The difference between window air conditioners and split system air conditioners

Australian summers can be hot, very hot! While there is little doubt that nearly all of us love the benefits of an air conditioning system in our home or Adelaide property, sometimes there are factors that can stop us from purchasing one leaving to sleepless nights, sweaty days and discomfort when the humidity rises.

split system air conditioners

Worker Man climbing ladder to work on split system air conditioners on brick wall, Split system air conditioners vs window air conditioner.

It is good to know that there are now options to suit all people from mansion to single room apartments, stand-alone properties to 100+ story high rises there is an air conditioning solution for every property.
Two of these are window air conditioners and split system air conditioners. These two units are extremely popular, and there is a very good chance you would have seen them both in home or offices you have visited somewhere along the way. To show you that there is an air conditioning solution for everyone, we will compare the difference of the window and split system air conditioners units so you can review if either suit what you are looking for.

Window air conditioners

These units sit on a window (as the name suggests) and are an ‘all in one’ system including a condenser, head unit and air flow vents. The key to a window air conditioning unit, similar to a portable unit is its versatility. The unit can be placed in any window and removed without any wholesale renovations needed to the home. They are cost effective and require no floor space.


Window air conditioning units can be a DIY job but may need a handy man to help install a bracket to support the unit.

No floor space required

Window air conditioning units simply sit on the windowsill; they don’t poke into the room or stick out – allowing you to use all the space you have available.


Window air conditioning units can be installed and removed without only some support brackets required. This means you don’t need to punch holes into walls of rental properties, making them the perfect solution for small rental units.


Window air conditioning units are extremely affordable, require little to no installation costs, and they are extremely efficient to run. The drawbacks of the system are that similar to the portable units; they are an ‘all in one’ so they make quite a lot of noise when operating. Unlike portable units, they cannot be moved around into different rooms easily, and they stick out considerably outside the window onto the external sidewall of your home.

All in all, the window air conditioning unit is an excellent semi-permanent, cost effective option for your home, which can be moved should the need arise.

Split System Air conditioners

Split system air conditioners units are the most popular air conditioners around. As the name suggests, they come in two pieces, the head unit and condenser.

The head unit sits high on the internal wall in the room of your choice, while the external condenser sits on the external wall of your home, connected by a series of electrical and plumbing pipes and cables.


The installation of a split system air conditioners unit is a fairly extensive affair, with a fully licenced, qualified and experienced air conditioning expert required to undertake the job.

The installation will require holes from the internal to external walls and should you be renting your home; you will need to ensure you speak with your landlord before installing the unit!

Unit installation can cost anywhere from $300 to $1000 for the unit depending on the size, time required, type and access to the internal and external walls for installation.

No floor space required

Split system air conditioners are mounted high up on an internal wall, almost made to blend in. These units are controlled by a remote control, so it takes little effort or time to cool the room in your home.

Permanent installation

Although these units can be removed, it must be remembered that the installation of a split system air conditioner is a permanent affair. You won’t be able to undo the holes or installation required in a hurry, so ensure you want to proceed and have all the relevant permissions before moving forward.


These units are extremely cost effective to run; they are connected directly to your home wiring, so there is no external cabling around the home. They start from around $650 to $3500 for the units plus installation.
The split system is the most popular system for a reason; they are cheap, relatively easy to install and excellent at cooling rooms. When selecting your air conditioning solution, it comes down to specific choice, budget and cooling requirements. So speak to an expert, such as Rite Price that can give you a full range of options tailored to your needs.

To find out more information about air conditioning systems for your property in Adelaide speak with the professional team from Rite Price Heating and Cooling.

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