What size evaporative cooler do I need?

Evaporative cooling systems are one of the most natural ways to cool your property and are a popular option in Adelaide for their fresh air and low running costs. Suitable to be used in the southern states of Australia where there is less heat and humidity, evaporative cooling units are a fantastic option if you are looking to use the power of evaporation to cool your home or office, rather than traditional air conditioning units which recycle the air.

Just like the experience of enjoying cool air off the ocean, evaporative cooling units work to absorb heat from the air, lower the temperature and provide a cool breeze to the inhabitants of a home or office space.

How do evaporative cooling systems work?

So how does evaporative cooling work?

In the case of an evaporative cooling unit, hot and dry air is pumped from the outside through water soaked pads in the evaporative cooling systems which is then evaporated and the temperature is lowered, this cooler air is then pushed into the ducted system using a fan and pushed throughout the property.

All air in an evaporative cooling process is not reused and is fresh, meaning it is a great option for people with allergies or issues with recirculated air.

Benefits and features of evaporative coolers

Benefits of evaporative cooling include:

– 100% fresh air being pumped into the property
– Moisture levels do not dry your skin, nose or eyes or irritate your allergies
– The air is filtered and chilled – meaning no impurities will come into your property
– You can leave your doors and windows open during the process, allowing for a more natural experience in your home or office

What size of evaporative cooler do I need for my home?

When it comes to choosing the right size evaporative cooler for your property you should be aware of the following considerations:

– The size of the area you need to cool – just like all air conditioning systems the area or square metres of space you have will affect the size of your evaporative cooling systems so make sure you arrange a free measure and quote to find out how much area you are cooling and this will allow you to ensure you are looking at the right size system for your needs.

– Level of quality – some systems offer more features and benefits, and when you are looking to choose an evaporative cooler, it is important you also consider the quality of the system including the average running costs and the features such as quieter running, etc.

– Energy efficiency – while evaporative coolers are far more efficient than their air conditioning neighbours, you can find differences in systems based on each brand and model so if you can find a systems with an inverter it’s worth checking out as inverters can lower your energy by as much as 50%.

Overall, when you are buying an evaporative cooling system you will be getting a system that has tremendous environmental benefits as well as a more natural experience for the user. Evaporative coolers produce no CFCs or HFCs and produce less greenhouse gas as well. To find the best evaporative cooling unit for your needs it is important to engage professionals to measure and quote your area to ensure you are getting the system that best suits your floor plan and needs.

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