Mitsubishi split system air conditioning, designed for happy home

There is nothing more refreshing than a company that does things well. We all have been through ordeals as a consumer where you or your friends might have purchased the ‘generic alternative’ to the quality brands…and what happens? Mostly, you are left picking up the pieces of a disaster that could have been averted if you were spent a little extra and got the brand you wanted in the first place!

There is no doubting the quality, the pedigree and the game-changing ability of Mitsubishi. From winning the Dakar Rally more times than they would be prepared to say, to producing home, commercial and industrial electronic solutions that are powering some of the most important innovations of our time.

So when it comes to split system air conditioning, there is one brand before all that you should review before making your final decision – and that is Mitsubishi Electric.

Why a split system air conditioner?

Arguably the most versatile system, the split system air conditioner allows the occupants of a room or house to control the temperature to the ‘perfect degree’ required for your comfort.

The split system air conditioning unit as the name suggests is a two piece design, with an internal ‘head unit’ that can provide air conditioning (and heating in the case of reverse cycle systems) that will allow for you to keep the room at your ideal temperature all year round.

Where the ducted systems are expensive to install and run, the portable systems are extremely noisy, and the wall mounted units…well, they never seem to work as you want them! A split system air conditioning unit is arguably the world’s favourite air conditioning.

A split system air conditioner offers a range of features including simple installation – saving you time and money in the end – as well as the ease of use, energy efficiency and of course the effectiveness of running they leave little to the imagination when it comes to getting the job done. If you would like to know more please visit our split systems page.

What is so good about Mitsubishi?

Where many of the manufacturers put all their effort into one or a few models to meet the needs of the market – as with their cars – Mitsubishi listens to all the needs of the market.

From the luxury Signature Series through to the workhorse Gl series, you know you are covered in terms of your heating and cooling needs thanks to Mitsubishi.

Why pay extra?

Where many of the manufacturers charging extra for the most basic of features, Mitsubishi split system air conditioners value add to their systems in a way that only the market leader can!

From the visually appealing Signature MSZ-EF series that look more like a work of art on your wall than a split system air conditioner, to the multiple models that have senders that seek out hot or cold spots in the room and divert airflow to those areas to correct the temperature – the style, design and functionality are second to none when it comes to the Mitsubishi reverse cycle range.

Let’s talk premium…

There is no question if we could, we would. The Signature MSZ-EF series is one of the best split system air conditioners on the market. With its beautiful streamlined design, which looks more like you designed it to be there than simply wanted a reverse cycle, split system air conditioning unit on your wall.

From its “silent mode”, which operates as low as 21dB, this system truly offers a unique and beautiful split system air conditioning unit the market has seen.

With built in times and nano platinum filters ensuring that your efficiency and cleanliness is maintained…you are in safe hands with the signature series from Mitsubishi.

The MSZ-FB – Brings efficiency, style and cleanliness

With its ‘I-see’ sensor that redirects air, from where it’s going to where it needs to be to ensure the perfect climate control this series offers the plasma duo filter system that improves air quality and removes chemical substances…ensuring you and your family are safe.

With it energy efficiency improved by at least 13% in cooling & heating, this is one of the most efficient products on the market which can be set to heat a whole room or just a side of it…ensuring you only spend what you need.

MSZ-FH – Sensors, power and natural airflow

The FH system has one of the most unique offerings on the market for small to mid-sized rooms and homes. With the natural flow functionality, which delivers airflow in a cooling mode that is based on ‘natural wind’ this is arguably the most pleasant air conditioning system available on the market.

Where many systems feel like you are sitting in a wind tunnel, the FH series ensures your comfort is as natural as possible with a range of filters, sensors and 5.5-6.0 energy efficiency ratings – your home could do a lot worse than a FH series in your home.

MSZ- GE – Elegant style design, blends in with greater range with interior design

Mitsubishi with their GH series wanted to bring a group of air conditioning units that were not only functional but could be hidden behind most interiors. With the GH series, Mitsubishi achieved and elegant, stylish delight that effectively blends within most interior designers – making it virtually “part of the landscape.

With is versatile range from 2.5kw through to 8kw, these small to large sized units can provide reversed cycle air – both heating and cooling – to rooms as small as a bedroom, through to a corporate office or retail outlet – depending on your needs. There is no question that the GE series is the most versatile unit, while simply ‘blending in’ to your surroundings.

MSZ – GL – Ultra quiet, ultra-powerful!

The workhorse of the range the GL series from Mitsubishi has an ultra-quiet mode, operating at a low 19Db – quiet enough for anyone to sleep! While at the same time offering the versatility from a 2.5km to 7.8kw system.

With wide & long airflow, this model doesn’t muck around when looking to heat or cool your room – it simply gets the job done. Integrating the innovative ‘Wi-Fi controller’ as well as a 5-year warranty, this system will get the job done…and more.

So what’s next?

You have decided that split system is the best for your home, room or office, so now it is time to ensure you have simply the best unit for your needs. The team at Mitsubishi Electric have been ensuring the air of homes just like yours since 1967! From the giant screens around the MCG to the satellites that carry our mobile phones signals, you too can enjoy that technology to heat or cool your home all year around.

Speaking to your licenced, Diamond Mitsubishi dealer is the next step to success, through these industry experts you can ensure that that right system for your home, your needs and your budget are selected to deliver exactly what you are looking for.

Key lookouts for your Mitsubishi split system air conditioning unit!

When installing your Mitsubishi split system, you need to ensure that you representative is looking after you, not themselves. There are many companies that offer sales incentives, bonuses or competitions between sales people from the ‘bricks and mortar’ electronic retailers.

The key question to ask is “do they know the best solutions for your split system requirements for your home”? “Have they been to your home or reviewed your plans to ensure that their recommendations are solid”?

If you answer “no” to any of these questions you need to promptly walk out the door. Your home, your needs and your families requirements are different to almost anyone who walks through the door – so how can you ensure you are getting looked after?

Speaking to experts that review you new build plans, or simply take a drive to review you rooms that you are looking to heat/cool will ensure you are getting the best Mitsubishi Split System air conditioning units for your needs – tailor fit!

There is nothing better that coming home, switching on the air conditioning – in many cases through your remote Wi-Fi settings – to know that you are running a customised, personalised and effective system that is running the best possible efficiency for your power bills – for this, you need an expert.

Rite Price Heating & Cooling have not only been the leaders in the South Australian air conditioning market but install more split systems in the great state than most other air conditioning companies. In addition to this pedigree, Rite Price Heating & Cooling are none other than a Diamond Mitsubishi air conditioning dealer. This will ensure that you get the right unit, for the right price delivered and installed.

To ensure your families all year round comfort, security and your power bills kept as low as possible, speak to the Rite Price Heating and Cooling team today to get the job done. Check out our website for more information on the Mitsubishi range or call and arrange an obligation free quote at your home with one of our local experts.

Rite Price Heating & Cooling is locally owned and run and offers a quality service that makes us one of the leading air conditioning companies in South Australia.

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