The season to evap your electric rate with evaporative cooling

Evaporative cooling is arguably one of the most effective and efficient way of cooling your home during those hot and dry summer days. Not only that this cooling technique allows you to cool your home, but it also allow you to leave your windows and doors open while doing so. Evaporative cooling make use of mother nature to cool home, this type of cooling process is widely accepted as the safest and natural way of cooling homes today. In the age of high end technology and processed food, cooling your home naturally would help your body enjoy the natural flow of oxygen in your home, keep your family healthy and keep your utility bills at the lowest rate. visit our evaporative cooling page to take a closer look at our product range.

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What makes evaporative cooling work so well during the summer heat

Wet Bulb 

The wet bulb temperature is the lowest temperature that your evaporative cooling system can reach by the use of water only. The art of evaporative cooling can be considered by examining the dry-bulb and wet bulb mechanism. When experimenting with the evaporation of water into air, the best way measure the potential of an evaporative cooling system is by considering the wet-bulb temperature in comparison to the dry-bulb. The dry bulb when compared with the wet-bulb can be used to calculate the relative humidity.

The humidity of a particular region can be determined by the amount of water that resides in the air. The is directly proportional to eh amount of water the air is capable of holding. At a certain point where the air can no longer hold any more water, this state is called the saturated  stage. Taking saturation further is evaporation. Evaporation is the stage where water is changed from liquid to vapor through the process of heating. The energy produced from heating that facilitate the evaporative process is obtained by a procedure called adiabatic which takes place from the air itself. Air entering an evaporative air cooler gives up heat energy to evaporate water. During this process, the dry bulb temperature of the air passing through the cooler is lowered. The science behind evaporative cooling makes it natural and healthier as an air conditioner option for family.

If you are taking a closer look at your energy costs and you are trying to think about ways to reduce this expense, a closer look at your home’s cooling system may be in order. In many homes, the cooling system is responsible for a large portion of energy consumption in the home. Because of this, you may be able to see a great reduction in your energy expenses when you focus your efforts on your evaporative cooling system. In fact, there are a number of steps that you can take to reduce your home’s evaporative cooling cost.

Replace an Older Unit

If your current evaporative cooling system is older in age, there is a good chance you can save a significant amount of money by replacing it with a more energy efficient model. When you contact Rite Price Heating & Cooling, you can learn more about the energy efficient models available as well as the cost savings they can provide to you. This information can help you to determine if it is cost-effective to replace your outdated unit with an improved model.

Maintain Your Unit With Regular Service

Regardless of how old or new your cooling system is, your system will operate with improved efficiency if it receives regular maintenance. Through regular maintenance, the components can be cleaned and replaced as needed. Essentially, the system can be restored to like-new condition. Most systems will benefit from annual maintenance, and the team at Rite Price Heating Cooling can help.Setting up your system for a regular check up is the affordable and effective way of keeping your air conditioning healthy through out it operational life. For most home owners, they believe setting up a regular service and air conditioning health check is a waste of money, the truth however is, you get to save a lot more if you detect an anomaly earlier. If you leave things till they blow up before doing anything about it then you get to spend much more than you would if you had schedule a regular maintenance or regular service or check up.

Make Repairs As Soon As Possible

When an evaporative cooling system is not functioning properly, added strain may be put on some of the components. More than that, the system may have to work harder in order to keep the home cool. Essentially, many type of repair issues can result in inflated energy costs. Therefore, you can make repairs as soon as possible to keep costs low.

Control the Temperature Setting

Another great way to reduce your evaporative air conditioning system costs is to control the temperature setting. Each degree cooler that you have the setting at means that the system has to run for a longer period of time to maintain that cooler temperature. For cost savings, consider adjusting the setting up by a degree or two.

Seal Windows and Doors

The seals on windows and doors can begin to deteriorate over time. When this happens, cooled air from inside the home can escape, and warm air from outdoors can enter the home. This makes the cooling system have to work harder to achieve the desired result. Sealing windows and doors is an affordable, simple way to help your system function more efficiently.

The team at Rite Price Heating & Cooling can help you with many of these tasks to reduce your cooling costs. If you would like to request a free quote for any of these services, you can contact Rite Price Heating & Cooling for an appointment at 1 300 COOLING. Rite Price has been in the business for decades, servicing Adelaide family and keeping them cool during the hot summer seasons. There is not a better air conditioning professional like those at Rite Price. All staffs are very well trained to provide the best customer service anywhere in Adelaide. With long years in the business comes with a wealth of experience and great offers.

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