Wood heaters

Wood heaters

For a more traditional and environmentally friendly alternative to standard central heating units, consider installing wood heaters in your home.

How wood heaters work

Wood has been a valued heat source throughout human history, yet modern wood heaters are far removed from the simple open fireplaces of yesteryear. Modern heaters produce more heat than old style fireplaces, and are far more economical, burning much less wood. Wood heaters can be installed in existing fireplaces or as independent, freestanding units that do not require the presence of a fireplace or chimney. If you have never used a wood heater before, you should learn how to use wood safely and efficiently.

Benefits of wood heaters

Wood heaters can be an effective way to lower your heating bills compared to electrical heaters if you have access to a good supply of sustainable wood. The availability of wood supplies will of course influence your decision, and heating engineers will be able to inform you whether your property is suitable for this type of heating system. If you’re concerned about lowering the carbon footprint of your home, wood is a renewable resource and produces fewer carbon dioxide emissions than other fossil fuels, especially when you factor in the extraction and transport required for other fuel sources.

Wood heaters and central heating units in Adelaide

Rite Price Heating & Cooling supplies a range of heating and cooling systems in Adelaide, including freestanding and fireplace wood heaters. Find out more about different ways of heating your home this winter by contacting Rite Price on 08 7007 0168.

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