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During summer or winter, you and your family’s comfort should always be your priority. But if you’re like the majority of home or property owners who have other priorities in life and bills to pay, sometimes the cost of AC installation just isn’t possible in your weekly or monthly budget and the idea of air conditioning your home or office is just a pipedream.

There are other options for air conditioning installation, and it comes in the form of interest-free finance.

Available to individuals 18 years or over who earn $25,000 or more per year, interest-free air conditioner programs could make the difference for you to be boiling this coming summer or enjoying the benefits of cool, climate controlled comfort in your home.

We’ve outlined a few things you might be interested to hear about for interest-free air conditioner programs from Rite Price Heating and Cooling.

For those who are on a tight budget, like most of us, you can shop for the right cooling system without spending your whole month’s salary for a single unit. You can check out the brands and prices at Rite Price without worrying about the instalment. They will let you avail of interest-free air conditioner that you can pay for several months. Once Credit as their partner of choice for interest free purchases allowing you up to 1000 days interest free. Interest free terms are unique to each individual based on their income and the cost of their system.

With interest-free programs, you will gain access to 0% interest, fast approval and online support from the finance company providing the interest-free credit. The process is more affordable than using a standard credit card due to the interest-free element of the terms, making it a viable option for individuals looking to install air conditioner now and pay later.

Thousands all over Adelaide have already tried their services, why shouldn’t you?

Rite Price Heating & Cooling use Once Credit as their partner of choice for interest free purchases allowing you up to 1000 days interest free so you can purchase the air conditioner system you need now and pay over a set period of months. The Once interest free program is available at Rite Price and for more information about using an interest free air conditioner option, it’s best to speak with a team member to find out all the necessary information and fine print ahead of applying for credit using an interest free program.

Check out Rite Price today to find out more information about interest free air conditioner and whether there is a suitable air conditioning unit to meet your needs and budget.

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