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It’s a natural phenomenon that your reverse cycle air conditioner system will look it efficiency after a while. As a matter of fact, your reverse cycle air conditioner starts losing some of its efficiency the very first day you installed and use it. The fact that this come to be has nothing to do with the size, brand or how much you spend to acquire your air conditioner. It’s just a natural occurrence.

For so many years, engineers and highly intellectuals have pondered and researched how reverse cycle air conditioners can retain their efficiencies over a longer period. ASHRAE, the international technical society was put together in order to move the boundary of innovation in the Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration (H.V.A.C) world. The ASHRAE society have confirmed after so many decades of intense studies, that the generic reverse cycle system will most certainly lose about 7% of its energy efficiency within the first year of operation, 5% the second year and a further 2% per year thereafter, up to a total of about 30%. The soul reason for this loses are due to oil fouling that takes place from the very first day your reverse cycle air conditioner was turned on. Oil fouling is the accumulation of unwanted oil deposits in the coil system of all reverse cycle air conditioning systems, regardless of refrigerant type.

During the refrigeration compression process that takes place within a reverse cycle system, the systems very own lubricating oil migrates from the air conditioning motor/compressor to the coil system of the condenser and evaporator contaminating the metals that transfer heat. This layer on nonconductive material creates a Laminar Friction causing the refrigerant to travel like a bullet with a sharp point which drives up energy use, increases wear and tear, shortens the life of your system and reduces comfort.


EnviroTemp is a highly concentrated thermo-conductive, oil based product which is injected directly into the compressor of an air conditioning system regardless of its age or size, whether an inverter or non-inverter type.

Once the highly concentrated thermos-conducive oil based EnviroTemp product has been injected directly into your reverse cycle air conditioner’s compressor, EnviroTemp molecules which contain polar compounds move throughout the entire system with the already existing refrigerant oil. The EnviroTemp molecule is such an intelligent particle such as it seeks to attach itself to the metal surface throughout the system.

Eventually, EnviroTemp molecules will displace oil fouling, other molecules including dirt and carbon deposits around your reverse cycle air conditioner, forming a permanent protective layer therefore reducing the energy and efficiency robbing Laminar Friction consequently the refrigerant flow is almost flat, resembling a bullet shaped curve, the contact point of the refrigerant with the metal surface has dramatically increased thereby accelerating heat transfer and minimizing energy loss. EnviroTemp molecules have no affinity for each other as such; the protective layer is and will remain a single molecule thick therefore, in most cases, eliminating the need for future EnviroTemp treatment.

EnviroTemp formulations are available for all prevalent gas types such as but not limited to HFC (R410a, R134a) and HCFC (R22). As part of environmental awareness EnviroTemp relates to lubricants which are ozone friendly and chlorine free. When EnviroTemp is utilized within a refrigeration system it exhibits the desired miscibility at critical temperatures, a low viscosity loss, as well as stability for long system life in the air conditioning system.


The polarity of the molecules contained in EnviroTemp result in the compounds physically attaching itself to the metal walls of the air conditioning and refrigeration system. The metal walls contain a high electron charge such that EnviroTemp molecules will orientate itself towards the surface and form a Van Der Waals force thus bonding with the metal surface as such to prevent the future accumulation of refrigerant oil.

EnviroTemp formulation contains various compounds to further protect a treated system such as:

  • Metal Conditioners and Stabilizers,
  • Antioxidants & Corrosion Inhibitors,
  • Seal Conditioners,
  • Acid Scavengers,
  • Water Displacement Additives,


An EnviroTemp treated system will:

