Actron Air Conditioners – Ducted Reverse Cycle Platinum Series

Actron Air is an Australian owned air conditioning brand that is changing the game for Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning. Since 1984, Actron Air has been designing and manufacturing air conditioners to meet the unique and demanding conditions of Australia. Over the years, Actron Air has invested heavily into R&D, and developed some of the most advanced and energy efficient air conditioners in the world.

As an air conditioning company in the highly competitive HVAC industry, Actron Air has differentiated itself based on innovation and quality. Focusing it’s R&D on energy saving solutions, Actron Air invented the Energy Smart Performance (ESP), delivering air conditioners with possibly the lowest running costs. It’s ESP Plus & ESP Ultima Platinum Series of ducted reverse cycle air conditioners combines smart zoning and advanced zoned climate controls to provide the maximum level of comfort for users. The Energy Smart Performance technology is unique to Actron and significantly reduced wastage.

Actron Air Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner – Features & Benefits

The Actron Air Platinum Series comes in various models and features many advanced benefits that keep every part of your home comfortable all year round. Below are some of its highlights. If you would like more information on Actron air conditioning systems please follow this link.

Energy Efficient

Tru-Inverter Variable Speed Compressor & Drive

Similar to the Inverter technology found in Mitsubishi, Toshiba and other air conditioning brands, Actron Air features it’s very own Tru-Inverter technology. Tru-Inverter allows the air conditioner to scale down or up it’s power mode, depending on the chosen climate setting – and to maintain the cooling or heating at the set level efficiently. When the room is too cold, it will scale down the power to decrease cooling intensity (thus saving power) , and when the room gets too warm, it will scale the power back up.

Actron Air’s inverter technology stands out in that it has a wide operating range than other inverters. It can ramp down to as low as 20% capacity to keep your home comfortable and operate continuously between 20% to 100% capacity. Other less advanced inverters can only scale down to 40-50%. For this reason, Actron Air Tru-Inverter technology is able to significantly reduce power consumption.

Sound Reduction System (SRS)

This innovative feature allows Actron Air Conditioners to operate at very low noise levels. It greatly reduces the sound emissions from the outdoor unit and as tru-inverter kicks in, this sound levels are further reduced. Indoor sound emissions are reduced with the use of EC indoor fan technology, which operate very quietly.

Rapid Cooling & Heating

Actron Air reverse cycle air conditioners ramps rapidly to the chosen climate settings from the moment it turns on. This is far beyond the performance of less advanced inverter systems which relies on a “step and rest” process, which takes a much longer time to achieve maximum capacity. The use of advanced heat exchangers via an optimised refrigeration circuit, enhanced rifle bore tube and hydrophilic coil coating protection, also helps the entire system operate optimally.

ActronControls Smart Logic Platform

Actron Air’s smart logic circuit board is central to it’s advanced performance. Fully integrated electronics and controls ensures that the entire system works together seamlessly and at optimal levels. A Smart defrost function is also programmed in to handle low temperature conditions.

Superior Operating Range

Actron Air Conditioners are designed to withstand the rather extreme climate conditions of Australia. Each system is engineered to operate optimally within a wide operating range of -15°c to 50°c. And they are tested to exceed Australian standards T3 AS/NZS3823 for 52° conditions.

Vertical Air Discharge

A vertical hot air discharge system (as seen in the top air vents) effectively discharges hot air upwards to improve air circulation around the indoor unit. This ensures that the hot air is quickly dissipated as it rises, and results in improved performance especially on hot days.

8-Zone Advanced Controller

The 8-zone controller that comes with Actron Air conditioner models is an advanced controller that features 8-zone integrated controls. It comes with a myriad of highly customizable climate controls, allow the user to easily configure every aspect of their home climate for each individual zone.

From timer settings to temperature controls to fan speeds, Actron Air conditioners allow a high level of climate control for any home.

Actron Air – Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

Looking for a Ducted Reverse Cycle air conditioner? The Actron Air Platinum Series can deliver optimal cooling at low running costs for your home. Send in a quote request form today and our expert installers will call you back with more professional advice on Actron Air Conditioners.

Actron Air Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners – Right For Your Home?

When it comes to ducted reverse cycle air conditioning, there are many air conditioning brands and models available in the market. The objectives and demands of each home owner varies greatly and your choice of air conditioning will depend largely on what you want for your home. Do your own research online and compare the unique benefits of each brand. If you would like more information on this, please visit our ducted air conditioning page.

Actron Air offers some of the most energy efficient air conditioners. It is an Australian brand that features excellent cooling and heating performance, and is built to operate efficiently in Australia’s extreme climates. It is a very popular brand amonst Adelaide and Victoria home owners.

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