Air conditioners were a luxury in the past. If you lacked the financial resources, dealing with the extreme weather conditions on your own could be an inconvenience in your home or office. However, times have changed. With the technological advances going on, air conditioners that are both efficient and affordable are now available in the market even for those who are running on a limited budget, giving rise to many different types of air conditioners.

Life has been comfortable with air conditioners around. You don’t have to sweat too much on a hot sunny day while winters could now be bearable. You just have to pick the right air conditioner that suits you and your space.

TYPES OF AIR CONDITIONERSThere are many factors that have to be considered while shopping around for the types of air conditioners you need for both your office and your home. Air conditioning efficiency, the unit to be installed, the size of your space, and cost are just a few of the factors.The different types of air conditioners have their own special features. Whichever air conditioner you pick for your home or office, what matters at the end of the day is the comfort that it brings. After all, you and your home deserve only the best.

The following are the most common types of air conditioners you could choose from depending on your needs:

Split System Air Conditioners are types of air conditioner

Among the types of air conditioners that could never fail in satisfying your needs, this option is one of the most popular. The split system air conditioner is composed of two main units: the compressor located outside and the evaporating system placed inside the house. Warm air from the environment is converted into cool air that is delivered into the area. These types of air conditioners are ideal for cooling a room or a certain area in the house. You may install several evaporators connected to just one compressor to cool multiple rooms.

Compared to centralised air conditioners, this traditional type offers less energy loss during the process of air conditioning because the mechanism is confined to only two compact units, thus allowing less air to escape. Since it simply focuses on a certain space, it provides more reliable cooling. Though multiple evaporating systems may be installed, this still allows you to save energy because you may safely turn off the units you don’t need.

Window air conditioners are types of air conditioners

The box-type air conditioners are those that could be installed through a wall or a window frame. They are small enough to fit in a space that should be closed down on the unit. They are plugged and turned on through a control installed in the air conditioner unit or from a remote control. You may adjust the temperature depending on how chilly you want the room to be.

These types of air conditioners are ideal for cooling small spaces such as bedrooms because of their compact design. Since they come in handy, though, they do not provide effective cooling to large spaces. This type doesn’t provide centralised air conditioning, so the number of units to be installed should be proportional to the space being cooled to ensure efficiency. Many houses provide one air conditioner per bedroom, which could be turned on and off when needed.

Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioner are different types of air conditioners

Centralised air conditioning could be a convenience in houses. It almost feels like you could control the climate of your own home, giving you comfort all year-round. As compared to the traditional air conditioners which involve installation of multiple parts in spaces all over the house for cooling to take place, the ducted refrigerated air conditioner will let your space look less cluttered because the cooling system is located elsewhere. Instead of designating a space for the air conditioning unit, ducts are installed either on the high walls or in the ceiling. Either option will save a lot of space and make the room look neater. This type has become a popular choice among homeowners and owners of small businesses.

Though ducts are installed in different areas of the house to provide cooling in as much space as they could, they could still be controlled through a wall-installed control system. You may turn off the cooling in certain areas in the house if you want the cool air to focus on a single area only. This will help you save energy.

Some of these types of air conditioners could sometimes serve two purposes. Some units were created to also provide warmth to the home. These are called the ducted reverse cycle air conditioners. In addition to generating cool air, they may also generate warm air with a reverse in the cycle. Cold air from the outside is converted into warm air. Thus, they have a cooling and heating purpose depending on your air conditioning needs. However, not everyone would need this kind of system installed in their homes. The climate you live in will always be a factor in deciding if you really need this type of air conditioner.

There are several factors to consider when deciding to get a ducted air conditioner. Aside from the high cost to have it installed, the maintenance and electricity you need to run it would also be costly in the years to come. You also need to take into consideration your floor plan, orientation of windows and doors, level of insulation, ceiling cavity space, and your outdoor space before having such an air conditioner installed.

Ducted Evaporative Cooling Air Conditioner are types of air conditioners

This air conditioner provides a simple mechanism behind its technology. It involves drawing warm air into filter pads and then cool air is delivered through ducts. You are assured that the air delivered to your room is fresh as the air gets replaced every few minutes.

Among the different types of air conditioners, this is becoming a more popular choice among consumers because of its more numerous environmental benefits as compared to the refrigerated air conditioners. A ducted evaporative cooling AC unit consumes less electricity and energy than a refrigerated air conditioner does. It doesn’t make use of a synthetic refrigerant that may harm the environment in the long run. It makes use of the gases in the room atmosphere. You may leave your doors and windows open when using this air conditioner because it makes use of natural air. If you are interested in the benefits of evaporative cooling, please visit our evaporative cooling page for more information.

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