How installing split system air conditioners can help split your AC cost

Split systems air conditioners are great AC systems for so many reasons. Even tho they are primarily designed for smaller homes or just with the intention of one system per room. The system has proven to be highly efficient an effective at keeping home owners cooled during the warm seasons and warm during the cold season without breaking the bank.

Split systems are designed to be installed on the wall. With the in door unit correctly placed in on the wall of the room you wish to air conditioned and the outdoor directly placed on the outside wall of the room. Your in door unit operate in harmony with your outdoor unit by supplying your room with fresh air via the outdoor unit. Slit systems can be easily installed in properties where it is challenging or impossible to install ducted air conditioning. For more information on ducted air conditioning, please read about ducted air conditioning here.

split system air conditioner

Associated benefits of installing Split system air conditioners.

Most home owners or property owners would instinctively request for a ducted air conditioning as a most preferred choice of AC. Most especially for commercial space cooling and heating, this AC can be a easy choice due to it capabilities of cooling large areas. Also, with the zoning factor, it can pretty come in handy. The truth however is; split system air conditioners should not be under estimated when it comes to capabilities and effectiveness. Below are some compelling reasons why split systems are a great choice for many homes and offices.

Convenient installation

Split systems are designed to be easily installed on any wall with hassle. With a quick installation process, you get to save of workmanship hourly rate as it wouldn’t take them the entire day that it’ll take when installing a ducted air conditioner. With the help of a small copper tube and some cabling required for a perfect installations, you unit could be up and running within few hours and your air conditioning installer can be on his way.

Split systems are perfect on the wall, most brands like Mitsubishi electric air conditioning has now advanced their technology by making it even lighter and thinner with powerful functionalities that make life even much more better. If you need a small area cooled, areas such as your bedrooms or kitchen area or moderate size living area. Split system might be your best choice of cooling.

No need for breaking your walls

Installing this type of air conditioner simply means you don’t have to break your wall in the attempt of creating a window for your out door unit as some unit requires. Your out door unit can be placed on the floor right outside of your room or if you live in the top section of an apartment building where it is impossible to mount your outdoor on the floor. You can easily suspend your out door right on your wall outside your room or living area. With ducted air conditioning you couldn’t do this. You wouldn’t be allowed to install a ducted air conditioning into an apartment building as you’ll need to break the roof and run the duct outlets and so on. Split system work perfectly fine where ducted systems couldn’t operate or not allowed.

Wouldn’t break your bank account.

Installing a split system air conditioner’s top benefit is the cost effectiveness side of it. This type of units are picture perfect for investment properties to keep cost down and earn more profits over their investment properties. If your investment property is an apartment building located in a university area, your best bet would be a split system. As we have written above, the installation is superb and uni system get to enjoy the effectiveness of the climate control that comes with it.

Whisper quiet units

In an age and time where almost everyone work late and are up early in the morning for work. All you could ever wish for is a quiet unit that wouldn’t keep them up all night with unbearable operating noise. Split systems air conditioners are designed to operate quietly all through the night giving the occupant a decent sleep with a perfect climate. Aside the whisper quiet operations, the air conditioner can be set on a timer to run for a period of time while you really get deep in your sleep and then turn itself off with the room condition is perfect for you. Also, you can set the timer to turn itself back on after the room is getting too hot just so your body maintains a balance temperature.

Low cost maintenance

Split systems are great with maintenance and could cost you almost nothing to keep up. Unlike your ducted air conditioning that could cost you fortune when maintaining it, your split unit will cost you a fraction of it. The split units are easy to clean, and most time that’s all you need to do and can be done by your self if you have the knowledge of it. For students who simply want a great environment to study and enjoy during the uni life, a split unit will give take the edge off.

Cleaning your split system filters is the easiest thing ever. Some can even to thrown away and replaced be a new one with very low cost making life even more easier. The original design of this unit enables property owners to enjoy their rentals and the tenants also enjoy their time in your property.

What are my best brands for optimal benefits

Before purchasing any air conditioning system, you should always consult a specialist. Consulting an air conditioner specialist would help you understand what brand you should opt for and why you should do so. Your specialist would help measure your room area, and location of your home as they all very well matter to which brand you should purchase and what location it should be installed. Mitsubishi are generally great air conditioner to purchase, but as far as the size and energy rating is concern, you may have to speak with your air conditioner expert.

For the best brands for your split systems, contact Rite Price Heating and Cooling for special offers. With decades in the industry, you couldn’t find anything better in the industry than what they offer. Rite Price is a South Australian owned and operated family business. Helping South Australians make the best of their air conditioning systems and helping them choose the best brands for decades past and decades to come.

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