  • The brilliant EnviroTemp will provide your family with better and quicker comfort: When your reverse cycle air conditioner system is treated with EnviroTemp, your air conditioner will be able to conduct greater heat-transfer. When your air conditioner conducts better heat-transfer, the temperature coming out of your vent can become 2 to 8 better. As such once you turn your system on, it will be able to achieve your desired set point much more quickly and maintain it with greater ease. As such, your comfort is achieved more quickly.
  • When you treat your reverse cycle air conditioner with EnviroTemp, your system can improve it operation by 20 to 80 more efficient: Each time you set your air conditioner controller to a certain temperature, you are inevitably telling your air conditioner to keep your house (for fully ducted) or room (for split wall units) to a certain temperature. The bummer is, most air conditioners will fail miserably at carrying out your instructions due to their inability to perform at that level. Therefore, the efficiency of your system will determine how quick this temperature can be achieved. It is therefore imperative to note that your air conditioner controlled setting DOES NOT dictate the temperature from your vents however, it DOES dictate the temperature you want your home or room to be kept at. As such the better the vent temperature the quicker your home or rooms reaches the desired set point and the sooner your outdoor unit, the energy hub of your AC unit, can switch off or ramp down if an inverter. EnviroTemp, in most cases, will improve your vent temperature by 2o-8o this means your home or room can now get to the desired temperature much more quickly therefore saving you on additional and wasteful running costs and wear and tear! Genius isn’t it!!
  • Treat your air conditioner with EnviroTemp to better maintain comfort level during Australia’s extreme temperatures: Treating your reverse cycle air conditioner is always a great help for the longevity of your air conditioner systems. This is because, a treated system no longer has oil fouling it can perform better, even in situations where conditions are more extreme such as in the height of summer and winter.
  • Treating your air conditioner with EnviroTemp will reduce energy consumption in properly sized air conditioning units: Over the years, our customers have given positive feedback with report of varying percentages of energy savings towards their air conditioner energy consumptions. Most feedback and field tests that have been conducted over previous years indicate a 10% reduction and even better percentages have been recorded.
  • Customers have reported savings as high as 30% (see our references): Once a systems efficiency has been improved with EnviroTemp, the system can better manage the effects of indoor humidity levels. Humidity, as we all know, makes us feel warmer. For example, let’s say prior to having EnviroTemp installed you had a summer temperature set point on your controller of 24o, given the normal humidity levels in your home, that temperature would feel warmer, perhaps 25o or even 26 o! A system treated with EnviroTemp is able to remove more humidity, you may notice this by the increased water flow from your AC units discharge pipe outside. With more humidity being removed from your room or home, the original set point of 24 o may actually feel colder now, as such you may want to bump it up a degree or two in order to retain your original comfort level. Therefore, potentially saving you even more on energy costs. Industry bodies has stated that for every degree you raise your set point in the summer and the opposite in winter you can save an additional 10%!
  • EnviroTemp has received tremendous appreciation over the years, with some customers reported to having to adjust temperature settings, thus saving them even more energy (see our references and Article Re: Just One Degree of Difference). As stated above, customers who have had EnviroTemp installed find that because their system is operating much more efficiently they are more than comfortable i.e. too cold in the summer and too warm in the winter as such they bump their original set point by a degree or two, thus saving them even more in energy costs.
  • EnviroTemp is not limited by the age of your air conditioner: The prerequisite for a lucrative outcome with EnviroTemp is system’s good health. If your air conditioner is healthy, EnviroTemp can be installed into a unit regardless of age! EnviroTemp has improved efficiencies on units up to 40years old!
  • EnviroTemp is recommended for installation into new systems: There is not a single doubt that installing EnviroTemp into your new air conditioner as soon as possible will help your system serve you longer and more efficiently. By installing EnviroTemp into your air conditioner, you will prevent oil fouling and the adverse effects it has on your new unit’s efficiency, energy consumption and wear and tear. Many of our EnviroTemp dealers sell EnviroTemp as an option when purchasing a new unit.
  • Installing EnviroTemp into your reverse cycle air conditioner will not void your warranty: Due to recent changes within the Australian Consumer Law, it is illegal for a manufacturer, sales person, technician and or trades person to state that by using any third-party product will void the warranty. If any of the above listed entities should suggest such accusation, such entity is deemed to be misleading the consumer and can be imposed with a significant fine under the Australian Consumer Law. If at any point you feel as though you may have been misled with regards to warranties, please contact EnviroTemp directly, we will be glad to assist.
  • Introducing EnviroTemp into your air conditioner reduces wear and tear, can extend life of unit: Oil fouling within a system is unhealthy, causes the system to run longer and harder. By removing the oil fouling the system becomes healthier. Better health means less breakdowns and longer life.
  • EnviroTemp is designed to treat your air conditioner once in it life time, no ongoing cost: The typical system is a sealed unit and in many cases, there is no need to break the seal to access the internal components, that is of course unless there is a major breakdown. Once EnviroTemp is installed into a system, providing the seal is never broken, EnviroTemp will remain intact for the life of the unit. Also, if at any point your system has developed a refrigerant gas leak, upon repair of the leak and re-gassing you will still not need to add additional EnviroTemp. Only time additional EnviroTemp is needed is if a new, major part was installed or for whatever the reason maybe you had to have additional refrigerant oil installed.
  • EnviroTemp is one of a kind family invented and owned product that is a gift to mankind: EnviroTemp has been invented, manufactured and distributed globally by family.
  • Approved by some of the largest International Blue Chip clients: Commercial clients, once realizing the benefits of EnviroTemp, spread the benefits across their other properties whether it be in their home state or across the globe.
  • Suitable for Homes, Granny Flats, Game Rooms, anywhere hat has refrigerated based air conditioning: If you use any form of refrigeration whether it be in air conditioning, food storage, refrigerated transport and or anywhere refrigeration is in use, EnviroTemp can improve your units efficiency.


