Why Evaporative cooling is effective for both commercial and residential space

Evaporative cooling is an innovative, efficient way to cool various spaces of your home or office space. Both home and business owners are now opting for evaporative cooling due to its many benefits. Evaporative cooling uses the process of evaporation in order to cool the air within a certain space, in a more cost effective and environmentally friendly manner. Not only do evaporative coolers comfortably adjust the temperature of the air but they also filter it removing any unwanted odours. As we all become more conscious of living an eco-friendly lifestyle, business owners in particular are also making a stand in order to improve their workspace environment. How can evaporative cooling benefit both residential and commercial spaces? If you think evaporative cooling is the right choice for your space, visit our evaporative cooling page for more information.


Evaporative cooling is an incredible form of technology which not only cools the temperature of a space but also has the ability to purify the air. The evaporative cooling system works as an air filter and filters out any impurities or bad odours, leaving fresher, cleaner air. For businesses in particular this is ideal as it reduces the amount of pollens or bacteria which circulate in the air. Ideal for those who suffer from allergies and asthmatic conditions who can be triggered from inhaling polluted air. If you’re seeking a fresh, clean atmosphere, evaporative cooling is ideal. 


The world we know is consistently changing and learning to adapt to our environmental conditions. We are all more concerned than ever before about ways we can make a positive impact and reduce our carbon footprint. An evaporative cooling system is one of the greenest ways you can adjust the temperature of the air in your home or work environment. Evaporative cooling uses the process of evaporation in order to cool the air naturally, using far less electricity to operate than other methods of cooling. This reduces the need to be using non-renewable energy sources regularly and has a very minimal impact on the earth. 


Some office environments are fortunate enough to have an open environment with circulated air. However, for most, they are confined within a small space with little ventilation and clean air. This is where evaporative cooling systems work perfectly as they can operate efficiently, providing clean, fresh air, with no contamination from outside. This also benefits homeowners as they can still have their windows and doors closed whilst still enjoying the benefit of fresh air. 


One of the greatest benefits evaporative cooling provides is that it is a much more cost effective for homeowners and businesses. Evaporative cooling in comparison to other systems, are much cheaper to install and run. As it uses less electricity to operate, this greatly reduces your utility bills, saving a substantial amount of money.  Another added benefit is that the less energy it uses to operate, the less of a strain is put on the machine overall. This limits the number of times your system will need to be repaired or serviced, lasting much longer overall. We all want to save money and cut costs wherever we can and installing an evaporative cooling system is one of the most convenient ways to do so. 

In today’s era, evaporative cooling is one of the most beneficial methods of cooling and benefits both homeowners and businesses greatly. Providing clean, fresh air, evaporative cooling is a cost-efficient way to cool air naturally.  To enquire about an evaporative cooling system which is right for you, speak to our team at Rite Price Heating and Cooling on  (08) 8261 2277 today!

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