Why Mitsubishi split system air conditioner is a superior air conditioner

With so many brands to chose from when it comes to the choice of air conditioning like well-known brand names such as Fujitsu, Samsung, Mitsubishi and Daiken. How can one clearly stand out from the rest in terms of quality, performance, economy and overall price? Choosing an air conditioner, particularly a split system air conditioning unit is a challenge without the right amount of knowledge, and it can be a minefield of information that is often difficult to navigate.

Mitsubishi Split Air Conditioning Adelaide

Australia is a land of harsh and extreme environments, with scorching hot sustained summers and winters in many areas of the country that can get below zero. In order to keep your family comfortable all year round, you need a spilt system air conditioning solution that is built for our unique conditions and is back by warranty and service that understands you as a customer. Mitsubishi is well known on the market to be the split system of choice for homes and commercial properties. Iconic and a household name for decades, the manufacturer is a common choice for property owners looking for an affordable, reliable and functional split system air conditioning unit that stands the test of time.

If you’re in the process of doing all your research and you want some more reasons why Mitsubishi’s air conditioning units are superior to other air conditioners, then read on. Outlined below are just a few reasons why Mitsubishi are the superior air conditioner provider in split system units.

Reasons why Mitsubishi split system units are superior

Mitsubishi Ducted Reverse Cycle air conditioningSince 1967 Mitsubishi Electric have been providing high-quality solutions to many Australian industries providing many of the services we love but take for granted. High-quality air conditioning is only one of their great customer products, keeping Australians cool for decades. From the traction systems that keep the trains around the country on the tracks, the giant screens at the MCG capturing every moment of the action, hand dyers in the bathrooms to the satellites that keep your mobile phones online Mitsubishi Electric has been touching our lives more than many of us are fully aware.

Mitsubishi group is above all, synonymous for quality, durability and longevity and a popular choice for both air conditioning and a wide range of other electronic devices nationwide. Having such a household name and the technology to boot allows Mitsubishi a superior position in the marketplace that is well deserved. After winning countless awards and being a leader in electronics for such a long time, it’s no wonder the company is often the first choice for electronics for customers the world over.

Innovation is standard, not an extra

Everything we buy these days has standard inclusions and then optional extras that can be included – for a fee. Mitsubishi pride itself on providing many of the ‘extras’ that competitors charge for as standard on many of their split system air conditioning units.

Utilising the latest innovative technologies to build their products from the ground up, Mitsubishi air conditioning units strive to provide the highest quality, quietest most energy efficient products to the market. From small split systems, innovative multi-split systems and fully ducted air conditioning units to large-scale commercial air conditioning systems, Mitsubishi has the range to suit every business or residential property.

With the wide & long airflow distribution technology Mitsubishi air conditioning utilises specified ‘horizontal vanes’ to ensure comfort levels and the maximum airflow is achieved to facilitate servicing the largest of living spaces.

Control your Mitsubishi air conditioning unit from anywhere!

Have you ever been coming home from work, picking the kids up from school or from day at the beach and thought “how nice would it be to come home into a cool, air-conditioned house for me to enjoy?” Mitsubishi provides the ability to control the unit from anywhere using the power of your smartphone. Clever and particularly beneficial in hot or cold climates, the virtual control function can be activated using the Mitsubishi air conditioning and your smartphone, tablet and online account giving you access to your systems from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Through this innovative platform, you can have your house ready for your imminent return to being comfortable reprieve from the harsh conditions outside. Being able to climate control your home from your mobile device offers tremendous benefits for homeowners and allows for a seamless air conditioning experience from office, car and to the home that many appreciate on a super hot day or a chilly winter’s evening.

An air conditioning system should do more than just heat & cool

Mitsubishi split system air conditioning has an advanced air cleaning system, which utilises the advanced Plasma Duo Filter System. This system works throughout the day to not only purify your air but also deodorise leaving only the highest quality, odourless cool air for your family to enjoy. The system allows for an enhanced split system air conditioning experience and allows for residents and workers to enjoy deodorised and purified air allowing for a more hygienic air conditioning experience.

By using air cleaning filters, your family and/or colleagues are protected, as it freshens the air quality while preventing the spread of bacteria and viruses that may linger around your rooms. While air purifiers alone can work to purify the air, Mitsubishi split system air conditioning units have this in the units as well to provide a superior experience for property owners. Mitsubishi Air-conditioning is at the cutting edge of technology when it comes to protecting your home and offering the most innovative options for air conditioning technology.

Quiet is not an option, it is expected

There are not many more annoying things throughout summer to be sitting in a room, talking to family and friends and having to raise your voice to hear one another over the sound of the air conditioning unit rattling away overhead.

With some of the quietest running systems on the market (as low as 19sBA*), the sleek new design profiles of the Mitsubishi air conditioning range takes air conditioning units from being the ‘white elephant in the room’ to almost a feature piece, providing a gentle flow, like a fresh spring breeze throughout your home.

Mitsubishi is focused on creating units that are functional and work with the décor and styling in your home or property, making them more streamlined and more functional than split systems of the past. Nowadays, it is possible to not even notice the air conditioning in a property due to the whisper quiet technology and simple unit installations.

Saving money on your bills…all year round!

The new M series from Mitsubishi have heat pumps that provide you with not only controlled heat in your home as you require, but substantial savings on conventional heating systems. This coupled with the company’s industry leading ‘Econo-cool’ systems, which has been proven to increase the unit’s efficiencies by 20% through allowing airflow to be directed towards users. Allowing set temperatures to be raised by 2 degrees with no loss of comfort. Economisation through innovation.

Being energy efficient is a massive driver for property owners and Mitsubishi is focused on both being environmentally conscious as well as pro-active when it comes to split system air conditioning units. The savings from eco settings speak for themselves and provide affordable climate control options for property owners across Australia.

New M-series Multi-Split Systems

In the past, there has been basically the choice between a split system, multiple split system and a ducted system. It is fair to say, choices were limited particularly when it comes to options – until the M-Series.

Offering up to eight indoor units per outdoor unit, the Mitsubishi M-Series air conditioner smashes through the conventional thinking that ‘ducted’ is the only way to cool multiple rooms. While ducted is functional and a good options for some new home builds, the M-Series is fast becoming a popular option for split system climate control in homes and properties around Australia. Providing your home or office with the flexibility of rooms being controlled independently, offering far greater economy than a zoned ducted air conditioning solution, the Mitsubishi air conditioning M-Series has increased their pipe lengths and high differences making it extremely versatile and adaptable to providing solutions for your every need.

Customised air conditioned solutions come standard

Mitsubishi air conditioning has six available solutions for your home or office to ensure that you get the right solution at the right price for you.

These air conditioning solutions include:

Wall mounted air conditioning
Ducted air conditioning
Console split systems
Bulkhead air-conditioning
Ceiling mounted systems
Multi-headed split systems
A registered Mitsubishi air conditioning dealer can assist you and your family with all your needs to suit your house or commercial property’s heating/cooling requirements, budget and aesthetic needs. If you’re looking for a quality and superior split system air conditioning unit, you can’t go past the iconic Mitsubishi range of units.

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