You can move a portable air conditioner from room to room. Some portable models also have a heating capability that you can use during winter. The second classification is a window type that is somewhat in the middle as regards price. The most expensive are the multi-split duct type system units that have a centralized system for controlling temperature.

Second, know how much you have to spend on installation. If you are planning to buy a portable air conditioner, you do not need to spend on installation costs since you simply plug it in and start using it. For a window or wall-mounted new air conditioner, prepare at least a few hundred dollars, approximately AUD500 up to AUD800 for a premium installation. On the other hand, you can expect to spend AUD500 for a simple, single split system while a multi-split premium system requires more than a thousand dollars, probably around AUD6000 or higher (depending on the number of rooms that need individual cooling units).

Third, consider the energy efficiency rating (EER). The higher the number of stars in the EER label, the higher the efficiency is. More stars mean a lower utility bill, provided you also do your part in reducing your overall electric consumption. However, an air conditioner with a higher EER is often more expensive.

Fourth, choose a cooling-only AC unit or a dual function AC (cooling and heating). In choosing between these two, consider the other people in the household. Remember, Adelaide has a Mediterranean climate, which means temperature during the winter is mild and bearable. If your household has no elderly people or people with a low tolerance of cold climates, it is best to choose a cooling-only unit to cut back on costs in purchasing a new air conditioner. You and your family might not need the heating capability of a dual function air conditioner.

Lastly, consider the brand. Some brands are more expensive but more efficient than others are. In buying a branded air conditioner, you are in effect buying the technology that the particular manufacturer has spent money on developing with the aim of having an energy-efficient air conditioning unit.

Professional installers at the most affordable price.

As mentioned above, if you opt for a wall-mount type or split system, expect to spend a few hundred up to thousands for installation of your new air conditioner. The rates mentioned earlier are on a job order basis, not an hourly rate. Now, before calling for a professional installer, create a list and compare. Some professional installers charge their clients at an hourly rate. Ask for a quotation and their basis for computation. Making a comparison ensures that you are getting a fair price.

You probably would have thought to do the installation yourself. Unless the air conditioner is a portable type and you are a professional technician, installing the unit yourself is not advisable. It is better to hire a professional to install your air conditioner since DIY installation carries the risk of the unit being improperly set up, which could lead to damage (to the unit and your house’s structure), reduced operating efficiency, or both.

Tips on making your new Air Conditioner last long

After the installation of your new air conditioner, the next thing to do is know how to make it last long. With your busy schedule, maintenance of your air conditioner might be the least of your priorities. However, if you want your AC unit to last, you have to do your part too.

  • Set up a regular schedule of cleaning the air filter or ducts.

The air filter is responsible for cleaning the cooled air that blows inside and out of your house. The filter is hidden behind the air-handling unit if your unit is a portable one, window type, or single split type. The air handling unit is the part that releases the cooled air into the room. For the portable or window type, you can find the filter if you remove the outer covering. If your AC system is a ducted split type, the filter may be found in the ducts.

While there is no sufficient evidence whether a clean filter improves air quality, scheduling a regular cleanup of your new air conditioner is better than simply waiting for it to break down.

Make sure that the surrounding environment of the outdoor system is free from any obstacles.

This tip is applicable if your air conditioner is a split type, though this may also apply to a window type unit. The outdoor system consists of the condenser coils that pump cooled air back to the indoor cooling system located inside your house. The outdoor system also includes exhaust fans that expel excess heated air. If the surroundings of the outdoor system have many obstacles such as shrubs, the coils and fans may collect dirt that will then accumulate inside the system. This may lead to dirty condenser coils, which may in turn damage your AC unit.

There is nothing wrong with spending on a new air conditioner, just as long as you choose the right one for your home. There are other factors that you should consider aside from the things mentioned above. For more details, do not hesitate to ask an AC technician for help in choosing the right unit for your home.

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