Which of the split system air conditioners is the most economical air conditioner

There are so many split system air conditioners on the market today. Along with the number of gimmicks that people use to sell them to you with there is so much confusion on what system is the most economical. With all the power outages across South Australia and the ever-increasing power prices, there has never been a time to ensure that you are purchasing the most energy efficient air conditioning systems as possible.

The split system air conditioning system is the most economical system which comes down to a range of factors including the size of the room you are looking to heat/cool, where you are located, the level of heating vs. cooling you will require. There are now a range of standard and technically advanced solutions that are offered to the market to switch off, adjust and amend the temperature output of the split system air conditioner depending on the situation – these too should be considered to increase the economical savings of your system.

split system Air ConditionersAn economical split system air conditioning unit by definition is one that is not so much cost effective to purchase initially, but one that provides efficiency in running over time. At the end of the day, the cost savings of purchasing a cheaper unit in the first place are quickly eroded by inefficient machines versus the more expensive, energy-efficient systems.

Thankfully with energy consumption at the tip of everyone’s tongues these days, there is help at hand, with government regulators and departments designed for the sole purpose of allowing you to purchase the right split system air conditioning unit, with the best energy efficiency that you available budget can buy. Remembering that in the end, the more efficient the system, the cheaper it will be in the long run.

With so many ‘what if’ moments when purchasing your split system air conditioning, we will try to provide a guide on what elements contribute to a system being the most or least economical and how these will work in your favour when purchasing an air conditioner.

Size Matters

When you are looking to heat or cool a room to make it most efficient as possible, you need to ensure that the size of your system matches or is exceeded by the cooling capacity to ensure firstly you are getting the job done and secondly that you are not burning up too much power

To effectively select the most energy efficient split system air conditioning unit for your home, you should firstly work out how much power you will need to effectively cool it. Below is a rough guide, but it is always better to speak with your air conditioning specialist before your commit to your purchase:

• 2.6kw 10 – 25sqm – small study or bedroom
• 3.5kw range – 25 – 35 sqm – large bedroom or sitting/dining area
• 5-6kw – 35 – 60sq m – office – lounge room with adjacent rooms
• 7-8kw 60-80sq m – Large open plan office, space or lounge

So, what next?

You have identified what size system you need; now it is time to work out which split systems are the best in terms of features to allow for efficiency. From the simple temperature control features, sleep functions and timers that all work to ensure that the system shuts off as soon as a temperature or time limit is reached. This will enhance the efficiency of the operating system that you have picked to cool your home.

There is also an extensive range of split systems that have sensors that detect people and movement in the room. These innovative ‘artificial intelligence’ systems that will not jump off your wall Terminator-style but will simply adjust the temperature back up to the most efficient running temperature for the device. All these value-adding features all add up to produce extremely efficient split system air conditioning units.

You’re running late, did you forget to turn off the air conditioner?

We all live busy lives these days, there are too many times where we have run out the door and thought “did I leave the iron on?” or “did someone turn off the air conditioning system?” the good news is that innovation is improving this potential drain on your energy efficiency using Wi-Fi control via smartphone technology.

Higher end air conditioning split system units have a Wi-Fi control, which allows for your system if it is connected to your network at home to be controlled from a smartphone or web-based online application.

This innovation allows for exceptional energy efficiencies as you can not only turn the air conditioner off should you have forgotten on your way out the door, but you can connect to it pending your arrival and turn the system on.

This function allows you to program your desired (or most efficient) temperature to cool the home before you arrive, rather than arriving home to a hot house and blasting the system as low (or as hot) as you can to get the room to the ideal temperature as quickly as possible.

Inverter technology

Inverter systems are units that have a variable output compressor. They are able to vary the speed to suit the conditions. These systems allow for much more efficient operation that a single speed unit – which simply gets a room to a designated temperature then turns off. Where possible, always get inverter technology, as this will allow you to run your split system air conditioner at a pace that suits the conditions rather than flat out all the time.

But wait, there is help at hand!

Now that you have an understanding of the potential size of the split system air conditioning that you need for the space in your home or office, you also understand that there are a range of features from a range of brands that offer ‘energy efficient features’ for your home, now it is time to look at the overall rating of your systems.

The Australian government has an energy rating click here, for all white goods and large electrical items we purchase. This allows for us as consumers to get a better understanding of the independently reviewed, rated and ranked efficiency by a government department. We are all pretty aware of the five stars ranking concept, however, with the air conditioning market, there are 12 stars! Plus, there are extra stars available in the ranking system for good measure!

The standard 12 stars

When it comes to energy rating, the government takes it seriously. For air conditioning units that are not only split system but also reverse cycle, they have 6-star ratings for cooling as well as heating. Both have their capacity output as well as the power input required.

This form of rating allows you to see the efficiency in terms of the systems core functions in comparison to the guidelines of the government and ranked against the other models on the market.

The extra stars

What do we need the extra stars for? Some super energy efficient units are given an additional coronet on top of their semi-circle of stars for efficiency rating. With the chance to reap another four stars for ‘super efficiency rating’ these systems are in terms of energy ‘the marathon runners’ and are considered the most efficient units on the market. These are the ones you and your family should gravitate toward if your budget allows.

You would be hard pressed to find a reverse cycle air conditioner that has super high-energy efficiency in both areas of heating and cooling. If you find one, then odds are the system will be super expensive. You should consider what your split system air conditioner will be doing more of – heating or cooling – and pick your device based on this. There you have it, a guide on what makes an air conditioner, a split system at that the most energy efficient. There are a range of key indicators to a successful purchase of a split system can you be sure that you have taken them all into account?

If you answered no, the why not speak to a qualified, licensed industry expert who not only can work with you through the minefield of energy efficiency split systems, but ensure that you are getting the right system to maximise the efficiency for the space you have dedicated to be temperature controlled. The right expert then can work with you to arrange installation and a total price, so there are no hidden extras or costs at the end of your process. Rite Price Heating and Cooling offer the complete range of ducted, split, portable, bulkhead, evaporative heating, cooling and reverse cycle air conditioning solutions and are perfectly placed to guide you in the right direction. To find out more about split system air conditioning systems please visit this link.

Ensuring your family are cool, calm and enjoying the energy efficient comfort of a split system air conditioning unit is within reach; you simply need to ask the right questions of the right people. To find out more speak with the professional team from Rite Price Heating & Cooling today to find out the best air conditioning system to meet your needs.

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