What size ducted heating unit do I need?

The cooler weather is coming! So, make sure you and your loved ones have a great heating system in place ready to keep you warm and toasty all throughout the cooler autumn and winter months. If your ducted heating unit is too small you can be faced with a cold home and spending money on a unit that isn’t performing, whereas if your heater is too big then you can be faced with bigger bills than you anticipated and potentially putting your home at risk. 

There are so many different options for ducted heating, and we are here to make that choice a bit simpler for you. Like so many other electrical appliances there is a star rating and kW readings which to most can sound like a different language. We want to help you decipher this and understand just which heater, rating and kW usage is needed for your home in this article. 

Measuring your home

First things first! Measure your home. By doing this you can get an accurate reading for what kilowatt (kW) ducted heating unit is best for your home. Make sure you don’t forget about other things about your home such as insulation, window coverings and the height of your ceilings. Ceiling height goes overlooked but remember heat rises. Higher the roof might require you to have a ceiling fan installed to help push the warm air down. 

Simple as it may seem all you need to do is measure the length and width of each room you want to be heated. Multiply the length and width of each room individually, this will give you the square meter of the rooms. Add up the complete areas of the home you have measured. This will give you the total area of your home you wish to be heated. 

Now that you have the total square meters of the home you now need to times that number by 130 to get the amount of watts needed from your heating unit.

For example, if your home is 100 square metres, just times it by 130 (watts).

Eg. 100m2 x 130w =  13,000 watt  —>  13kW Unit needed

Having this information allows you to be able to calculate just what size ducted gas heater (kw) you will need to heat your home. 

What size heater do I need?

Once you have calculated the number of squares in your home that needs to be heated you can then start shopping around for brands and looking into which ducted heating unit allows for the right amount of kWs needed for your home. 

For the home above, you will need a unit that can heat more than 11 squares. It is always best to round up since we haven’t considered the factor of this home having insulation and what state the window coverings are in. The recommended ducted heating unit you would need will have to have a kW rating of 15kW. Ensure that you are not going too far over your recommended kW rating by getting a professional in to measure and write up an accurate quote on what you will need to heat your home. If you go too small you won’t get a warm house, if you go too big you will be paying too much to run the unit. 

What are star ratings?

The star ratings are what informs you of the energy efficiency of the unit you are purchasing. Simply it is the correspondence to how efficient the unit is in relation to the gas cost. The more stars the better the rating and more savings on energy. 

With each star you will roughly be saving 10% on the running cost of the appliance. 

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