Can a 2.5kW split system air conditioner work as effective as a 3.5kW?

Choosing the right size of split system for your property is a huge challenge, and it is something that you might spend a fair bit of time tossing up between a system when you haven’t got the experience or understanding of split system air conditioners.

Your split system air conditioners helps to ensure your home or office enjoys climate controlled comfort and if you have any concerns whether you are getting the right size air conditioner for your needs it’s important to be aware of the sizes available, their features and the size that you need to heat or cool to make the right decision for your property.

Split system air conditioning systems come in a wide variety of sizes and are reverse cycle meaning you can heat or cool your home or office throughout the year to perfection. The systems are cheaper to run than ducted systems and offer a wide range of options based on budgets, required features and energy efficiency requirements. Australia’s heat, in particular, can be unbearable at times, and if you want to ensure you get the best quality air for your needs, you should ensure you do the research required to get the best size air conditioning unit for your needs. Split System Air Conditioner Review

Why is it important to get the right size air conditioning unit?

If you are about to get an air conditioning unit it buying the right size is important for energy efficiency. Size really does matter when it comes to air conditioning and if you want a system that cools and heats properly and runs in proper cycles to ensure efficiency calculating the right size is essential.

Getting a split system air conditioner that is too large is an issue, as the split system will cool down your house or property and then has to turn off before it goes through the proper cycle. This turning on and off is inefficient and the on again and off again process will end up using plenty of power which will make your energy costs escalate. On the flip side, if you install a split system air conditioner that is far too small for your needs the unit will constantly be working to keep up with demand and will probably not reach the optimum levels required for running the air conditioning properly which will mean you will use far more electricity.

Getting the right balance for your air conditioning energy output is a tough task however it can be calculated by a professional air conditioning professional. If you want to find out more about split systems please visit our split systems page.

How do I calculate the best size air conditioning for my needs?

When you are determining the right size air conditioning for your property, it is important to properly calculate the space you are looking to cool or heat to ensure you are getting the air conditioner that best meets your needs.

The ways you can calculate the size of split system air conditioner you require include:

– Using a specially created formula
– Using an online calculator
– Getting a professional air conditioning specialist to visit your property and arrange a quote

Using a formula – this is a simple way to estimate your air conditioning needs, and while it is a rough guide, it does take into consideration the best size unit to meet the needs of your space.

To use the formula, you will need the house or unit floor plans for the building which will include the length and the width of the room this will help you determine the size in square metres.

You will need the following information for your formula – the ceiling height, the width of the room, the length of the room. If your ceiling, for example, is 2.4 metres high you will need to multiply your living area by 150 watts, if your ceiling height is 2.7 metres high you will need to multiply your living area by 160 watts and if your ceiling height is 3 metres high you will need to multiply your living areas by 175 watts. If you need, you might need to convert your ceiling height from feet – which is another calculation altogether.

Once you have this information, the formula would be the following

– Living areas in metres squared x watts of the ceiling = total watts
– 100m2 x 150 watts = 15,000 watts which is equal to 15 kW – therefore you require a unit that is 15 kW for your property

Alternatively, if you are not confident calculating this yourself you can engage the services of a professional air conditioning specialist who can come out and visit your property and provide a detailed quote and analysis of your needs and provide recommendations for the exact size system you will need.

When is a 2.5kW system suitable and when is a 3.5kW system suitable?

In the case of when a 2.5kW system is suitable and when is a 3.5kW system suitable, the answer really comes down to the size of the room. Getting the right size air conditioning for your needs is important and if you are going to go to the trouble of installing a split system air conditioner you should make steps to ensuring the split system you choose is perfectly suited to your space.

Ensure you have measured the room you are looking to install split system air conditioning is the right size and once you have don’t this you will be able to determine which kW system is suitable for your needs.

A 2.5kW system is suitable for a bedroom ideally and this would mean that an area up to 18m2 would be sufficient. The system is calculated based on the length and wide of the room as well as the ceiling height, so if the room is oversized in any way this may require a larger system however in most cased a 2.5kW system is effective in this size space and can heat and cool adequately.

A 3.5kW system is ideal for a large bedroom that is more of a master bedroom with an ensuite. This extra amount of space will require additional heating and cooling power making the increased size suitable for this area.

2.5kW and 3.5kW systems are suitable for smaller rooms rather than cooling an entire house and come in a wide variety of options all based on the brand. If you are looking for a unit that is suitable for a small office, bedroom or even study, choosing either the 2.5kW or 3.5kW system will all depend on the measurements of your room to ensure optimum efficiency.

Furthermore, if you are looking for a split system air conditioning unit for a unit or a flat, the area will need to be measured specifically to ensure if the space is broken up into an open floor plan with living, dining and kitchen you are getting the idea amount of efficiency for your needs. In the case of a six by four metres living and dining space with a three metre by three metre kitchen, a 5kW split system air conditioner would be adequate using a basic calculation, again the ceiling height can affect this measurements so it is important to ensure the right size unit for your needs.

Bigger is not always better when it comes to split system air conditioner

It’s important to note that bigger is not always better when it comes to split system air conditioning units and if you are in the market for a unit you should ensure you calculate your space specifically to ensure you are getting a unit that meets your exact needs for optimum running costs. Engaging the services of a professional to determine your air conditioning needs is essential if you want to ensure you are installing the correct system. If you are trying to decide between a 2.5kW system and a 3.5kW system for your home call on the experts from Rite Price Heating & Cooling to arrange a free onsite quote and accurate estimate of your air conditioning requirements.

With a wide range of world class split system units available, choosing the right system for your needs is simple with Rite Price. We offer a complete air conditioning solution ranging from split system air conditioning units right through to comprehensive ducted air conditioning units and service clients all across Adelaide.

Rite Price Heating & Cooling offer a wide range of split systems for all properties and can advise on the perfect system for you to run in winter and summer. We offer systems that are perfect for your space and can also arrange installation and service as required. Whether you need a small 2.5kW system or a larger system, we can provide advice on the best system to meet your needs.

If you need to ensure your space is properly heated or cooled for your property in Adelaide and you want a system that is energy efficient, speak with the professional air conditioning experts from Rite Price and arrange an obligation-free onsite quote to discuss the best size system for your needs. For more information contact the team from Rite Price Heating & Cooling today.

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