Can a split system operate during winter and summer?

If you live in Adelaide, you’re probably well aware of the disparity between heat and cold throughout the year. Residents can experience a super hot summer and then in the winter can experience an average temperature of around 15 degrees.

Planning ahead and ensuring your home or office is climate controlled is essential to ensure the ultimate climate in your property and installing a split system air conditioner can be the answer to ensuring you get the perfect amount of heating and cooling you need to not freeze or boil during the year. In this article, we explore the benefits of a split system air conditioner, the heating and cooling options and why you should consider installing a split system air conditioning unit if you are looking to operate a system throughout the year that provides the perfect comfort in your workplace or home.split system air conditioners

Benefits of a split system air conditioner

It’s probably no secret that there are plenty of benefits of installing a split system air conditioning system. Benefits include:

Simple installation

A split system air conditioner system can be installed within a day and have a wall unit and outdoor condenser. They are suitable for small units and small homes and work to heat and cool a specific room or space within a property. Installation can be taken care of by one air conditioning installer, which requires only copper tubing, and some cabling to arrange the installation and set up.

Compressors can be hidden

If you do like the idea of a split system but worry about having the compressor on your balcony or directly outside your room it is possible to hide the compressor using a clever outdoor unit. As long as the compressor is no further than 30 metres from your home you can conceal and build around the unit using clever, yet ventilated concealment, making the system easy to live with and practical.

No windows required

Window mounted systems do require a window for installation, however, split systems only need a wall for the installation of the wall unit and that’s it. You can install the unit anywhere in your home that has a wall, which provides plenty of options for heating and cooling.

Simple to maintain

Cleaning and basic maintenance of your air conditioning unit is very straightforward, and you can change filters and professionally clean the unit on a regular basis yourself without having to call people in. By reading the manual, property owners can save on maintenance costs and ensure their system is running efficiently which can save costs in the long run.

Running the system during winter and summer

A split system air conditioning unit can be run during summer and winter and is controlled using the hand controller remote system. The system heats a room to your set temperature and cools all based on your individual temperature requirements.
While the ideal temperature is a personal preference, many suggest setting your temperature for around 18 degrees in winter and 24 degrees in summer for the ultimate in energy efficiency.

It is important to note, that you should monitor your energy bills to see if there are any peaks in output and monitor your temperature to ensure you operate at an energy efficient level. Cleaning your system’s filters and ensuring the split system air conditioning unit is regularly serviced will ensure your system is operating at optimum levels and you are getting the best heating and cooling for your needs.

Tips for running your split system year round

If you are going to run your split system air conditioner year-round, it’s important to be aware of a few tips to ensure ultimate performance.

– Ensure your outdoor compressor is located in a shady area out of direct sunlight. As well as this, ensure there is adequate clearance from any surrounding space, and your exhaust air can easily escape from the system. Clearing any plants from directly around the system is ideal for best performance.

– Set your system for between 24 and 25 degrees in summer and 17 to 19 degrees in winter to ensure you take advantage of adequate energy savings. Every degree will contribute to your energy savings, and you can create the perfect balance between comfort and efficiency if you find the perfect temperature for your needs.

– Change filters regularly and ensure you arrange annual service calls to keep your warranty and ensure everything is running in tip-top condition.

If you are looking to install or purchase a split system air conditioning unit for your Adelaide property, Rite Price Heating & Cooling have plenty of options for your home or office. We offer a wide range of split systems for all properties and can advise on the perfect system for you to run in winter and summer. We offer systems that are perfect for your space and can also arrange installation and service as required.

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