What is cheaper to run, ducted heating or split system

What is cheaper to run, ducted heating or split system? If this is a pressing question on your mind then you have landed on the right source of answer to your question. Let us start by saying that Rite Price Heating and Cooling has been in the business of selling and installing heating and cooling for decades. A South Australian family owned and operated air conditioning business that has revolutionized the way South Australians see and use their air conditioning systems. With such long years of service, we come with expensive experiences in affordable packages, knowing fully well that looking after SA families is the most important and fulfilling part of our job. We’ve said all of the above so you know and understand that the information you get here comes from decades of hands on experience that we have earned working with SA home owners.

In this article, we will compare the cheaper option to run and other elements and factors to consider when making your final decision on which system to opt in for. Some of the key factors to consider when making this decision is to look at the features of the split systems air conditioning you are about to purchase for more information on split system air conditioning features click here. And look at the features on the ducted heating too click here for more information on ducted heating features. By comparing the features you will have a full understand on how things work on these two different systems and only then you will have a good outcome with your decision. Therefore, we will look at various types of key features on both sides of the isle.

Split system air conditioning: How it works

MITSUBISHIMost home owners heat or cool their homes with either split systems air conditioning systems or ducted heating systems, however, very few home owners have a full understand of how these intricate systems work to create a continuous flow of air conditioning. In this section of this article, we will briefly explore how your split system air conditioning works to heat up your home during winter and cool it up during summer.

The first thing you should understand is that split systems can do both heating and cooling concurrently. This system is great for small families living in a relatively small space. And as the name implies, this system is divided into two units: you have the outdoor unit and the indoor unit. The indoor unit is the evaporative heat exchanger that takes the air circulating in your home if its hot, it the reverse it into cool and blows it into your home. The outdoor unit on the order hand operate as a condensing heat exchanger.

Cheaper to purchase

Split systems air conditioners are relatively cheaper to purchase in comparing to ducted reverse cycle or heating systems. Also, installing a split system doesn’t cost too much in comparing to other systems. Getting this system installed can be easily done within a reasonable time frame. This simply means that you can purchase a system today and have it installed and ready to go within hours – ya, it’s that quick. A little bit of draw back with a split system is that; it is suitable for fairly small rooms. It is not advisable to purchase this system with the hope of heating or cooling your mansion. If you are wanting to cooling or heat up a fairly large area of space, you should get a bigger system as splits comes in small. At the end of the day only you can decide what you want based on what you need. Split systems are great systems, there is no doubt about this, however, they are not designed for larger purposes. To tell you how cheap this systems are, you can get a Mitsubishi split system from $870. The fact that split systems uses reverse cycle as explained above, it means that they are not the cheapest option to run even though they are cheap to purchase. Now, lets take a look at how ducted heaters works.

Ducted heating air conditioning systems: How it works

ducted air conditioningYou could easily tell what a system is made up and how it delivers its operations by simply looking at the name. As the name suggest here; “ducted heating air conditioning”. This system distribute their air flow through the help of ducted outlets. Ducted heating systems can either come as a heating system or heating and cooling. Ducted heaters that comes as heaters only would mostly be fitted as gas heaters. This simply means they run on gas rather than electricity. On the other hand, ducted heating systems the does both the cooling and heating are generally called ducted reverse cycle air conditioners. For more information on this system, kindly click here. Ducted reverse cycle systems work just like split system however, they distribute their air flow through duct works and they can be a little expensive to run.

Ducted gas heaters on the other hand runs on gas, and does only heating. This system is great to run as they don’t require electricity to run and they can be very efficient too depending on the star rating. To learn more about ducted gas system click here. With the ducted gas heaters in the super efficient range, you can save up to $612 per year in running cost. The brand we carry for this product is Braemar ducted gas heating. This is the brand we know and trust will get your running cost on the lower end of scale when it comes to comparing what is cheaper to running between ducted heating and split system.

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