5 ways to beat the heat and save on your summer air conditioning

5 ways to beat the heat and save on your summer air conditioning.

If you love keeping cool over summer, but you don’t want the huge electricity bills for your air conditioner, we’ve put together some great tips for beating the heat without adding a whole lot to your electricity bill. By following a couple of tips, you can keep cool this summer and avoid the hot and sticky heat that summer can bring. Outlined in this article are some great tips to reduce your air conditioning bill this summer.

Australian summer can cause havoc for our homes and air conditioning bills – unless you follow these 5 great tips! During the summer season in Australia, many of us will run our air conditioners night and day to try and keep cool and avoid the sweaty nights of 30+ in some areas. With the increase in air conditioning during summer, we often see a huge hike in our air conditioning and electricity prices, but it doesn’t need to be that way. By being aware of your energy consumption and carrying out a couple of simple tips, you can keep cool and not face a nasty surprise when your quarterly bills arrive.

1. Turn off your air conditioning while you are fast asleep

Once you fall asleep your body doesn’t need to be kept super cool, and you will naturally want to change the temperature you are resting at to get a deep sleep. You can either set your air conditioner to automatically turn off once you sleep or you can manually turn it off and let the house slowly get to an evening temperature.

Opening the windows or turning on a ceiling fan will usually be adequate for the evening hours for sleep and if you find you need some extra cooling, you can always set it to a higher temperature so that it is in energy-saving mode for some of those super hot summer nights when you just can’t live with our air conditioning.

2. Set an energy-efficient temperature on your air conditioning unit

The beauty of your air conditioning unit is that you can set your temperature to the perfect level to keep your home or property at the optimum temperature. Ideally, the best and most efficient temperature is anywhere between 22 degrees and 24 degrees – by sticking to these levels, you can save around 10% on your energy costs – helping you each quarter when your energy bills arrive in the mail.

3. Turn off appliances when you’re not using them

A quick and way to lower the cost of your energy bills and your air conditioning are to turn it off when you are not home and switch appliances off at the wall. By ensuring you don’t run your air conditioning when you are not home, you will keep your energy cost low and safe on your quarterly bills.

Another great option these days for your air conditioning is to set timers or use a smartphone app to turn on and off your air conditioning when you are away from your home or are about to head home to make sure your property is at the perfect temperature when you are there but not wasting energy when you are away.

4. Plant trees and shrubs near your windows and add shade around your home to lower your air conditioning needs

This idea is a great way to lower your air conditioning and cooling needs naturally. By planting trees near your windows and filtering the harsh rays of the run, you can reduce the need for air conditioning and cooling costs. As well as this, adding shade sails and shady plants near your windows will ensure your home is not blasted by the summer rays.

5. Conduct regular maintenance and upkeep on your air conditioning, so it is functioning on all cylinders

A regularly service and maintenance on your air conditioning system will make sure it is properly heating and cooling – and in the summer months you will want to make sure your air conditioning is in tip-top condition so you can get the best cooling for your needs. Dirt and debris in the air conditioning unit will cause issues and could make the system work harder, which will sometimes increase energy costs as well. By following these quick and easy tips, you can beat the heat and enjoy your summer without having to do without the cooling you need to live a comfortable and chilled lifestyle. Find out more by getting in touch with your local air conditioning supplier and arrange a quote to ensure you keep cool this summer and beat the heat. Some of our recommended cooling system for summer are Braemar evaporative cooling, ducted air conditioning and split systems air conditioning

Your home and property deserves to be cool this summer, beat the heat and avoid the high energy bills using the simple tips above.

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