The Advantages of Gas Ducted Heating Systems and How They Can Help Save Money

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One of the top priorities of any adult is saving. We all want to save as much as we can, we want to make sure we have enough to go on all the vacations we had planned and or spoil ourselves with those shopping shoes, clothes and other important things of life. Well, if that’s our top priorities in life, then we need to make good choices when with money. Knowing that bill like energy is the most unavoidable avenue through which we get drained of our savings; therefore saving on energy bills should be our top most priority.

If you’re currently in the market going through wide range of air conditioning systems, getting frustrated because you find it difficult to make a decision on what to buy for your home, well the good news is that there are few that are as cost-effective and energy-efficient as gas ducted heating systems. If you’re new to ducted heating and cooling, essential these systems involve a central source of heat generation, which is then conveyed throughout the home via ducting. This approach ensures that your entire home is heated efficiently and avoids the pitfalls of using a handful of space heaters to try to warm each room or area individually.

In this article, we will let out some secrets on some of the advantages that one gains when switching to a gas ducted heating system. Although there are more to ducted gas heating systems that we may not be able to cover in this blog, however if you are interested in learning more about the advantages of the exceptional heating system please give us a call at Rite Price Heating & Cooling at 1 300 HEATING. Our home heating experts are ready to assist.

Efficient in All Temperatures

Efficiency is the most important consideration in any heating solution, and one of the biggest benefits of gas ducted heating systems is their ability to maintain the exact same heating output regardless of the temperature outside of the home. While reverse cycle heaters will decline in efficiency-based temperature – the colder it is, the worse the function – gas heaters maintain the exact same ability to generate heat. This translates directly into increased savings for you as a homeowner, especially during a bitter winter chill when you will be using your heating system more often to stay warm.

Although you may be wondering why this is an issue, considers this: for each percentage of efficiency lost, you essentially gain an equivalent amount in costs required to maintain the same amount of heat. If you are operating a reverse cycle heater in a freezing environment, you may lose more than 20-30% of its total efficiency. This means that to heat your home that day, you’ll be spending more money just to maintain the same temperature. Ducted gas heating does away with this additional expenditure, and for those who are subject to colder climes this alone may make the investment worth it.

Heating the entire home is far more efficient.

There has been heated debate on where ducted gas heating systems that heat the entire home is more energy efficient than heating systems that allow you take control of the temperature of each zone in your home. One thing we know for sure is that while it’s certainly more comfortable to be able to walk from room to room in your home and enjoy a constant temperature, did you know that it’s also more energy efficient? Space heaters and electric baseboards work by radiating a small amount of heat into a single area, but physics requires that this heat continue to travel throughout any open areas where it will quickly dissipate. With a ducted solution, heated air is pumped into every room in the home, where it will circulate and maintain a constant temperature. Once the home is heated to the desired temperature, far less energy is expended creating ‘new heat’ in order to offset the inefficiency of heating small spaces.

Whole home heating using an efficient system isn’t just more comfortable – it’s better for the planet and the pocketbook. According to the Australian Gas Association, a household utilising electrical heating appliances to heat a home will produce up to 300% more carbon and greenhouse gas pollution than an equivalent home utilising a ducted gas heating system. On top on this, research has shown that a homeowner using ducted gas heating will save a minimum of $300 per year when compared to using inefficient electrical room or space heaters.

The rise of electricity cost.

Even though efficiency of the heating unit itself is important, the cost of the energy powering the unit is the main long-term contributor to its overall operating cost. Energy prices are quite volatile regardless of the type of fuel or source used; however, it’s important to note that in many parts of Australia, electricity is getting more expensive at a faster rate than natural gas. A whole host of factors play into the price you will pay for energy supplied to your home, so it’s worth some careful consideration to ensure you make the right choice.

Also, keep in mind that a number of electricity retailers in Australia are still generating energy via coal-fired power plants, a juicy target for politicians and others looking to ‘greenify’ the country. If these power plants are forcibly closed, electricity rates could skyrocket. Ducted gas heating solutions are powered by clean-burning natural gas, which produces two-thirds less carbon pollution than electrically-derived sources for the equivalent amount of heat.

What if you could earn Subsidies?

There is a whole to consider about gas ducted heating systems and another consideration in favour of gas ducted heating solutions is that you may be able to earn subsidies or tax credits towards their installation. Many governments throughout Australia have started to reward individuals and families who are making the switch from high-emission wood heaters by chipping in to help make gas ducted heating more affordable.

In South Australia, the Residential Energy Efficiency Scheme or ‘REES’ has proven to be incredibly popular. If you live in a qualifying household, you can request a REES Energy Audit through your energy retailer or provider to determine whether you qualify for any incentives, including those that would support installation of a gas ducted heating solution. The Rite Price Heating & Cooling team is happy to assist with more information about REES and how you can benefit, so if you’re in the Adelaide area please contact us on 1 300 HEATING to learn more.

If you’ve made it this far, it’s likely very clear to you that gas ducted heating is one of the most energy and cost-efficient ways to heat your home. Check with your friends, family and neighbors to see who has already made the switch to a gas ducted heating system, and be sure to ask them about why they went with gas and what the advantages have been. When you’re ready to discuss gas ducted heating and get a free price quote for a custom-designed system for your home, call Rite Price Heating & Cooling at 1 300 HEATING and we’ll get you all set up.

Consider Ducted Gas Heating Running Costs

Whether you are on the market for a new heating system or are just researching to sort out your options, you’ve likely given ducted gas heating running costs some consideration. Gas heaters are becoming incredibly popular in every part of Australia thanks to their high efficiency ratings; lower operating costs (when compared to electric or wood-fired heaters) and environmentally friendly approach.

Here at Rite Price Heating & Cooling we are proud to offer an array of ducted gas solutions. We will be shedding more light on this product in our coming articles on ducted gas systems. If you follow us on twitter or facebook you’ll be updated regularly on this and if you have any questions or you are looking get a price quote, please don’t hesitate to contact our heating professionals at 1 300 HEATING.

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