How often should evaporative cooling be serviced

How often should evaporative cooling be serviced is a great question every home owner running an evaporative cooling system should ask their air conditioning dealer. In this article we will go through all important aspects of evaporative cooling system and give our readers the gold nugget on how often should evaporative cooling be serviced.

evaporative cooling

How cool is evaporative cooling

Evaporative cooling is arguably one of the most effective and efficient way of cooling your home during those hot and dry summer days. Not only that this cooling technique allows you to cool your home, but it also allow you to leave your windows and doors open while doing so. Evaporative cooling make use of mother nature to cool home, this type of cooling process is widely accepted as the safest and natural way of cooling homes today. In the age of high end technology and processed food, cooling your home naturally would help your body enjoy the natural flow of oxygen in your home, keep your family healthy and keep your utility bills at the lowest rate. Read more on evaporative cooling product here.

Evaporative cooling work by pushing the warm air through water, cooling the temperature and providing a cool environment for residents. The air absorbs the water, moistening it and pushes cooled air through the ducts around your home. Evaporative cooling are far cheaper to run than traditional air conditioners, cheaper to install and require a relatively simple installation process compared to its air conditioning equivalent. There are many elements that need to be considered when looking for the best evaporative cooling unit, in this article we go into a little bit of detail regarding how to choose the best unit for your needs.

The awesomeness of evaporative cooling

One of the key motivations for purchasing an evaporative cooling system over air conditioning units is their efficiency. Some evaporative cooling systems are known for their extreme efficiency while delivering exceptional cooling for your home. The Breezair Super Cool system is one of the market leaders when it comes to efficiency with a running cost comparison showing 1/10 of the energy used that a 20w reverse cycle air conditioning not zoned! That is a saving over $346 per year back in your pocked, every year!

While costs of the evaporative cooling systems are all lower than their air conditioning equivalents, it is vital that when choosing your evaporative cooling unit you find one that suits all your household needs and runs as efficiently as possible.

How often should evaporative cooling be serviced

Evaporative cooling systems are great to have. And getting one installed and running in your home is simply the beginning of enjoyment that comes with your evaporative cooling. The fact that your evaporative cooling air conditioning system will be harshly tested by the magnificent Australia’s weather. You owe it to your system to keep it up to date in the face of this intense work routine it will be subjected to. Evaporative cooling systems require regular service checks just so they can keep all parts in good conditions. This regular checks provided by a professional air conditioner service man would ensure that the system is functioning correctly.

Periodic service recommendation

The fact is most home owner would intuitively have some sort of understanding that their air conditioning systems need periodic servicing and sometimes repairs may be needed depending on condition of use. The recommended time frame or period of service as to how often should should evaporative cooling be serviced would largely depends on the brand of the evaporative system in question and the model of the system. The general recommendations to ensure maximum efficiency may range from checks on an annual basis to having the cooling system checked every 2-3 years. To be able to tell which, it is best to ask those who have installed the system, or refer to any manual provided. Keep in mind that this recommendation is based on condition of use and other factors as specified by you manual and or your installation expert.

Getting you system checked and serviced regularly would definitely enhance the longevity of your evaporative cooling, the other question you might want to ask as the home owner is what it would take to get your system checked and serviced. Most home owners would want to know this because they want to understand the dollar amount and how long it will take for them to endure the heat before service is over.

Well, the fact it some home owners would always want to attempt a do it yourself (DIY) approach when it come to some basic cleaning or eyeball-checks for their evap systems. The truth however is, you most certainly require the work of a professional who have been in the business long enough to spot any irregularities or anomalies in your system. Having a professional come in to check the system is essential to inspect more specific functions. As a non-experienced individual in the line of air conditioning services and checks, you might be very careful when opening up your evaporative cooling yourself. If you ask me if you should even attempt it, i would say you shouldn’t. Because one of the services provided during a proper check on your system is the universal washing of the system’s filter pads and drain valve. The service also involve the inspections of water level in the reservoir and the belt tension within the system the system. Checking the filter pads is important because the cooling efficiency of the system depends on making sure the pads are receiving a uniform wetting, due to it being a tell-tale sign of how much water is being evaporated. It is also important for efficiency purposes that the pads continue to remain wet.

Primary goal for evaporative cooling service

The main important factor to consider when keeping your evaporative cooling service on going is to make sure there are no signs of wear and tear or damage whatsoever. Even though most home owner feels they are saving money by avoiding periodic service, the truth however is, the long run will cost them more money if the system fail due to long use without check or service. It is highly recommended to have your evap checked yearly or however your air conditioning expert has advised you as a damaged system due to long use without service will cost you more.

Scheduling maintenance checks gives homeowners a better chance of both preventing damage to the cooling system by catching the problem beforehand, or finding the issue and rectifying it in a prompt manner. This type of management style gives you the flexibility of making sure that anything that need replacement of fixing doesn’t affect other components of your air conditioning systems. If there is indeed damage, service may include a replacement or simple repair. The individual performing the service check will be able to provide each customer with specified information regarding what is required to fix any particular problem. As experienced professionals, it is their job not only to perform their job but also inform, especially if there are any additional steps the homeowner can take on a regular basis to keep their system in check and working efficiently. I would strongly stress that you should not take the repair of your evaporative cooling systems into your own hands, get a quote from an experienced air conditioning company and leave it with them to fix.

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