Ducted Gas Heating Prices in Adelaide

Ducted gas heating systems are extremely efficient, cost effective and healthy options to heat your home through the cold winter months. Ducted gas heating works to circulate heated air around your home and out a series of ducts in your floor or ceilings, ensuring that all rooms are heated to your individual comfort level.


When people are considering options on heating their homes, there are a range of options including reverse cycle ducted systems, gas ducted systems as well as a range of multi-head reverse cycle units and portable heating options. The choices can be mind-boggling and if you want to make an informed decision, it can usually be based on the on-going running costs of a system. When it comes to the ducted prices, natural gas has long been touted as an option that is lower in terms of running costs, has less impact on the environment and has lower installation costs than its electric equivalent.

To see if ducted gas heating is for your, we will review the operating costs, installation costs and unit costs so you can review if a ducted gas system is the best fit to fulfil your families needs.

What is the price of running a ducted gas heating system?

There is a range of reasons that people will heat their homes with gas rather than electricity, however, the main rationale is often the cost. As an overview, the average costs for running the systems are outlined below (note these may vary and are just an indicator):

– Retail rate electricity costs 30c per kWh to run
– LPG running costs is 17 – 20c per kWh to run
– Natural gas costs 11-15c per kWh to run

If you are running your heating systems for on average 8 hours per day for three months (90 days) that could equate to $216 for electricity, from $112.4 for LPG and $79.2 for LPG – so that is quite a significant difference when you compare ducted gas heating prices.

How much does a ducted gas heating system cost?

Like any heating or cooling system, the costs of the unit will largely depend on the kilowatt (kW) of output, the range of features the system has and retailers may have a better deal or buying power than another store, so these are key things to keep an eye on.

In addition to this, when looking at the gas ducted heating prices make sure you always have a ‘complete picture’ of the costs, including all installation, transport and unit costs so there are no ‘hidden costs’ that may leave you out in the cold!

In terms of the system, your basic costs structures will start at the amounts listed below:

12w – 14kw: From $1250 to $1500
14kw – 18kw: From $1500 to $1750
20kw – 30kw: From $2000 to $2500

The features you choose for your system such as Wi-Fi connectivity, zoning and the number of ducts will alter the price of your system, so it is important to keep this in mind.

How much does a ducted gas heating system cost to install into your home?

Depending on the size of your home, the number of ducts, type of unit, access to the roof or floor cavities as well as the competency of the installer you will be looking at about $600 – $1500 for installation costs.

In terms of your installation, it really comes down to your specific home requirements and the cost of installation, which can be an hourly rate of between $60 and $120 per hour to install your unit.

In many cases, it is better to have a full-service quote for the installation of your new system, which will include an on-site quote, transport of the unit to your home, measure, fit and test by the same company. This ensures there are no ‘buck passing’ when it comes to any potential issues or faults with your system.

What about cooling?

There is one drawback of the ducted gas heating system when putting it up against a ducted reverse cycle system, which is there is no cooling element.

If you are installing a new system, there are a number of manufacturers that have a dual evaporative cooling and gas heating systems that can offer an extremely cost effective alternative; these systems can use the same pipe network, while most existing systems cannot be retrofitted with a heating/cooling option due to existing requirements.

All in all, if you have committed to a ducted gas heating system for your home you should be looking from around $2500 – $5000 all installed and ready to heat a standard four bedroom home.

On the other hand, a fully ducted reverse cycle air conditioning unit for the same size home will cost around $10,000 – $12,000+.

Ducted gas heating systems are a very effective and efficient way to heat your home, however, to get all the options available to your family and within your budget, it is always important to speak with your local Rite Price Heating & Cooling experts.

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