Window Air Conditioners, Are they worth the purchase

Most homes in Adelaide now have cooling systems. Some consider owning one a luxury, but as the climate changes and cities modernize, cooling systems like window air conditioners are slowly becoming a necessity.

Window Air ConditionersWe often read information about window air conditioners over the internet. But instead of making the subject easy for us, we get more confused from the number of information that we read about these cooling systems. Let us lay down some facts about window air conditioners and verify whether they suit your needs and if they are worth your purchase. From the name itself, the purpose of a cooling system is designed to maintain coolness and humidity throughout a given area. In addition, cooling systems supply good ventilation and remove dust, grime and other particles. These days, cooling systems not only maintain cool temperature during hot weather. New set of air conditioners can now even provide heat during cold weather or in winter.

An air conditioning cooling system works by removing heat from inside the house and transfer it outside the house. Air conditioning cooling systems utilize a liquid refrigerant which is blown in ducts and evaporated in pipes called the evaporator coil. This liquid refrigerant is blown and dispersed throughout the room which is the main reason for the cold temperature inside a room. This evaporated refrigerant will again be condensed through the use of a coil called the condenser. This condenser will then bring the condensed liquid outside of the room. A compressor is utilized by the cooling system and moves the refrigerant between ducts from its liquid to gaseous state and vice versa.

Filters should not be the only one maintained and habitually cleaned in an air conditioner. The coils and the drain should always be kept clean to ensure the proper flow of air. The ducts should also be regularly checked to make sure that there is no leakage. Ducts, if leaking, will make the cooling system consume more power and might cause other serious problems as well. You might have noticed that air conditioning units utilize filters to remove dust particles from the air to keep the air conditioning system clean. You may also have noticed that as time passes and as you continue to use your cooling systems, these filters get clogged with dirt and gets to be dirtier than how it once was.

Once this happens, it only means that it is time to clean or change your air conditioning filters. The repercussions of not changing the filters will be detrimental because instead of cleaning the air, the filters will cause dirt and pollution itself. Now that we know more about cooling systems, let us discuss the most popular cooling system in the market today: window air conditioners. This type of air conditioner is the simplest in all cooling systems. It is composed of a sturdy bottom where all the parts are installed and connected. This base houses the different systems of the air conditioning unit namely: the refrigeration system, electrical protection system, control system and the circulation system.

The air conditioning unit has 2 main parts: the back and front part. The back part is the one placed outside the window where the hot air and condensed refrigerant air goes out. The front part has a panel where air grills are seen and fitted. These air grills is responsible in spreading the cold air into a room. Louvers are also present which are adjustable and makes temperature control of the cold air easier.

Besides being the most popular, this type of air conditioner also offers the most choice; most appliance brands have their own type and version of this air conditioner. Because of this, you’ll have the option to choose from a variety of brands and choose the one that has the best quality and price. The general features of window air conditioners are: First, they are highly efficient. The coldness can cover an entire room and maintain the coolness of spaces up to 650 square feet. In fact, this type of air conditioner, if placed properly can cool and cover more than one room.

What’s good about this type of cooling system is its relatively quiet output. You also need not worry about the liquid refrigerant emitted by the air conditioner as it directly drains from the rear of the window air conditioner so you need not drain the water out of the unit yourself. We have only discussed about the pros of window air conditioners. What about its disadvantages? Let us discuss some of them. Obviously, the window where you place the air conditioner will be blocked as long as the unit is installed there.

In addition, the refrigerant water dripping from the rear of the air conditioner might cause some inconvenience for other people. You can imagine people getting wet because of the dripping water. It may also cause rusting if the refrigerant water drips on a metal surface.

You will not be able to remove the air conditioning unit easily. It will probably require professional help if you wish to transfer window air conditioners from one room to another. Besides, not all windows have the sturdiness to support these types of air conditioning units. One will need to ensure that the air conditioner is fully supported or else you might see the unit falling down from the window or even worse, hitting the head of a passerby.

In instances when the installation is not satisfactory, gaps from the support may let hot air enter the room making the air conditioning unit less efficient. Furthermore, these poorly installed air conditioners might make the house at a security risk if the air conditioner is removed forcibly leaving a whole where thieves or burglars can enter. Lastly, this type of air conditioner may not be the best for people who maintain the aesthetic quality of their homes or offices as window air conditioners are not particularly appealing. Now that you have heard the pros and cons of this unit, it is up to you whether this unit will suit your needs or not.

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