Why you shouldn’t consider second hand split system air conditioners

There are so many benefits of considering second hand items, second hand cars, clothes – that maybe back ‘on trend’ – or even second hand furniture to fill the spare space in your home. When it comes to your air conditioners in your home there is a hard and fast rule – don’t go second hand.

Split system air conditioner units are exceptional value adding devices to your home, investment property of office. They provide you cooling (or heating), as you need it, allowing you to go about your life, with less impact from Australia’s harsh conditions. So, there may be a tendency to get one from the classifieds or online that maybe second hand – there are extreme ‘buyer bewares’ when it comes to this, and in an effort to help your decision process when purchasing a second hand split system air conditioner, we will give you a list of key elements to consider.

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Do you know where the air conditioning unit has been?

Like most second hand items, you can only really take them at face value that they are fully functional, have not operational issues or provide a viable solution to purchasing a new unit.

When it comes to a second hand split system air conditioner, you are purchasing something that presumably would have been removed from the wall – so how can you test it? In addition to this, do you know what to look for in terms of potential issues from a refrigeration or electrical perspective – if not, we suggest you steer clear.

Do you still have a warranty and buyer protection?

With all new split system air conditioning units, you have a series of protections from the manufacturer. These include a warranty on performance, on items breaking or becoming faulty. This can make the difference between you having a functioning air conditioning unit, versus a hole in your wall over summer.

Purchasing second hand items becomes with a ‘buyer beware’ tag, there is no question that you are taking a risk when you take them over a fully functioning, installed, warrantied new unit.

You don’t save that much in the short term, but what about the long term?

Although you might save a few hundred dollars in getting a second hand split system air conditioning unit for your home, you need to think about the long-term costs. How long will the system last without breaking down, when you get a service, what parts will need to be replaced? At what cost?

There is almost no chance with a second hand split system air conditioning unit that you will receive a warranty – so any costs incurred, you will have to bare.

Potential installation issues

Installers, who are used to working with units that are new, may have additional costs when working with second hand items. Not only safety but there maybe parts such as hoses, connectors or other items on the second hand unit that require to be replaced for a successful installation.

These issues may take away the small cost saving benefits you received from installing the unit into your home.

Is the second hand unit fit for purpose?

Is the second hand reverse cycle air conditioner even suitable to cool/heat the space you are looking to install it into? By installing a unit that maybe old and lower on output than it was originally, may not be suitable for the room size that you are thinking about installing the unit it.

There is a chance that as you a purchasing a second hand unit, that you haven’t got the right advice on a system that will meet or even exceed the requirements of your family home. Therefore you may be left no better off than you were without the split system if it is the wrong one.

Is it safe for your family to use?

The most important element as I am sure we all agree is the safety of your family. When it comes to second hand reverse cycle air conditioning units, do you know what it was used for? What pathogens or bacteria were in the air from where it was situated? What is the reason they are replacing the system, were there issues that may affect your families safety?

Unless you are a licenced, qualified and professional air conditioning expert, you honestly wouldn’t know how any of the above for certain if you take the path of a second hand split system air conditioning unit.
There are too many questions that remain unanswered with purchasing an air conditioning unit second hand. When it comes to getting the right split system air conditioning unit for your home, Rite Price air conditioning can help you move from the mistake of purchasing a second hand problem to a new solution.

To find out more information about air conditioning systems for your property in Adelaide speak with the professional team from Rite Price Heating and Cooling today.

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