Stay cool this summer with evaporative cooling, thanks to the BADASS deal from Rite Price

Summer is here! I’m excited because I will finally get the swimming lessons I should have gotten when I turned 10. I have been embarrassed a few times whenever the notion of swimming comes up and I’d have to make up excuses to get out of plans with friends and family. Nevertheless, this summer I will finally learn to swim and perhaps take a few surfing lessons just because I’m confident I’ll nail the lessons, fingers crossed. The summer excitement and festivities aside, we’re all thinking the same thing: it’s going to be proper hot these few months, how am I going to keep cool? My electricity bill will be off the charts, how do I mitigate against that? What kind of cooling units should I install? Do I have to upgrade my current cooling unit?

Well, what if I tell you there’s a cooling unit that is not only cost efficient and energy efficient but is going for an affordable price right now, will that peak your interest? Brilliant! Because Rite Price Heating & Cooling are having a bad ass deal on their evaporative cooling units for an incredible sale price of 5 outlets from only $2990. The South Australian summer might be scorching hot but there is hope, hope in form of evaporative cooling.
I imagine some of you do not know about evaporative cooling and I imagine some of you have read our previous blog post on the topic, if you haven’t; well this blog is for you. The aim of this particular post is to edify on evaporative cooling, its features and benefits. My hope is that after reading this blog you’d recognise the merit in getting an evaporative cooling unit. Visit our evaporative cooling page for more information on our amazing cooling systems.

What is Evaporative Cooling?
As the name implies, evaporative cooling uses the principles of evaporation for cooling. Evaporative cooling is gaining in popularity in recent times due to its cost effective and user-friendly system that run at the highest efficiency while leaving little carbon footprint. Evaporative cooling does not rely on refrigerant coolants but rather utilises the evaporation process to achieve top quality cooling.
How this works is that the coolers are designed in such a way that a pump circulates water from a storage compartment unto a cooling pad which soaks up the water, a fan then draws air from outside through the soaked pad. As air passes through the pad, the air is cooled by evaporation and the result is a sea breeze-like air circulated via specially designed fans for optimum airflow delivery.

What are the best brands?
Evaporative cooling units are a by-product of Australian engineering and ingenuity. Breezair and Braemar Evaporative Air Conditioning systems are locally made industry leading brands whose units are built specifically to withstand the hottest of weather condition. Coolair is another top Australian brand that offers impeccable quality in cooling. All these brands and more can be found here at Rite Price Heating & Cooling. Call us now and speak with our experienced staff for more information or check out our previous post on evaporative cooling Breezair vs Braemar Evaporative Cooling or stop by any of our stores at Valley View, Clovelly Park and Munno Parra.

What are its features and benefits?
Evaporative cooling air conditioners are cheaper to run and much more environmentally friendly than other types of air conditioning systems. Evaporative cooling system utilizes 90% less power than ducted air conditioners, and are more environmentally friendly. The air produced by evaporative cooling systems have much higher moisture content (due to the evaporation process), they feel better on the skin and overall feel more comfortable and natural.
Evaporative cooling systems are designed to:
• Run at the lowest cost
• Produce fresh easier to breathe air by consistently replacing the air within your home every few minutes.
• Ability to cool both indoor and outdoor spaces with the one system.
• Be environmentally friendly as its energy efficiency produces less than 1/10th of the harmful CO2 being pumped by refrigerated air conditioning units each year.
• A healthier choice as the Chillcel pads are designed to filter cooled air before gently circulating it throughout your property.

Other design highlights of cooling systems include:
• A Monitor which monitors water quality to minimise wastage.
• The AQUAflow non-clogging water distribution system which increases cooling efficiency by continuously supplying a balanced flow of water to the cooling pads.
• Trademark Tornado Pump water pumps which provide excellent reliability even in the most adverse weather conditions.
• Advanced aerodynamic Stealth Fan for quiet operation.
• A world patented water distribution system for efficient cooling.
• An automatic sealing system that reduces draughts and arrests heat loss in winter.
• An automatic drain valve which automatically empties the water reserve when unit is not in use, leaving it clean and dry and thus ensuring that the system is operating at peak efficient while also using minimum amount of water.
• A completely enclosed tropic proof motor for reliable long term performance.
• A water management system which monitors water quality and keeps the system clean. This increases water savings and improves efficiency by ensuring that the system uses the minimum amount of water to achieve optimum cooling.

Why should I choose it?
Energy savings are a major reason why you should consider evaporative air conditioning systems, that and the fact that it is equally more environmentally friendly than conventional split units or ducted air conditioning system. Evaporative cooling uses the principles of evaporation to cool and is designed to withstand the Australian summer. We all know how hot it gets and how hot the wind is, now imagine having a system that can transform that hot air into cool sea breeze like cooling at a cost effective, energy saving rate. Yes that is what evaporative cooling gives you. You can’t go wrong with evaporative cooling. Writer’s bias aside, I’d highly recommend this unit for your summer cooling.
Get calling, step into any Rite Price stores and our staff will get you sorted with an Australian made, industry leading brands made specifically for the Aussie summer.

Can I afford it?
With the Air Conditioning Sale, yes you can. Rite Price is offering the ducted evaporative air conditioning unit for an incredible sale price of 5 outlets from only $2990. Get calling now and speak to our staff or better yet, visit our stores and get your trusted Australian brands – Breezair and Braemar evaporative cooling systems installed in your home and enjoy the sea breeze like cooling this summer at an affordable price.

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