If Considering Ducted Gas Heating Running Costs? Be Sure to Keep These 4 Critical Points in Mind

Whether you are on the market for a new heating system or are just researching to sort out your options, you’ve likely given ducted gas heating running costs some consideration. Gas heaters are becoming incredibly popular in every part of Australia thanks to their high efficiency ratings, lower operating costs (when compared to electric or wood-fired heaters) and environmentally-friendly approach.

Here at Rite Price Heating & Cooling we are proud to offer an array of ducted gas solutions. Below we’ll share a handful of key points about ducted gas heating that should be kept in mind when making a heating decision, and if you have any questions or to get a price quote, please don’t hesitate to contact our heating professionals at 1 300 HEATING.

Ducted Gas Heating is Energy Efficient

Here in Australia we’re fortunate to be able to purchase ducted gas heating systems from Seeley International, one of the world leaders in energy efficiency. The efficiency of a gas heater is measured according to how much of the gas is converted into heat, with a star-rating system used to simplify the results. Seeley’s Braemar gas heating range now offers a ‘six-star’ heater, the first gas heater on the planet to receive this efficiency rating; this has won the company numerous awards for sustainability, including the 2013 Sydney Design Award for product design. If you’re a believer in energy efficiency, ducted gas heating should certainly be at the top of your list.

Registers Will Need to Be Kept Clear

One of the main benefits of ducted gas heating over space heaters and other in-room solutions is the efficiency gained by conveying the warm air to various rooms in the home via ducting. During your installation, vents or ‘registers’ will be installed which is where the duct ends and the warm air exits into the room. As these registers are the only way for air to arrive and circulate throughout the room, it should come as no surprise that they need to be kept clear of furniture and other items in order for them to function efficiently. It’s best to leave at least 15 centimetres of clearance around a register in order for warmed air to escape and rise into the room, where convection and natural air currents inside of your home will aid with circulation.

Ducted Gas is Far Better for the Environment

When used inside of an efficient system, ducted gas heating is one of the most environmentally-friendly home heating methods available on the market. Wood-fired heaters create a considerable amount of carbon pollution for the amount of heat offered, and as they generally heat a small area they are much less efficient than using a ducted solution. Electric heaters are better off than wood, however they suffer a similar fate as they are less efficient and the electricity used is often obtained from a coal-fired power plant, which is chugging away in some distant part of the country producing soot and carbon pollution.

To give an example of how ‘green’ a ducted gas heating system is, consider this: Braemar’s six-star gas heater uses 30% less energy and will produce about 1.6 fewer tonnes of carbon pollution each year when compared to an older three-star solution. For the environmentally conscious, there are few home heating systems that can compare to a ducted gas heating system.

Regular Maintenance Will Be Required for Peak Efficiency

The final consideration is one of the most important. For any heating system to offer peak performance over the long term, it needs to be professionally maintained on a regular basis. As a homeowner this requires very little work on your part; simply book in a maintenance call at your convenience and have one of our professional staff come out and tune things up to ensure they are running at 100%. As the old adage goes… “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” and that holds true for your heating system as well.

Here at Rite Price Heating & Cooling we’re proud to offer a diverse selection of ducted gas heating solutions that are perfect for homes of every size. For a free, no-obligation price quote and advice on the ducted gas system that will best suit your needs, visit us at any of our retail locations in Adelaide (the addresses are at the bottom of this page) or call us at your convenience at 1 300 HEATING and we will be happy to assist. Thanks for visiting Rite Price Heating & Cooling!

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