Does Evaporative Cooling Need a Window Open?

This is a great question to ask on your research into Evaporative Cooling for your household or business! Although summer is perfect for family beach days and soaking up some vitamin D, coming home to a muggy, hot house can really put a negative spin on your perfect summer.  Installing an Evaporative Cooling System in your house will fix your problems right away. An Evaporative Cooling system works wonders in ensuring your home is comfortable, all year round. It is a more environmentally-friendly, sustainable and a cheaper option of all cooling systems. Evaporative systems can save you up to $400 on electricity bills because they consume up to 90% less energy than a traditional air conditioner. Therefore, you get to enjoy the cool air in the comfort of your own home, stress free. Evaporative Cooling Systems are energy efficient and are the best option in keeping you and your home cool and comfortable this summer. 

In terms of ventilation, It is important to leave some windows in your home partially open when the system is on. This allows for the unwanted warm air to escape and be replaced with a cooling, fresh breeze throughout your home. The Evaporative Cooling System naturally humidifies the air, reducing dryness in the air, on your skin and provides a higher standard of the air you breathe preventing throat, eyes and nose irritation. 

Unlike traditional Air Conditioning Systems, that use the same recirculated air to turn it from warm to cool and blow dry air through your home, Evaporative Cooling Systems use the air from outside your home and cooling pads to add moisture and decrease the temperature in the home. This process uses a lot less energy than a traditional Air Conditioner and is significantly cheaper to install and run. 

Why Should I Open a Window? 

We open a window when the Evaporative Cooling System is on to ensure good ventilation of the area. Because the system uses the air from outside, cools it down and blows it around the house, the hot air already in the house has nowhere to go. Therefore, the Cooling System won’t be able to cool your house to its full potential without an escape for the warm air. We recommend leaving some of your windows slightly ajar in order to reduce warm, moist air getting trapped and causing condensation. Giving the unwanted warm air an exit, helps the airflow of your home and aids in the process of the Evaporative Cooling System. 

How do I Know Where in the Home to Open a Window?

Opening a window that is furthest away from where the Evaporative Cooling System is installed ensures you aren’t losing any of the cool, cleaner air the system is providing the household, while still providing an exit for the unwanted warm air to escape from your house correctly. Leaving the windows slightly ajar, provides good ventilation without letting any of the hot air from outside in. If you open the windows too much or have too many windows open at once, it can reduce the cooling effect and let the hot air in. Leaving the doors open around your home, helps the evaporation system work quicker in cooling and purifying the air in your whole house. This ensures the decrease in temperature for all the rooms in your house and a higher standard of the air in your home.  

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