How much to install split system air conditioners

Your summer nights could be made so much more bearable with cool conditioned air being circulated around your home from your new split system air conditioners. If you have done the hard yards and done your research; purchased the best split system air conditioners to suit you needs, and you have got it home – now you need to get it installed.

There are many factors that may influence your decision on the best air conditioning installer for your new split system, some within your control and some outside your control. To provide you with a guide on choosing your installer, and how much it will cost to install your new split system air conditioners into your home in this article we run through some of the considerations as well as prices of getting the cool air circulating in your home in no time.split system air conditioners

Do I even need to pay an installer? Can’t I just do it myself?

There is only one scenario in which you are able to install your own split system air conditioning unit – if you are a licenced and qualified to do so. As air conditioning units use cooling agents and electrical power, installing them into your home is not for the novice, nor is it legal to do so!

Not to mention that you will be making wholesale changes to your home including drilling holes through external walls, smashing plasterboard and affixing a heavy split system air conditioning unit above your head. This is not something you want to take a chance on.

Your installer will need to hold a full Refrigeration & Air Conditioning licence or a restricted licence (for installing split system air conditioning units only) through the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) . You may also need other trades such as plumbers and electricians if their services are required to get the air conditioning unit up and running in the location of your choice.

So, when getting your new split system air conditioning unit installed, your have no option but to get a professional to do so. That being said, let’s take a look at what factors may affect the price of your installation costs.

What size split system should I buy and how many units should I have?

Depending on your choice of air conditioning unit, the size of your unit and the number of units you have the costs of installing your split system will vary.

So what size system should I have?

There is no hard or fast rule in regards to what you ‘must have’ in your home and depending on your budget and requirements there is something to suit every need.

For a 20sq room you should get not much smaller than a 2.8kw system, 30sq a 4.2kw system. These rooms are the size of most bedrooms or smaller sitting rooms in today homes. Getting into the larger spaces such as lounge rooms or kitchen/dining areas (40sqm to 50sq) will require a system between 5.6kw to 7kw. Finally your large open plan spaces or offices would need an 8.4kw system to keep you cool through the summer months

How much should you expect to pay for split system air conditioners?

2.8kW systems start from around $900 per unit, and 8.4kW systems can be anywhere around $2500. Whereas multi head systems can start from around $3500. At the end of the day, your needs and budget really dictate what your installation costs will be in the end.

How many split systems should I get?

How long is a piece of string? Depending on the number of rooms that you are looking to cool and the space will determine the number of split systems you may need.

For example, you may live in an apartment, with only limited space for the outdoor unit of the split system air conditioning unit; therefore you may need to look at one unit or a mutli-head system.

Alternatively, you may have a home that can facilitate installing many smaller units for each room. The rule of thumb generally is, what areas do you want to cool, how much is your budget and go to your air conditioning specialist from there.

Does the brand make a difference?

The simple answer is yes. If you are getting installers of your split system air conditioning unit that are ‘specialists’ with certain brands, this in terms of time, materials and requirements can save you money.

The difference between the units available can be significant in terms of space required – both indoor and out – pipes, electricity outputs and other requirements will vary. Some units will come with more and some obviously will come with less. Your qualified installation specialist will be able to assist you with this, especially if they are trained and ‘preferred installers’ of the brands you have selected to cool your home.

How does all this affect the cost of installation?

The general cost of installation varies on several key factors we discussed earlier. Air conditioning installation experts typically charge by the hour, so the more complex the job, the more expensive the job will typically be.

Should you be installing multiple head units or multiple units in your home, then again this will affect the hours required to do the job.
Finally, if you are a stand-alone home with plenty of access to all around the house, or an apartment up 30 floors in a high rise, there will be different levels of access, safety and costs associated with the requirements of each job.

So what are these costs?

Typically you can expert to pay anywhere around $60 – $120 per hour excluding GST for the domestic installation costs, while commercial can be a bit more depending on the requirements.

These systems in a standard home, one room with no complications should be able to be installed within five or six hours, while the more complicated systems make take a number of days. Therefore depending on your particular situation, you should budget between $450 – $1000.

How can I save a little money on my split system air conditioner installation?

The key is to always ensure you are getting a number of quotes from different installers. When you have quotes, review them and ensure that everything is included and there are no potentially hidden extras that you maybe stung with.

Once you have a range of quotes, it is then time to get a little competitive with the trades people. Remembering, that any money you save is going back into your pocket. So contact each of the quotes received and explain you have a competitive quote and give them the price, see if they will beat the quote. Do this a few times until you have saved yourself some money then get your split system air conditioning installed.

How can I find out the total cost of my split system air conditioner install before I commit?

In many cases, it is better to speak to air conditioning companies that not only can work with you to find the best unit for your needs, but also arrange installation by their own – or contracted technicians.

If you get your services from one place, typically you can negotiate a discount or better deal on the ‘complete package’ rather than purchasing your unit from a retailer, then engaging a tradesman to install the unit after the fact. Understanding the full costs upfront is important and companies such as Rite Price heating and cooling are able to provide turnkey heating and cooling solutions for your home.

Committing to your split system air conditioning unit is going to provide you with cooling (and heating for reverse cycle systems) all year round. Your family will enjoy the comfort it brings, as will you. The key is to get it right the first time, so to ensure you know what you are paying for and the work will be done correctly the first time.

Getting a licenced and registered expert to install your split system air conditioning unit is the only way, but to get the best price and best service, look for someone who can provide everything you need under one roof. Check out Rite Price Heating and Cooling today to find out more about air conditioning installation services for both homes and offices across Adelaide.

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