Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning

Why choose Mitsubishi Electric?

As a Leading company in the industry, Mitsubishi Electric has a proud history in the manufacturing and supply of leading edge electrical and electronic equipment for both domestic and commercial use. Our efforts to make indoor life more comfortable began in 1021, with the introduction of our first electric fan which became an instant hit. Some 10 years later we began to manufacture coolers, which were just as popular.

Our commitment to quality service, research and development has helped us gain a leading position in today’s marketplace in a wide variety of areas including heating, cooling and air conditioning. Mitsubishi Electric’s ‘today technology’ provides climates controlled comfort wherever you live, work and relax.

Whether it’s consistent heating an cooling for the home or office, Mitsubishi Electric offers you state-of-the-art technology that is quiet, simple to use, reliable and above all, energy efficient.

The MSZ-GE units provide excellent energy-savings and operation is impressively quiet. A Vast series line-up is ready to ensure comfortable room environments in response to your air conditioning needs. if you would like more information please visit this page.


Ultimate Comfort

Mitsubishi Electric clean and attractive air conditioners in a variety of designs to suit diversity needs; with stylish lines for the living room and quiet operation for the bedroom, our air conditioners provide advanced air control which is smart and sophisticated.

Economic Operation

Impressively low operating cost is a key advantage of inverter air cutting-edge electronics and mechanical technologies to achieve a synergistic effect that enables improvements in heating/cooling performance efficiency. Better performance and lower energy consumption are the result.

Quiet Operation

We recognise that noise affects comfort, so we constantly work to make our air conditioners as quiet as possible. With improvements to our fan blades combined with a new grille shape to our Outdoor unit it’s even quieter when in low noise mode. We want you to feel the warmth, not hear it.

Peace of Mind

Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioners used in residential applications are covered by a full 5 year parts and labour warranty. Delivering optimum performance year in year out.

– T&C Apply –

Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning for small room size

S M A L L     R O O M S

Small Rooms – Unit Dimensions: (w) 798 x(d) 232 x (h) 295 mm
Cooling Capacity: 2.5kw(min 1.1kw~max 3.5kw)
Cooling Efficiency-EER: 4.46/AEER:4.21
Heating Capacity:3.2kw(min1.3w~max4.1kw)
Heating Efficiency-COP: 4.38/ACOP 4.19

Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning for medium size rooms

M E D I U M     R O O M S

Unit Dimensions: (w) 798 x(d) 232 x(h) 295mm
Cooling Capacity: 4.2kw(min 0.9kw~max 4.8kw)
Cooling Efficiency-EER: 3.33/AEER:3.25
Heating Capacity: 5.4kw(min1.4w~max6.0kw)
Heating Efficiency-COP: 3.51/ACOP 3.43

Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning for large room size

L A R G E     R O O M S

Unit Dimensions: (w)1100 x(d)238 x(h) 325mm
Cooling Capacity: 6.0kw(min 1.5kw~max 7.5kw)
Cooling Efficiency -EER: 3.41/AEER:3.37
Heating Capacity: 6.80KW(min2.0w~max9.3kw)
Heating Efficency -COP: 3.84/ACOP 3.80

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