We invite our customers to Read our Technology Report on how a one-time energy saving solution can help overcome natural efficiency losses that drive up energy costs which occur in many different types of air conditioning systems. The Green Solution That Improves Comfort, Saves Money & Energy

One-time energy saving solution overcomes natural efficiency losses in HVAC

  • Comfort can account for up to 50% of a sites energy consumption & costs
  • International air conditioning authority says systems lose 20-30% efficiency in first few years
  • A patented technology overcomes and restores effects of efficiency losses
green solution

Energy consumption is the best way to reduce your living expenses when you are managing your budget and keeping your cost down. Irrespective of the location where the most energy consumption is being done, it could be that you consume more energy at home or at your office. The fact that we all want to be comfortable posses a great deal of strain on our wallet. Most especially when you haven’t installed an EnviroTemp technology into your air conditioner, you get to bear all the energy draining cost on yourself.. Comfort, in many cases is a necessity and not a luxury, can be costing as much as 50% of a sites total energy consumption. Regardless of your source of energy, whether it comes from the power companies, the sun or even the wind, the key objective is to reduce how much is actually needed. The more you reduce the more money you have in your pocket, irrespective whether your energy comes from a retailer where your savings translates into a lower power bill or it comes from the sun or the wind where you can actually sell back what you don’t use.

Many homes and businesses manage their comfort through one form of air conditioning or another with the most popular being refrigeration based systems such as 1) the typical reverse cycle air conditioning system as found in many homes, offices, shopping centres, councils etc. and 2) chillers which tend to be used in areas such as large office buildings, exhibition centres, hospitals, airports to name a few. Most people already know air conditioning chews up a lot of energy and can account for up to 50% of a sites energy consumption BUT, not many people know that refrigeration based systems lose a significant amount of energy efficiency within the first few years. This loss of energy efficiency drives up the costs of maintaining your comfort even further.

ASHRAE, the international group of air conditioning and refrigeration engineers have studied energy efficiency losses with such equipment for decades and have confirmed that oil fouling can account for up to a 30% reduction in efficiency within the first few years.

ASHRAE has documented that a system will lose about 7% of its efficiency within the first year of operation, 5% the second year and a further 2% per year thereafter. This loss will continue until equilibrium is reached between the flow force and adhesion (surface tension). Once this is achieved the thickness of the clogged layer of oil has reached its maximum, thus producing the maximum efficiency loss of between 20-30%.

Oil fouling occurs in every piece of refrigerated equipment, reverse cycle air conditioning and chillers; as a result every single user is wasting up to 20-30% of their energy, perhaps without even knowing it.

Why continue to waste energy when something can be done? EnviroTemp is your solution!

One of the most beautiful stories of inventions is the family invented one. The all brilliant EnviroTemp is a family invented one of a kind technology that was patented in the United State with (US Patent No. 6276147). EnviroTemp can be thought of as a gift from a generous family to the family of mankind. The immaculate formula that produce the legendary technology came for the purpose of helping other families who are going through same energy wastage. The product is owned, manufactured and designed specifically to overcome and prevent the effects of oil fouling in new and existing equipment. With the global push for reducing carbon emissions, energy consumption and lowering the impact of skyrocketing energy costs EnviroTemp is taking the world by storm. With a long list of active users from individual residential home owners to internationally recognised Top 100 companies EnviroTemp is the only product that restores these lost efficiencies and prevents further losses. A one-time application of EnviroTemp can last the life of the unit and provide efficiency improvements and energy savings between 8%-20%. Having a fast return on investment Australian business owners and managers have been taking advantage of EnviroTemp for over 10 years now

EnviroTemp is a thermo-conductive oil based product that is added directly into the oil reservoir of the compressor. At a ratio of 1 part EnviroTemp to 10 parts OEM oil, once in, EnviroTemp quickly mixes with the existing lubricating oil to circulate through the system. Once mixed within the circulation EnviroTemp’s thermo-conductive molecular structure begins to breakdown the layers of clogging oil. The once clogged oil is now back into circulation where it should be to lubricate and protect the systems vital moving parts. Better heat transfer is now produced, resulting in better output temperatures of 2-8.

Great news for the customer, now with the system able to produce better temperatures the desired comfort level is achieved much more quickly resulting in the compressor needing to operate less (ramp down in the case of Inverters, VRV’s etc.) therefore using less kWh’s.

For more information contact EnviroTemp or your local EnviroTemp partner, dealer or representative.

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