All you need to know about 7kw air conditioner and 2.5kw split system air conditioner?

Split system air conditioners are the perfect option for energy efficient heating and cooling for your home. The air conditioning units are perfect for all properties ranging from small units to larger properties. Wall mounted and surprisingly compact; split systems work to blend in with your décor and work with your commercial or residential space to create a climate-controlled environment.

If you’ve gone through the process of ticking off all the other cooling options and you have arrived at a split system wall mounted air conditioner, next step is to decide what output you’re looking for in a system. Cool in summer and warm in winter, a split system is a perfect way to ensure you can relax in a perfect temperature free from humidity.

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If you’re looking for a system that offers the best heating and cooling for your home or office, you will want to explore a system that suits the size of your property. In this article, we explore the features and benefits of a 2.5kW and a 7kW split system air conditioning unit, so you can make an informed choice about the air conditioning unit to suit your needs.

What is a split system air conditioner

One of the most popular types of air conditioning systems split system air conditioners work to heat or cool a room to suit your exact temperature requirements. Perfect for rooms which are sectioned off and need climate control, split systems allow users to save on energy costs by only heating or cooling rooms that are in use and not using energy unnecessarily throughout the day or night. Split systems are fitted to the high section of an interior wall and can also be mounted on a flat roof or wall bracket. The exterior compressor is located outside the property, minimising noise and disruption in homes or commercial properties.

The system works via two split functions, meaning there is an external system being the condensing unit that produced hot or cold gas that is fed through piping to an internal unit, which is mounted on a wall. Split systems work to remove heat from the existing air and work to leave the air cooler and more comfortable. Cooling via the split system is conducted using refrigerant, the compressor and an evaporator, which works to act like a sponge and compress the air to expel the heat. The reverse system works to transfer either hot or cold air based on what climate you are looking to replicate. The result is a balanced temperature year round.

Types of split systems

split systems specialsThere is a range of split systems available on the market in Australia including multi-split systems and also inverter cassette air conditioners. Multi-split systems are essentially one outdoor unit that runs multiple indoor units. This is a great solution for when there is limited space outside for more than one unit and if property owners are looking for a more streamlined effect for their air conditioning systems.

Multi-split systems can work to heat or cool up to eight different rooms around the home or office.

The inverter cassette air conditioner works in a similar way to the wall mounted split systems however they draw air in and out of the roof level instead. This means they are a more streamlined system and come out of the roof rather than the wall mirroring more of a ducted air conditioning system.

2.5kW or 7kW split system air conditioner – which ones is best?

If you are looking to invest in a split system air conditioner, you should consider the following factors before deciding upon whether you invest in a 2.5kW system or a 7kW system.

– Geographic location and associated climate
– Size of the room needing to be air conditioned
– Whether you have wall or ceiling insulation
– The size of the window and the direction they face
– Energy efficiency rating

It’s important to find a split system that offers the latest technology to ensure the best energy efficiency, high-quality air conditioning and perfect temperature control for your property.

The split system should be large enough to be able to cool your air efficiently, keep in mind if you choose a system that is too small the split system will have to work too hard to manage heating or cooling.

7kW system information

The perfect size for a standard household, a 7kW split system air conditioning unit is a popular choice for office and residential cooling and heating. The system can cool multiple rooms within a set space.

Made to suit Australian conditions, the 7kW split system air conditioner is designed to offer low average price per watt compared to other sized systems available on the market and also offer increased heating and cooling power throughout a property.

2.5kW system information

Perfect for a bedroom, the 2.5kW split system air conditioner is ideal for one room within a home. Smaller in output and designed for intimate spaces such as consulting rooms, bedrooms, one-room offices, the 2.5kW system is perfect as a small one-room system that works to heat and cool small areas. The system allows for a low sound output as well as heating and cooling as required. The split system will have all the features of the larger 7kW system, however, be suitable for one single room.

Size matters when it comes to split system air conditioners

Size does matter when it comes to split system air conditioners, and if you are looking to select the perfect sized unit, it is important to choose a unit that suits the needs of your property. Not only should you ensure you properly measure the size of the room in the space including the ceiling height but you should also be aware of the insulation in the walls and the glazing in each room. As well as this, shade into the rooms and the orientation of the property all play a part in ensuring you have the right system to meet the needs of your property.

You should also consider before deciding on the size of your split system air conditioner where you live, as in some parts of Australia if winter temperatures get below 5 degrees the system cannot cope, and the space will not be able to heat adequately. Manufacturers will be able to outline the features of each system and provide an insight into whether your system will work in certain conditions or not.

You will need to determine your kW requirements for your output of the air conditioning unit, which is the amount of power required to produce the listed cooling and heating output – this information is provided on the energy rating label on the air conditioner and also is available from manufacturers websites and marketing material.

What does the star system mean?

Star ratings for your air conditioner are developed to create a simple way of comparing the energy efficiency of a range of different electrical appliances. The 1 to 6-star rating system works to offer a simple and fair way of monitoring the energy efficiency and compare the other models available in the Australian market.

For split system air conditioners, the heating or cooling capacity is key to calculating the output of energy and performance, an important factor in determining the best system for your needs. The star system has a minimum 1-star rating and peaks at six stars, and it also increases in half star increments. To find the best split system for your needs, it is important to take into consideration the energy efficient star system in your decision-making process.

If you’re in process of buying a split system air conditioner, take the time to research and compare each system to ensure you’re getting the system that meets your exact needs. For a smaller system that heats or cools one room a 2.5kW system is suitable, however, if you are trying to heat or cool a larger space, the 7kW system may be a more suitable option for your needs. For more information on exploring split system air conditioning options for your property, speak with your local air conditioning expert to get a quote and a more detailed overview of the split system air conditioner prices for your property.

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